Chapter 7 – Marielle
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--- --- Week 1 - Day 7 - Monday, 9th Day of the Seventh Month --- ---

Marielle woke up relaxed. It was a wonderful day, no clingy sisters, no forceful mother.

"Good morning Mistress." The cowgirl maid greeted her.

"Good morning Noemy." Staying in bed sounded like a wonderful idea, if not for the fact that then everyone would come over to cheer her up, keep her company, and to fret over her health.

"I have prepared the bath, breakfast is in the dining room, it seems a trip is planned." The cowgirl explained while helping her frail Lady out of the bed.

Marielle blushed, the large and yet firm breasts were touching her.

This was embarrassing.

Firm yet soft.

Naturally the maid started fretting once her Mistress started turning a bright red.

It was a normal morning in the Aschen household.


"We decided to go swimming." Grilly announced.

Marielle stopped eating her omelette and stared in disbelief. "I can't swim." She reminded her family.


"I have a -2 in swim."

Grilly did not admit that she did not think it through, after all an Alpha never did. "It is still a nice lake, and you can get used to the water, and we can wear our swimsuits."

Marielle immediately decided that she was not going to wear that one.

Since the rest of her family seemed pretty eager to go, there was no escape.

Neither was there any escape from her sisters insisting on her eating more and feeding her.

She really loved her family, but why were they so forceful.


After the breakfast Marielle found herself both stuffed and wondering what to pack for a trip to the lake. The one piece was a given, but anything else was new to her, so the girl watched Noemy pack.

Towels, a spare dress, spare underwear, her one piece, skin cream, a blanket to sit on, a pillow, comfortable sandals, a smaller stand for Noire, food for Noire, a few apples, a hat, a sun parasol, a coat in case of sudden rain, a book to read, a second blanket to cover herself, and finally her spellbook.

Marielle wondered if that was really how people travelled for a trip to the lake. It seemed so much compared to what she had read in her novels.

"Is this all really necessary?" she wondered aloud.

"No, however it never hurts to be prepared. Excuse me Mistress, I will fetch the potions."

Marielle wondered what potions her maid was going to get.

She regretted her curiosity when the cowgirl brought 'Restoration', 'Cure light wounds', 'Remove Poison', 'Remove Disease', and a potion of 'Nightshield'.

The girl wondered what normal people were like when going to swim, she also wondered what her family was getting prepared. She should probably remind the triplets to pack their bikinis, she could just as easily imagine them swim in the nude.

"Noemy, have the triplet’s maid doublecheck if the three have their bikinis."

"Yes, Mistress." The cowgirl sounded a bit unsure about the order, but left to do it anyway.

Marielle stared at the neatly arranged items. "This is really different from what I have read."


"This is absolutely different from what I have read." Marielle was looking at a small caravan. One carriage for her family, one for the maids and servants, and two carriages for belongings and items for the trip.

"Don't worry about its Mistress. Everyone is just eager for your first trip to the lake." Noemy tried to calm Marielle down. "Everyone went a little overboard."

"I don't know if this counts as a little?" Marielle was really worried for her family, she had always known they were a bit odd, but this was a bit much.

Noemy blushed a bit. "Sorry Mistress, I got carried away as well."

Marielle decided to give up, thinking too much about it really made her head hurt. She was not about to go skinny dipping like she had read, but this did not count as a simple trip probably.

Her family was clearly not normal, then again neither was she.

At least she would get out of her room and the mansion.

"Everything is packed, we are ready to go!" Grilly announced loudly.

Unfortunately, she couldn't go with the maids, so she decided that the triplets were the safe bet. Besides they didn't mind if she sat on them.

In the coach as expected the triplets enjoyed it, Grilly was jealous, and everyone else was watching.

"And looking forward to visiting the lake?" Barris asked, slightly worried.

"Yes!" Marielle answered without hesitation. "Even if I can't swim, it will be nice to check the lake. I read they can be very cold or warm depending on where they are and the weather."

The family wondered if they had not been too protective for a moment, then most decided on a no, since the girl only recently risen above 1 hp. Having her bleeding out from any light injury was not something the family had ever wanted to see.

Victoria decided to comment on that. "Cold lakes are when you have ice or snow swimming inside. Unless I see a real emergency, I am never doing that again." The human samurai shuddered at the memory.

Grilly seemed to remember something like that as well. "I always found it nicely refreshing. But yes, you need to get used to it."

Most of those present seemed to disagree. "I doubt you can get used to it unless you are a really tanky and resistant class." Marielle's seat remarked. "I can't imagine swimming in that, I'd get cold damage." the seat next to her continued. "Maybe a cold resist item, even then I doubt it would be pleasant." her seating neighbour finished.

"Still would feel cold, but at least you skip the cold damage. Not sure about status though?" Literis wondered.

"Well, temperature shock is an issue." Barris explained. "It can paralyze or even stop hearts I heard."

"That sounds dangerous." Marielle worried, that sounded a lot like a fortitude saving throw, and that was not a good one for her.


Ranger Triplet rolls Knowledge (nature)
d20 + 6 = (17) + 6 = 23
Scout Triplet rolls Knowledge (nature)
d20 + 6 = (14) + 6 = 20
Rolls on common lake information successful


"Normal lakes are not, especially now in the summer most are warm unless they are fed by a cold mountain stream or a cold underground spring." Triplet seat two piped up.

Marielle's seat decided to continue. "Deep lakes tend to be colder too. Our lake is a nice, not too deep one, and it is very clear too."

The last triplet nodded in agreement. "The stones are nice and round too mostly, none of the sharp edges that hurt when you step on them."

Marielle realized that stones were something that was not mentioned usually, a lot of the beach moments that she had read were either sand, or did not mention the difference. Another place she was lacking.

She tried to remember picnics from the books, not the romantic type. Sitting together on blankets and simply chatting. She wondered how chatting outside on a blanket was different from chatting at home. Maybe it was the being able to get up to go in the lake that made it different, she was going to experience something new finally. The triplets swapped around so she had to stand up, only to fall into Literis when an accidently push from a triplet combined with the movement from the carriage made her fall forward. At least she had landed softly. Why was her sister so blessed and firm?

"Watch out!" Victoria warned her fragile sister. "It is a shaking carriage, even if our carriage is good."

"What is a bad carriage like?" Marielle wanted to know.

"You feel every bump, stone, or hole of the road." "The benches are hard wood." "The butt hurts quickly." "Wind and rain get in." "They smell." "The coachman makes lewd remarks." "Others snore." "You sit with strangers." "Some people really smell." "Is washing yourself really that difficult?"

Marielle quickly felt very disillusioned about coaches. The warm arms of another triplet, she was not sure which one, felt rather reassuring. "What else can you tell me about trips like this?"

"Food is mostly sandwiches unless you set up a fireplace and grill to barbeque or make a soup or something simple."

"Simple like what?"

"Ham and eggs" "Meat" "Sausage" "Bacon" "Fried rice" "Simple stew" "Baked beans" "Omelette" "Fried Fish" "Cake in a pan" "Fruit mix" "Compote"

Marielle realized that she had no idea how difficult those were to make. "So simple stuff only. Have you ever cooked anything you hunted yourself?"

"Yes, in survival classes at school." Barris remembered.

"My group only managed to catch small fish." Literis frowned. "Like tiny fishies, we were really hungry. Our spells tended to blow up or burn the targets"

"I was lucky we had archers; my class is not really good at hunting." Victoria remembered.

"""We hunted a boar!""" The triplets chimed.

Marielle figured that hunting was really something that was dependent on class. Which meant that hers was not really great either. "How do the survival parts work?"

"You are in teams of three to five, it takes place on a special island. There you get a basic survival kit, and then a map and an assigned spot to live." Victoria explained. "Boys on one side of the island, girls on the other. A camp with teachers and guards in the middle."

"Separated smaller groups?" Marielle wondered.

"So, nothing happens and you don't help each other too much." Barris replied.

The older girls all shared looks, they decided not to mention that the boys tended to get frisky with the girls, voluntary participation was optional if you were a commoner, of low rank, not human or high elven, or helpless. Something that did not apply to any of the Aschen girls. Even the not human ones were more than capable of defending themselves and of a high enough rank to make unwanted suitors not to try anything funny.

It was one of the many dark secrets of the school.

They should be preparing her for the harsh reality of the school, but Marielle was so innocent, and they did not want to expose her to the dark sides of nobility and such just yet.

"So, an island and a few days of survival. What else?" Marielle was curious about school now. Maybe this time they won't change the topic on her again.

"Well, most of the first-year teaching, you know that most take their class later on, and the first year is mainly preparing for selecting your class, and teaching you anything you might lack." Literis was the one who took over explaining. "Especially the poorer nobles often don't have a class yet. A divine focus is not cheap, and will be supplied, same with a spellbook and various other items."

"So the first year is basically teaching about classes and what you need for them?" Marielle wanted clarification, she had heard and read parts of it before, but this was her chance for more detailed answers.

"Yes, also explanations on how the world works, how classes work, and preparations for future classes, like multiclassing or prestige classes." The cleric continued. "Year one is meant to be a preparation for the future. Those that already have classes are meant to learn about other classes."

"And naturally everyone is meant to make friends and make contacts for the future." Victoria did not sound approving.

"""We made friends!"""

That was not a surprise, the triplets were friendly and energetic.

"For those who are not engaged yet it is also a good place to find a spouse."

"That sounds a lot like that school romance novel actually." Marielle felt reminded of one of the books she had read.

"Romance, politics, backstabbing, theft, and sex?" Barris asked bluntly.

The youngest sister blushed, but she nodded in confirmation

"Sounds a lot like the school."

Marielle hoped it wasn't really like this. Trading your body for favours did not sound pleasant, or higher ranked ones using your body at their discretion. Maybe there was something about power after all. A look at her weak hand made her wonder how she was going to survive. Then again there was Zaria.

"How does someone who is epic yet a student fit in?"

"That's impossible." Grilly denied.

Marielle shook her head. "Zaria van Kairan." She rubbed her temples. "She makes no sense, but she is confirmed epic, more than once."

"A double epic schoolgirl?" Grilly scoffed.

Marielle knew that tone, it was the one that her mother always used when she made up her mind. "You can test her yourself when she comes to visit." Marielle said in a way that made it obvious that she was sceptical, but believed it.

That killed the talk. Once again, the oldest and the youngest were facing off.

An awkward silence hung over the carriage.

The older girls tried to think of anything to break it.

And drew a blank.

Talking about school to Marielle, who was weak and not really capable of defending herself was something they wanted to put off for a while longer.

Grilly pretty much killed the option to talk about Marielle's counterpart.

The awkward silence continued.

Marielle decided to lean back and close her eyes.

Her seat wrapped the arms around her and cuddled the little sister.

"Think we can get a room with Marielle?" "That would be nice." "Sleepover every night!" The triplets decided.

"No, we are supposed to have our own rooms unless there are exceptions, like being engaged or twins and triplets."

"Why twins?" Marielle wondered.

Nobody knew the answer to that.

"I can't imagine Whille, Cralle, and Scelle being separated." Marielle mentioned.

"""We'd just sneak into one room anyway.""" The triplets proclaimed proudly. "They offered us separate rooms." "But we declined since we did not want to split." "And we belong together and won't part."

"Maybe that is why?" Literis wondered. "Forcing someone to part who has always been together? Siblings of different ages do part regularly, but twins?"

"Could be, I have trouble imaging my triplets apart too." Grilly admitted.

"Might be interesting to look that reason up." Marielle set her plans, she was going to study the school regulations in depth, maybe other interesting things were written in there as well?

"There are some weird rules actually." Literis remembered.

Now Marielle was really interested.

"Like what?"

"Like high elves are not allowed to ride horses with bumpy saddles." Victoria supplied.


"Catgirls are not allowed to nap on benches during lunchtime." Barris remembered.

"""We are not allowed to drag everyone along everywhere."""

"Humans don't have such regulations, but they are forbidden from enticing or ordering others to do stupid or forbidden things." Victoria remembered another rule.

"That sounds rather odd?" Marielle wondered.

"Yes, but it is needed, I mean, imagine some people trying to use their rank to force others to do what they want." Barris added. "Like in some books you have read."

"Ah, abuse of power!" Marielle finally understood.

The girl wondered about trips. Already this trip felt long, how bad was a week-long trip then?

Things switched to Smalltalk, like Literis complaining how too many males tended to talk to her breasts. Victoria had had several rivals in the melee fighters’ section. Barris being one of them, and the large amount of attention the triplets gathered.


Finally, they had arrived. After a far too long time in Marielle's opinion. Everyone left the carriage, with the maids starting to set up an open marquee for some shade. There were trees on the other side of the lake, but this side had grass and a few rocks. To the side there was a cabin that was opened and clearly for their use. That was also where the carriages were being parked.

To Marielle the clear lake was very interesting. She could see small fish flitting around, then hide away when she came closer, the rocks and plants at the lake bottom piqued her interest too.

The group watched over their youngest one. It was clearly a first for the girl and it showed how curious she was about the world. Maybe they had been a little overprotective.

On the other hand, she had been so incredibly fragile until recently. 1 HP was really nothing, the fort save had been terrible at -4 as well. A -1 like she had now was much better.

Grilly decided that the youngest needed a 'Resistance' item. A nice +5 'Resistance' item would be perfect, even if she had to wear a cloak all the time it was another layer of protection.

The girl in question had found an underwater plant and was curiously poking it, the lake was lukewarm, probably because of the sun shining brightly.

Seeing Marielle show a childlike curiosity was a first for them in years. It really showed her very sheltered upbringing. The girls decided to remind her to change.

"Marielle come, time to change." Literis reminded the younger girl.

"Coming!" Marielle called back, she gave the plant a last poke and left for the cabin where Noemy and Literis were waiting.

While changing with Noemy's help was safe, she even forgot that the cowgirl might have feelings for her, changing next to Literis was a huge blow. Noemy at least had the excuse that she was a cowgirl, Literis had no excuses, she was even a cleric of a different deity. It was always a blow to the frail human girl.

Having changed Marielle returned to the lake, and realized she couldn't find the plant again. The stones, when she stepped barefoot into the lake, were unpleasant. They were poking the soles and made it harder to balance. The lukewarm water quickly turned cool after a few steps in.


Marielle rolls Int
d20 + 5 = (18) + 5 = 23
Marielle remembers something she had read about


The girl remembered that the top layer of water was usually warmer than the layer below.

Feeling the difference was completely different from reading about it.

Then she stepped a little further in, the formerly warm water quickly felt cold. She wondered how anyone could voluntarily enter.

Then came three cries of joy as the triplets ran down the well-maintained pier and jumped into the water.

The three laughing sisters re-emerged.

Marielle imagined jumping in and shuddered, no, that was not her thing.

Victoria was already swimming, Literis like her seemed content to only wet her legs. But Marielle had the suspicion that her big sister would float easily if she tried. Barris was lying on a blanket and soaking up the sun.

Marielle wondered if her second oldest sister was not part cat after all with the way she was basking in the sun.

Then Noemy arrived, the cowgirl was wearing a black bikini with white frills, a maid’s apron, her maid bonnet, and her gloves.

It looked very erotic with the bikini top clearly straining and almost failing to contain the volume of her cowgirl maid's chest. The bounce was rather hypnotic too. Marielle was worried that the pushed beyond limits bikini top would give up any moment.

Grilly looked around her pack, the triplets were splashing around, Victoria was doing some swimming, Barris was enjoying the sun, and Marielle was not enjoying the stones in the lake. Maybe a trip to the sea with sandy beaches was in order, but unfortunately the sea was colder. She'd have to think about that, later. Then the maid in love was approaching her little one. Grilly wanted to storm in, but honestly the calm cowgirl was a good fit for Marielle. It seemed that her little one had figured something out, if the blushing looks, she was giving the cowgirls breasts were any indication. The barbarian fought down the jealous urges to displace the nameless maid and play with Marielle.

Submerging was a shock; it was completely different from taking a bath. The water felt cold, but Marielle remained mostly submerged at Noemy's instance. The stinging cold soon changed to refreshing cool. Or it was the embarrassment from holding the maid's hand.

The cowgirl then sat next to her Mistress.

It felt rather comforting.


Lying in the sun towelled off and getting sunscreen applied felt ticklish. Once again Marielle wondered how strong her maid was, she would have to ask in private sometime.

A warm blanket covered her after she was done. Her sisters simply let themselves dry by the warm sun. Oddly, she realized, she did not feel jealous, instead she was happy to warm up faster.

The maids were preparing plates and food meanwhile.

The foods were simpler than she was used too, a small fireplace was set up, and when she ventured too closely, she inhaled smoke only to cough and get pulled away by her fretting maid.


Voting Event: an aphrodisiac found its way into the food, target random
Roll d100:
1-60: One of the Aschen’s eats it.
61-100: One of the maids does.
d100 = (6) = 6
Roll d100
1-10: Grilly
11-20: Barris
21-30: Whille
31-40: Cralle
41-50: Scelle
51-60: Literis
61-70: Victoria
71-80: Marielle
81-95: The triplets managed to share it between themselves, shared diluted
96-100: Literis fed Marielle some of her food, shared diluted
d100 = (54) = 54
Literis eats the food with the aphrodisiac
Aphrodisiac strength
Roll d100
1-40: minor
40-80: moderate
91-100: strong
d100 = (35) = 35
It's a minor aphrodisiac
Literis gets horny and will probably spend more time in the water to cool off.
Fortitude Save DC15
d20 + 2 = (2) + 2 = 4
Literis fails to resist and her body wants it
Will Save DC 17
d20 + 6 = (1) + 6 = 7 nat 1
Literis really wants to enjoy Marielle


The food was refreshing. Mostly sandwiches and a few sausages. Marielle felt herself relaxing in the sun. Not even her almost cowgirl sister clinging to her side and pressing those into her could spoil her mood.

She felt sleepy.

Literis was in sweet hell. Her defenceless sister was napping, the blanket over them was hiding the way she was grinding against her sweet little sister. Marielle's skin was so soft under her fingers, she cursed the one-piece, slipping a hand somewhere accidently was so much easier with a bikini.

She placed a hand on Marielle's breast and continued grinding, she just hoped she wasn't dripping too much, she was going to talk her sister into a nice sleepover tonight, if the nightgowns rode up while cuddling it was nobody's fault.

She could even offer that nice body oil she got and rub it into her sister tonight.

That sounded like a good plan.

Now she needed to get up, take care of her needs, and then wash it off in the lake. The noses of her sisters were a pain sometimes.


After getting woken from the hot sun and the afternoon heat Marielle went to hide under the marquee. Cuddling with Literis had been pleasant on one hand, her sister was soft after all, but she had experienced the something digging in your back she had read about and it had been really hot under the thin blanket.

Noire was then very insistent on sharing the grapes. The familiar probably realized that there were too many for her and did not want for any to go to waste.

"Where is Literis?" Marielle asked Barris.

"Behind the trees, she will probably dip in the lake afterwards." Barris replied. She left unsaid why Literis was away from others. Telling Marielle that the middle human sister had to blow off some steam from cuddling did not sound like a good idea. Actually, Literis and Noemy were much better choices for lovers then Victoria or Grilly. No, Barris amended, there was nobody less suited then Grilly in the family. "I just finished swimming, sweaty as you are, submerging feet or a hug should be enough to cool you down."

"A hug?" Marielle did not understand.

"A hug." Barris winked at the triplets behind Marielle.

Marielle shrieked when the still dripping triplets pressed their cold bodies against her overheated one.

At least she was not hot any more. She still tried to chase the triplets. But they escaped and jumped off the pier back into the water.

A place Marielle was not feeling confident about following. She decided to return to the marquee, now feeling much cooled down. There she shooed Noire away from her apple juice and had a nice drink.

Barris snickered at her.

"That was evil."

"Surprise hug. You cooled down nicely though." Barris smirked. "Actually, they really float."

"What do you mean?"

Barris simply pointed.

Noemy was taking a swim or soak, those were clearly rising above the water surface.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it … do you think cowgirls can even drown?"

Marielle decided to ignore the question. Noire was back to feed her some more grapes.

Even after her dip in the water Literis was oddly flushed but since everyone else ignored it, Marielle decided not to mention it. The girl looked around for her mother, realizing that the normally pushy woman had left her alone for a very long time. Only to find her topless, sprawled out on her back on a blanket with several empty bottles next to her. It certainly explained the peace and quiet.

Marielle wondered if romantic picnics were really so much different, this one here at the lake was interesting, but her lack of swimming ability kept her from fully enjoying it. She decided that she was going to take another look at the fish and plants near the shore.

She was very surprised when she saw a large fish, it reminded her of one she had eaten before actually going by the colour and shape. The girl wondered why her first thought when seeing it was food, probably the influence from her family. She also wondered why Noire was now perched on her straw hat.

The girl knew that her maid followed her, it was hard to miss Noemy rising from the water after what Barris had said. The water droplets trailing down Noemy glittered and the bikini dug into the breasts, it really did not look safe.

"Allow me to accompany you Mistress." The cowgirl kept on approaching, and how the bikini clung to her skin was getting more and more obvious with every step.

Marielle wondered if running was an option.

Then again it seemed that it was too late, the cowgirl was climbing up the shore, though when she used a low hanging tree branch to pull herself up the tree roots, the bikini finally decided it was too much and gave up. The knot at the back undid itself and the top became undone.


Marielle rolls Dex
@Jessy (Jessie): 1d20 + 3 = (5) + 3 = 8
Marielle's reflexes take over but she fails anyway



Noemy looked down.

Marielle looked down.

The human idly wondered how she managed to fail to catch the bikini yet still ended up with two more than a handful of breasts.

"Ahh." Noemy seemed to come to a conclusion, with a slight blush. She lifted her Mistress's right hand off her left breast and pulled the escaping bikini back in the proper position, then she placed the hand back to keep it where it belonged. She repeated the same for the other breast. The cowgirl worried how red her Mistress was turning, such a deep red colour could not be healthy.


At discords insistence, roll d100 for watchers
1-50: none
51-70: Literis
71-85: triplets
86-95: Victoria
96-100: more than one
@Jessy (Jessie): d100 = (43) = 43
The DM wins and there are no watchers


The cowgirl tied the bikini back into place and pondered her frozen deep red Mistress. Her Mistress who was still clutching her chest.


Noemy rolls Int DC15
d20 + 1 = (6) + 1 = 7
Noemy does not remember her Mistress is shy about nudity


The cowgirl touched Marielle's face.


It was warm but not hot, so hopefully her Mistress was not getting heatstroke. "Do you want to sit down, Mistress, or maybe cool off in the water?"

Marielle wondered how to explain, what to explain, and why she was feeling that the breast had felt better without the bikini. "No, I …" She looked down, her hands were still on Noemy's chest, could she just hope for her maid to take things as usual and take her hands away as if nothing had happened, or would she realize that she had been groped? "I am fine, I just wanted to walk in the shadow a bit."


Marielle rolls Bluff
d20 + 3 = (3) + 3 = 6
Noemy rolls Sense Motive
d20 + 4 = (7) + 4 = 11
Noemy is not convinced and knows her Mistress is overthinking something


The cowgirl pondered what to do, her Mistress was thinking something weird, something that caused her to blush a deep red. It was clearly an excuse. Maybe Lady Grilly had done something stupid again. "Do you wish to visit the stream? It is probably only a few minutes away."

"Yes!" Marielle clutched the lifeline her understanding cowgirl had thrown her. It was not an escape, but she had an excuse to turn away and release those firm breasts. "Have you been here before Noemy?"

"No, but I saw it when swimming." The cowgirl remarked and went ahead to find a safe path for her frail Lady.


"It's cold!" Marielle realized when she stepped into the small clear stream.

"It is." Noemy agreed, it was not very cold like a mountain stream, but it was probably an underground spring that fed it.

"Fish!" Marielle found another large edible looking one, it seemed to swim lazily a few meters away from the shore. "Do you think it came from the stream?"

Noemy gave the stream another more detailed look over. "It seems a little shallow." The cowgirl decided after she stepped in and it barely went above the ankles. "Maybe when it was younger and smaller."

"So they are locked up in the lake?"

"Yes and no." Noemy tried to remember what she had heard. "Lake fish are different from river fish. I think some kinds travel far; others are more …" She wondered what word to use. "... settled. You could check a book later, possibly the ranger triplet might know." When in doubt, defer to authorities, make someone more qualified reply. It was a basic maid rule. Noemy was good at it, considering how much her Mistress liked reading and knowledge, having her check another book or with a qualified tutor was often the best solution.

"I could probably check in the encyclopaedia."

Marielle got startled when Noire dove off the hat and into the stream.


Noire rolls Attack
d20 + 4 = (9) + 4 = 13
Noire snatches a tiny fishy


Marielle stared surprised, seeing Noire move this fast was new for her. "You already ate so many grapes, even if the fish is small, watch your stomach." She was afraid her familiar would overeat.

Noemy gave the bird a curious look. She often wondered how much it really understood.

"It is time to go." Barris was swimming across the lake towards them. "We need to pack and return."

Marielle slumped.

Barris soon arrived and rose from the water. "There is still time for a last dip or to walk back slowly."

"More carriage ride." Marielle was not looking forward to it. "I wish I could teleport."

"It seems useful, aside from possibly lost somewhere." Barris admitted.

"And it costs a level five spell." Marielle added. "Must be nice to have so many spells you can teleport whenever you want."

"I doubt people like that exist." Barris commented.

Marielle sighed disappointed. Those overly powerful level 40 and more heroes were so powerful, spell to spare, not bound by conventions. A look at her thin arms only made her feel weak and useless.

"Let's go." Barris reminded her human sister when she saw the cowgirl start to worry again. "You are fine as you are."


"I have no idea what you are thinking but that slump clearly meant it was something stupid."

"Barris!" Marielle felt insulted.

"Noemy!" Barris called out just because it seemed amusing, she was not one of the triplets, but a little fun never hurt.

"Moo?" The cowgirl ended up confused.

"Don't worry about it, Barris is being Grilly again." Marielle placated her moo.

"Ouch, that was a low blow." Barris complained.

"You deserve it." Marielle fired back.

The confused cowgirl got even more confused. She applied another maid rule. 'If you don't know what is going on, ignore it and pretend everything is normal.'


The sleepy Grilly got loaded into another carriage at the older girl's insistence, where the barbarian continued sleeping on a pile of blankets.

The result was that Marielle found herself sitting on a triplet, another triplet was leaning against her, and pressing her into Literis who seemed perfectly happy to cuddle her against her chest.

It was going to be a long and soft ride Marielle realized. At least Literis was wearing a dress now, but Marielle suspected that there was nothing else under it.

They were really good pillows, only very warm and smelled like Literis.

There was some idle chatter now and then, with an outcry coming a while into the journey. It seemed that Grilly had woken up and realized she was alone in the carriage.

Luckily, they did not stop, and Marielle could continue to try to relax. As well as it was possible with the increased contact since it seemed that Literis dress had slipped off the shoulder, and the poor dress was barely holding on in keeping the large chest covered.

Marielle decided to do the wise thing and try to sleep while ignoring the softness under her head. Imagining sleeping on a soft warm pillow worked the best.

Marielle shifted a hand away from places reserved for lovers and turned the face of one the triplets aside, whichever of the three it was, had started to drool in her sleep.


Finally, back and after piling out of the carriage the sisters were surprised to see a rather despondent Grilly walk into the mansion ahead of them with ears and tail hanging flat.

It seemed that she had taken the ride back alone hard.

Then they found themselves ushered off for a bath before dinner.

For Marielle this was torture, she was getting more and more conscious about her figure compared to Noemy's. Sitting in the bathtub led to the cowgirl basically sticking the objects of her biggest issues in her face and brushing against her when the maid insisted on helping her wash.

It was rather arousing for the poor girl that had had a rather long and erotic day.

Hiding under the blanket and getting the edge off seemed like a really good idea. She had had too much exposure to skin today to stay calm.

"Do you wish to eat with everyone?" Noemy asked her Mistress.

Marielle pondered her stomach. "No, I don't think I will eat, the carriage and everything tired me out. I feel full too, Noire was very insistent on feeding me today."

"I will prepare your milk then."

"Thank you Noemy."


Marielle rolls Int
d20 + 5 = (17) + 5 = 22
She remembers


It was only after the cowgirl left that Marielle remembered her suspicions about her cowgirl.

The girl dove into her bed and hid for a few moments.

A little calmed down she left the bed and went for the desk to finally continue reading the moo chapter. At her desk the girl froze.

There was an envelope, sealed with sealing wax and it had the seal of House Kairan.

Marielle paled.

The response had arrived.

The response to the letter Noire had mailed had arrived.

She did not want to open it.

She did want to read the response.

What if her counterpart hated her?

What if she had annoyed that possible triple epic that could kill her without even trying?

With shaking hands, the girl cracked the wax and opened the envelope. She pulled out several sheets that were covered in beautiful handwriting.

The girl placed the letter down to read since her hands were trembling too much.

"Greetings Lady Marielle van Aschen,
As you suspected it is your counterpart Zaria van Kairan responding to your very amusing letter."

Marielle had to reread the letter. Her counterpart she ranted at, had called it amusing. It made no sense. Then again it was a former human turned kitsune, having lost her memories, and turned epic. The reaction made as much sense as everything else about her.

"The most important part first."

Marielle braced herself.

"Congratulations on seducing your moo."

Marielle once again had to reread. Then she blushed hard.

The next paragraph was very informative. The way Noemy seemed to enjoy pressing her chest into her, was clearly not the familial or mothering one. Actually, she was still mothering her, but there was just too much breast contact.

Marielle hid under her blanket again.

After several strengthening breaths she re-emerged.

Only for Noemy to return.

Marielle fought hard to not to run.

The milk placed on her desk seemed like a love confession suddenly.

An innocent cup of milk had never seemed so heavy and ominous before.

She was not sure if it was her imagination, or if it was really true and she had simply ignored it before. But when she raised the cup to her face to drink, the milk smelled a lot like Noemy.

Marielle wondered as she drank if reading the letter to finish it was better or to continue tomorrow. Both had good sides. She took a deep breath.


"Yes Mistress?"

Marielle was not sure how she had gone from debating the letter to confronting her moo. She was wondering how to do that. Fleeing was not an option, or actually it was.


Marielle flinched. Then relaxed when the cowgirl started approaching her. The breasts were meant for her.

It was a weird thought.


"Oh sorry, I was lost in thought." Marielle admitted. "I was informed about cowgirl habits." Marielle lifted her cup and took a sip of her milk while blushing deeply.

The sight of her moo blushing was oddly refreshing, and caused her to blush even more, which caused the moo to blush more and fidget.

Marielle knew she had to do something. She shifted a little on the couch and patted the place beside her. She tried to speak, but her voice failed her.

Luckily Noemy understood.

The girls sat awkwardly next to each other.

"I like how you taste." Marielle finally blurted, only to remember how that sentence had been used in one of her novels. "No, I don't mean it like that."

"Oh" the cowgirl seemed to deflate.

"No, I don't mean that you don't taste … I mean I really like your milk."

The moo seemed to revive.

"I just don't know what to do."

"You don't have to do anything Mistress."


"Just let me stay by your side and keep taking care of you." Noemy explained.

Marielle wondered if it was really this simple. She gave the breasts another look.

Noemy seemed to misunderstand her, and bared her chest.

Marielle felt her face heat up.

The firm and large breasts moved closer.

Then she found herself pulled against the large pillows and a hand gently running through her hair.

It was just really embarrassing but the girl managed to relax a little. Noemy was soft and firm at the same time. The human girl found it no surprise that the cowgirl smelled a bit like milk. It was a relaxing scent.

She squeezed her maid, who then reciprocated.

It felt rather comforting, and a lot like when hugging Literis.

The bare chest made it clear that the intention was not sisterly.

Still, after the pair had snuggled some more on the couch Marielle decided to break it up and finish that cursed, not literally, letter.

"I'll read the letter with you." She decided to continue that embarrassing letter with Noemy.

Maid and Mistress continued to read, with the cowgirl blushing happily that her Mistress had written to someone else about her.

Then the pair got to read about the drow maid lover and the rabbitgirl sex-pet. With far more details than was strictly necessary. They learned more than they wanted about the sensitive ears and tail of Zaria too.

Then came a note that surprised both.

"Congratulations on figuring out so much. I am more than just a double epic, but wizard is not epic, the sorcerer and the shrine maiden are."

Marielle and Noemy shared looks, then realized how close they were and turned away blushing.

"How powerful is she actually, do you think?" Marielle wondered.

Noemy shrugged. "Very?"

"It is good that I amuse her." Marielle sighed.


"Imagine if I annoyed her?"

Noemy shuddered after a few moments. "It is probably better this way."

"I agree."

A little later both fought the urge to rub their temples.

Marielle wondered "Is this what being epic is? To have something happen to you every day?"

"I hope you never turn epic my Lady." The maid admitted.

"So do I."

The two girls wondered how a single person could have so much chaos happen to her in just a few days.

The final part of the letter was an invitation to write back, and a request for a unique place to teleport to.

"I want to be able to teleport." Marielle sighed.

Noemy gave her Mistress a questioning look.

"Imagine getting to the lake in a moment instead of taking hours.

"Sound useful." Noemy admitted.


After the rather enlightening, matchmaking, embarrassing, and finally chaotic letter, the two girls leant back, with Noemy pulling her once again the still bare pillows.

Marielle decided that cowgirls having a breast focus was really true.

She really needed to read that chapter in that book too.

This day had been physically and mentally draining for her.

There was no way she was capable of responding to that letter today.

Somehow, she could just see Zaria's amused smile when she admitted that she and her moo had gotten together.

Now she had started to call cowgirls moos as well.

"It's all your fault."


"Not you, I meant Zaria."


"Yes, that and other things."


"Don't worry about it." Marielle realized that she had totally confused her moo.

There was a knock at the door.

Noemy covered her chest after a moment and approached the door.

"I came for a sleepover with Marielle."

The other big breasted girl of Marielle's life had arrived.

"A sleepover?" Marielle wondered.

"Yes! We don't have a tent so your bed will have to do." Literis gave the cowgirl a questioning look. "Noemy can come too."

On one hand a sleepover with Noemy and Literis sounded fun.

On the other hand, a sleepover meant trying to sleep with her big breasted moo and only slightly smaller sister. And the moo had feelings for her.

Because she felt like doing it, Marielle glared at the letter. At least part of this totally Zaria's fault.

"That letter looks longer and of better quality then your usual ones."

Marielle slipped the sheets back into the envelope. "If even half of what she wrote is true, she had a very interesting few days since her resurrection."

"Like what?"

"Bandits, cultists, homicidal drow clerics."

"Teleporting all over the place too Mistress."

"How long is she alive?"

"I think five days when she sent that letter."



"And you really think she is epic?"

"Elior seems convinced, certain things written seem to agree."

"Like what?"

"Her drow lover is her maid and the submissive one."

"Uhh. With the reputation drow have, it is hard to believe."

"You never saw one before?"

"No, they are really rare up here."

"Zaria wrote she had tea with a matriarch in the underdark."

"That seems a little far-fetched, considering she lost her memories."

"It's like she traded common sense and memories for power."

The sisters giggled.

Literis went to the bed and pushed the blanket aside. "Come you two." Then she took the house coat off.

"Literis!" Marielle complained with a burning face.


"Your nightgown is so …"

"Thin. It is silk. I heard it is called a negligee. Something to make someone's heart beat faster. It is something that we bought on a dare."

"I wanted to say short actually." Marielle corrected. Her sister was right, she felt like she could see through the slightly transparent clothes. It made her busty sister look rather erotic.

"Let's get you one too."

Suddenly Marielle felt not so sure about the sleepover.

"Besides, I am wearing more than Noemy."

Marielle turned and found herself faced with a naked cowgirl.

"Noemy? Nightgown? What?"

"I always sleep naked Mistress, unless the nights are cold."

The sleepover seemed like a really bad idea now. Marielle did not know where to look. Literis was wearing something that was far too short and that accented her body. Noemy was wearing nothing.

Marielle felt overdressed as they were underdressed.

Now she had no chance to hide under her blanket or to let off some steam.

It was going to be a long and tingly night.

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