Chapter 8 – Fel’ctas
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--- --- Week 2 - Day 8 - Tuesday, 10th Day of the Seventh Month --- ---

Fel'ctas woke to being unable to move.

Her exhausted body was alone in the bed, she could barely hear the others move about, probably in the kitchen.

She realized what had woken her. She was lying in a wet spot.

She had wet the bed.

It seemed that being at Strength 0 or even below meant you lost all muscle control.

It was unpleasant, and her tail was wet too.

She really wanted anyone to heal her, and right now!

She couldn't even complain.

Life sucked.

"Fel'ctas? I am going shopping, Cocoa is staying, I'll buy something in case the shrine maiden does not come today. We are not sure how to feed you since you can't even suck Cocoa's milk properly." Tinkerbell announced with a look into the room and seeing Fel's eyes open. "You slept late too, so rest up."

Fel'ctas wanted to complain about not being able to do anything else and for Tinkerbell to move her from the soaked spot.

Lying on her tail was actually unpleasant.

Time passed.

Cocoa looked into the room and saw Fel'ctas' eyes move, she made a greeting sound, then left again.

Time passed slowly.

She heard something and hoped it was Tinkerbell returning. Maybe someone would come in and check on her closely?

It was however only Tinkerbell greeting her with a "I am back!" before disappearing again.

Fel'ctas decided she really hated spiders.

Time trickled by slowly.

Her nose itched, the smell was getting annoying, and the wet spot was feeling terrible.

Fel'ctas was a miserable kitty.

She remembered something else.

Something that actually made her panic.

She had already peed herself, but what if she did the other one?

Fel'ctas started praying.


The catgirl heard things get louder.


Fel'ctas rolls Listen
d20 + 5 = (17) + 5 = 22
Fel'ctas can recognize voices but not words until they are closer


She heard voices, Tinkerbell's higher voice, and the soft yet firm voice of her. Her saviour was approaching. The voices were coming closer, but it was still too indistinct for words.

"... now lying powerless and can't even move!" Fel'ctas was embarrassed, she could have done without hearing that.

She heard the door open, but it was out of her range of sight. When she could finally see something, it was the face of the albino who was peering down at her and the white braided hair obeying gravity and almost spilling on her.

"Alright, I will fix her, now out you two! Wait in the kitchen, and prepare something for her, she will be hungry." Her saviour turned away and ordered her two lovers.

""Yes!"" The two obeyed without question and Fel'ctas heard the door close.

When the shrine maiden pulled back the blanket and exposed her morning accident Fel'ctas wanted to crawl off and hide in shame.

Then the smell and wet feeling faded away.

From the corner of her eye Fel'ctas saw the miko discard her wet cloak. The confusion skyrocketed when she found herself straddled and looked down upon.

"Now, normally I'd say 'we need to talk' but since you can't respond right now, I'll talk and you make sure you listen."

Fel'ctas had a bad feeling.


Zaria rolls Intimidate
1d20 + 243 = (19) + 243 = 262
Fel'ctas rolls Save vs Intimidate (Fear)
1d20 + 2 + 3 = (5) + 2 + 3 = 10
We have a very Intimidated Pussy


Something changed, instead of a chaotic fluff that loved to cuddle and play with her sister she was now facing an apex predator.

"I know adventuring is dangerous."

She felt more endangered now than when facing the spiders.

"I know there are certain risks."

Her life was at risk!

"I can fix everything, including death easily."

That did not make her feel safer at all, as she felt her bladder give up.

"What I can't fix is Mrr'am becoming sad!"

Fel'ctas saw the white slim finger approach her face, then her nose was flicked.

It hurt!!!

"I think neither of us wants a sad and teary Mrr'am."

The tears in her eyes made seeing the white monster on top of her hard.

"So, don't take such huge risks!"

Never again! She never wanted to go through this again!

"Since this is the first time, I will let it slide, but next time, I will punish you!"

This wasn't a punishment?

As she felt the scary one dismount her the feeling of intimidation also disappeared. Then her newest accident was cleaned up, but she thought she was allowed to have that one, that white menace was dangerous.

"Now to fix you. Neutralize Poison, Restoration, Regenerate, Heal."

Immediately her formerly looser than an overcooked noodle body started shuddering from the ordeal she had just gone through. It was hard to believe that the gentle and friendly floof was capable of such things, her level was clearly no joke.

"Just for your information. That was around 4000 gp worth of spells at a large discount. Normally I'd be able to charge 9540 gp for that."

Fel'ctas felt invisible daggers stab into her heart and purse.

She raised herself and told the kitsune "I'm sorry?" without knowing how to properly express what she felt.

The white menace patted her head. "As long as you stay safe in the future." After blinking the tears away, she saw the albino looking her over. "You know you have a very lewd body?"

"Nyah?" All thoughts screeched to a halt as confusion struck her, what had just happened?

"Big breasts, big nipples, short curvy body, large pussylips, big forest. And naturally the cat's rough tongue. I guess your harem is very happy with your body considering the smell~"

The catgirl blushed deeply, getting it listed off reminded her of her mistake and how it still worked out somehow. But being told so directly, was really embarrassing, and another dagger in her heart.

A white finger poking her ribs brought her back to the present. "Now shoo, go wash up, I got a kitten to meet. I will bring her over."

"Our sheep got poisoned too. Can you?" Fel’ctas knew she was asking a lot, but had to try.

"Sure." Zaria replied without hesitation. "If she is healthy, you are safer. Where does she live?"

"Uhm…" Fel'ctas realized she did not know.

"Fine, I'll track her down." The albino said it so naturally.

"Oh, and next time you are laid out like this, I will make sure to explore your body properly as punishment." She leered at the catgirl.

Fel'ctas blushed and pulled the blanket back over herself.

The white menace laughed and left the room.


Tinkerbell and Cocoa were working on breakfast, neither of them was great at cooking, but they did well enough.

Then from behind them "A little more butter for the eggs would be better, put the bread on the bacon." some very unexpected advice came that startled them both. "I sent her to the bathroom. I'm off to visit Mrr'am and bring her here, so make sure your stories match. Something about being exhausted about fighting lots of spiders should work."

"Un un." Tinkerbell decided to simply agree.

"Be back in a bit." With that the white floof covered herself in her cloak and left.


Fel'ctas decided that priorities were priorities, toilet first, then wash herself properly, Zaria probably did that for her, but warm water simply felt better.

She scrubbed herself clean of the memories of tongues and touches, and clean of the lingering feeling of having laid in her own wet bed.

Magic did many things but it didn't remove the memories of that, or couldn't, probably.

After having scrubbed down, Fel'ctas went to the living room. The already waiting, a nice salad, eggs with bacon, bread, and a cup of milk.

"I am starving!" The catgirl realized, well she hadn't eaten the night before, so it was understandable.

"Welcome back Fel!"

And she was subjected to a full body glomp by a bunny, the face in her chest, the ears in her face.

Hugging the affectionate and needy bunny she mumbled into a long ear. "I am back and healthy, she fixed me."

Then Cocoa arrived and hugged her too. She felt the bunny struggle between their chests, however a hug with her cowgirl came first.

Releasing the hug, and the bunny, Fel'ctas felt moved. "Thank you for carrying me and taking care of me, you two."

"He he." The bunny smiled happily, the cowgirl's ears and tail gave away her appreciation.

"Zaria went to fetch Mrr'am." Tinkerbell reported as Fel'ctas sat down to eat. "So, she will be back soon probably?"

Then Mrr'am and Zaria appeared in the room.

"Mrr'am feel spinning?"

Fel'ctas, Cocoa, and Tinkerbell saw Zaria hold Mrr'am upright as the kitten complained.

"Don't worry, it will pass in a moment, look, we are home and there is your sister." The albino turned the kitten towards her sister.

"Nyah! Big Sis is back!" Mrr'am rushed at her seated sister and crawled into the bare lap before giving Fel'ctas a tight hug.

The older catgirl winced a bit, her little sister was stronger than she looked. Once again Fel'ctas was happy about the extra flaws she had taken. Though she was hungry and the pink bundle of joy was keeping her occupied. It was hard to eat with your lap occupied and a face stuck between her breasts.

"Want me to recharge the coin? I'll go on a spider hunt afterwards." The epic Shrine Maiden asked.

"Nyah? White leave?" Mrr'am pulled her head from the big chest and looked at her albino friend.

"I need to clear spiders, deliver an item, visit some friends, visit the underdark, and … I am forgetting something again." The white one stopped thinking. "Well, I hope it was nothing urgent, too much to do, too little time for it all."

Cocoa and Tinkerbell flinched, while Fel'ctas wondered if there were drow stupid enough to piss that one off. Mrr'am was confused.

"I have a lot to do, and not enough time to do it all." Was a short explanation.

"Nyah! Like homework, too much and you don't have time to play~" The young kitten tried hard to find an example she could work with.

"Just like that." The albino nodded.

"White so busy?"

"It is one of those super busy days."

The older girls had to agree, it sounded busy, especially the spider extermination could turn into a long thing.

"Mrr'am get coin~" Fel'ctas winced as Mrr'am scrambled off her lap, the knees were not comfortable when they dug into her thigh.

Magic, as Zaria did it, never ceased to amaze the older girl. When Mrr'am delivered 'the coin' the epic Shrine Maiden simply touched it, and it was done. "How about next time I am free and the weather is nice, I invite you over? The places I go to are pretty different from this town."

Everyone agreed that the underdark was a very different place. Who knew where else the Shrine maiden tended to go?

"I'm off!" and she was gone.

Everyone relaxed.

The kitsune was really easy going, but knowing that she was epic simply caused them to feel tense. It didn't help that she was so utterly beautiful and had a presence that sometimes slipped through.

Fel'ctas relaxed the most. The white menace had scared her enough to make her want to flee. Fel'ctas knew she meant well, but it was bad for her heart. At least Mrr'am had the best protector one could wish for.

"That went well … and she forgot our sheep."



The three older ones looked at each other.

"Maybe she will remember?" Tinkerbell said hesitantly.

"Let us hope she does."


As usual Mrr'am was confused.


After a slightly difficult breakfast the group pondered. Outside it was terrible weather, and after the last mission, they didn't feel like going out.

"We should probably tell Celies that you are fine." Tinkerbell mumbled.

"I guess I have to go over to assure our tsundere." Fel'ctas lamented.

Cocoa meanwhile was observing the staring match Mrr'am had with her chest.

"Want to do an indoor day? The last quest was harsh after all." Fel'ctas offered. "The weather is terrible too."

"We need to split the loot too." Tinkerbell reminded.

"Right, why don't we do that, and wait for better weather for the next quest?" Fel'ctas asked the two present party members.

"And inform Rielle and Sytis that we are taking a break." Cocoa reminded them.

"Meet for lunch?" Fel'ctas suggested.

"We can do that at my home." Cocoa offered. "Maybe Millie can join."

"Very big moo?"

Everyone looked at the kitten who once again associated people with breast size.

"Yes, very big moo." Cocoa confirmed easily, after all she still had time to grow, maybe she would be able to beat her sister in a few years.

"Very big moo smell nice, and taste good, give lots of milk."

Fel'ctas felt jealous.


Fel'ctas stared at the heavy mace. "Not sure we should sell it; it looks better than your current mace Cocoa." Fel'ctas was not familiar with maces, but this one looked better somehow.

Cocoa lifted it, and swung it. "It does feel better."

"It might be a masterwork." Tinkerbell offered.

"Pity appraising is expensive." Fel'ctas lamented. "Worth it if you sell them."

"Ask White." Mrr'am added, she was not sure what was going on, but White could probably fix it.

The trio of adventurers silently communicated.
"She is right."
"Appraisal seems a bit weird."
"But all things considered, seems plausible?"
"Very plausible."
"Should we ask her next time then?"
"Asking her is difficult?"
"Have Mrr'am ask her?"
"That works."
"Mrr'am will ask her next time."

The kitten however was doubly confused, once why they made it so complicated, the other because they kept glancing at her and each other without saying anything. "Nyah?"

Fel'ctas decided to explain. "We will ask her next time she visits if we can. Now I have to visit the other three to tell them I was healed." Fel'ctas really had an aversion to the name Zaria, imagining the villainess with the albino's powers, it scared her. "Why don't you take our food to Cocoa's and Millie's place while I do that, and we will meet there? Since it will be everyone, maybe dinner is better?"

"My sister can join then." Cocoa agreed.

"Cooking for so many during her lunch break would be hard." Tinkerbell nodded.

"Nyah, food." Mrr'am concentrated on the important parts.


Fel'ctas was looking at the open door. "I don't want to go outside." She was wearing her dress, the cloak for rain, and it was raining hard.

"Close door? Rain cold." Mrr'am mentioned from Cocoa's lap. After Fel'ctas had gotten dressed, the kitten had migrated to Cocoa for some body warmth.

"I'll be back later." Fel'ctas sighed in misery.

First stop was the inns, she hoped Sytis was in one of them.


Sytis is living in an Inn
01-40: the cheaper one
41-100: the better one
DiceParser BOT
Details:[1d100 (13)]
Sytis lives in the cheaper inn
Fel'ctas checking the two inns
She goes to which one first?
01-50: cheap
51-100: better
DiceParser BOT
Details:[1d100 (35)]
Fel'ctas goes to the cheaper inn
Cat got lucky


After thinking about money Fel'ctas decided to visit the cheaper inn first.

It was a wet cat that arrived at the inn, her cloak was leaking and clearly the weather had overwhelmed it. Inside Fel'ctas approached the counter.

"Excuse me, does Sytis, a high elven bard live here? I am from her party and there was a change of plans." Fel'ctas asked the dogman, the floppy ears making her wonder what breed corresponded with him.

"Up the stairs, the 2nd room on the right. You want a nice grog or something brought up? We have heated mead too."

Fel'ctas hesitated for a moment, but mead sounded good. "Two mead then."

"Shall be a few minutes. That's two silvers."

Fel'ctas paid the two sp and went upstairs. She knocked on the 2nd door.


"It's Fel'ctas, it is about the plans."

"One moment." Fel'ctas waited, dripping on the floor, a wet cold tail was not pleasant. Normally she kept on forgetting she had it, but now, she couldn't even if she wanted.

Maybe the wet tail was why cats did not like getting wet. It was different if you took a bath and then could dry yourself, but the cold and wet fur did not feel pleasant at all.

While not an anime thing, that wring out tail from those American cartoons would have been useful here. Imagining it made her tail hurt from the vision.

The door opened and Sytis appeared. "Come in, I see, do you want a towel?"

"Yes please."

Fel'ctas hung her cloak on the door and looked at it critically. "I guess I need a new and better cloak."

Sytis observed the catgirl. Wet patch going from the right shoulder, down the back, and the tail was dripping. That had potential, catgirl stripping because it was soaked through, her and her companions huddling together naked for warmth under blankets as it was raining down hard. Then a little touching, a little exercise for warmth. The ideas kept coming.

"So that is what your tail moves like when it is not limper than an overcooked noodle."

"Nyah!" Fel'ctas felt insulted, her tail was compared to a noodle.

"Sorry, but it really was, when you were carried and when it got lifted at the guild, totally limp." Sytis remembered something else. "Is not wearing underwear a cat thing or an animal races thing?"

Fel'ctas knew she had flashed everyone again, why did it always happen to her? She had flashed the groping sheep too.

"You are blushing." Sytis observed mercilessly.

"Yes, tails and underwear sort of clash, you need special underwear, and that means more expensive and you need to tie it in place."

"So impractical, and slower than normal ones." Sytis took mental notes. "Untying and then retying sounds like a hassle."

"Imagine children making an accidental knot, no surprise we tailed ones never get used to underwear." Fel'ctas remembered her issues, or rather her body's issues with that.

There was a knock at the door and the two hot meads were delivered. Sytis accepted them and placed them on the table.

"So, you were healed?" Sytis asked curiously about the seemingly healthy catgirl.

"Don't remind me." The ninja shuddered while drying her tail. "You know about that epic shrine maiden?"

"I only heard rumours." Sytis explained.

Fel'ctas handed the towel back, there was nothing she could do about her damp dress. "She is friends with my little sister, so she healed me because she didn't want my sister to be sad. And scared me to death."

Sytis had an idea about changing that part, from what she had heard it was a kitsune shrine maiden. Making the catgirl pay for treatment with her body sounded plausible. "Epic kitsune, if the rumours are correct."

"Acts like a nice little girl most of the time, and then does something mind boggling." Fel'ctas sat on the chair in the room. The desk it was at was cluttered with parchment and two meads.

"Scared you out of your mind?" That sounded rather surprising.

Fel'ctas shuddered again. "Imagine a pretty albino kitsune straddling you when you can't move and then threatening you, you can feel she could easily break you in ways you don't even know." The catgirl picked her mead up, blew on it before sipping. Hot and cat's tongue did not mix well.

Sytis imagination ran with that, and shuddered with slight fright, and ideas for more scenes. The defenceless catgirl being ravished by the kitsune shrine maiden sounded like a good scene. Joining this party was the best idea she had ever had. The only thing missing for a wider spread story was a hot hunk. But she was perfectly content with the first place in the 'only girls' category. "At least you are back to full health, so what are the plans now?"

"A break until the weather clears up, and dinner at Cocoa's place." Fel'ctas informed.

"Where does she live?"

"I'll pick you up I guess." the catgirl replied.

"I'll be waiting."

Fel'ctas got up and put on her cloak again, the cold wetness was unpleasant.

Saying her goodbyes, she left to find the sheep.


First Fel'ctas went to the restaurant where she met Rielle the first time. They told her to go to the sheepyard. And insisted on her drying herself.

Since Celies was on the way, she could probably get some hot tea there to warm up as well. Fel'ctas decided to visit her tsundere first.

There the guard gave her a smug look from her guardhouse, and picked up a cup of something steaming to take a sip.

Only after several sips, and not amused looks from Fel'ctas, the guard came out and let the dripping catgirl inside.
Fel'ctas hissed at the guard and ignored her as she brushed past and ran to the main door. There she knocked and waited.


Who opens the door?
01-20: another maid
21-60: Sienna
61-100: Lianna
DiceParser BOT
# 15
Details:[1d100 (15)]
Fel'ctas encounters a new maid
01-60: high elf
61-80: human
81-100: a fluffy
DiceParser BOT
# 88
Details:[1d100 (88)]
A fluffy
01-05: someone pretending to be something else
06-10: a rare race
11-14: a dog
15-18: a cat
19-22: a wolf
23-26: a bear
27-30: a moo
31-45: a sheep
46-60: a squirrel
61-67: a bunny
68-72: a murder bunny
73-80: a mouse
81-90: a goat
91-96: a fox
97-100: those fox twins
Discord rolled and argued
Result is a murderbun!


The one who opened was another bunny. Fel'ctas thought she looked adorable in her maid outfit, the bunny being a small maid was cute. But at the same time, considering where she worked, she was sure something would be off.

"Hello, I am here to visit Celies." Fel'ctas greeted.

"Greetings Ms. Fel'ctas, please give me your cloak."

Fel'ctas had no trouble obeying and handed the dripping garment over.

"Please wait here, I will get you a towel in a moment."

The bunny marched off with her cloak.

Fel'ctas meanwhile inspected the damage, tail dripping, shoulder wet, back soaked, and all-around damp. She really understood the wet cat jokes far better, or was it cats and water? She had trouble remembering.


Murderbun rolls Hide
Skill: 15 ranks + 3 skill focus + 10 cloak + 9 dex (base 22 + 2 level + 4 item) + 2 racial + 4 size = 43
DiceParser BOT
# 47
Details:[1d20+43 (4)]
Murderbun rolls Move Silently
Skill: 15 ranks + 3 skill focus + 10 cloak + 9 dex (base 22 + 2 level + 4 item) + 2 racial = 39
DiceParser BOT
# 51
Details:[1d20+39 (12)]
Fel'ctas rolls Spot
DiceParser BOT
Fel Spot check
# 12
Details:[1d20+10 # (2)]
Fel'ctas rolls Listen
DiceParser BOT
Fel Listen check
# 8
Details:[1d20+5 # (3)]
Fel'ctas plays a useless protagonist role, by not seeing or hearing anything


"Here is a towel." Came from behind Fel'ctas.

"Hiss!" The catgirl jumped at the surprise.

The bunny was behind her, she had not seen or heard her arrive.

"You scared me." Fel'ctas accused.

"As you are party leader, I thought to inform you that I am the hidden guard."

"Hidden guard?" That took a moment for Fel'ctas to understand. "You mean you always followed us?"


The catgirl looked at the motionless bunny, then she took the towel. "Thank you for the towel, and for watching over Celies, and, well, us."

"I was close to helping during the last fight, but your sacrifice helped stabilize the situation."

Fel'ctas blushed embarrassed.

"The sheep molesting you was cute."

Fel'ctas blushed more.

"I might have some fun myself next time you are in such a situation, considering how you play with us maids."

Fel'ctas wondered if the bunny was teasing or bullying her.

"Now please dry yourself, your tail is dripping on the floor."

Fel'ctas was not sure what to say, nothing in either life had prepared her for such, so she decided to stay quiet. Then she had an idea. "I thought about making a longer trip sometime in the future, want me to inform you before?"

"If you can, please do. My name is Strawberry."

"Sweet name for a cute bunny?" Fel'ctas decided.

Strawberry was cute, she was the floppy ears type, the ears and hair black and white patches mixing together.

"I am not planning on joining your harem." The bunny responded.

"What?" Fel'ctas lost her train of thought.

The bunny stared at Fel'ctas. "Oh, you are clueless?"

"What do you mean?"

The bunny just snickered.

"I never wanted a harem, it just happened."

The bunny nodded. "Usually by pushing you down."

Fel'ctas wanted to deny, but found it difficult, until she realized something. "Celies did not push me down."

"No, that is true, you had your way with the Mistress voluntarily." The bunny nodded. "The other maids are very happy with your obligations as well."

The bunny knew everything it seemed, Fel'ctas felt mortified about her sex life being open like that to someone not included in it.

"Did you know that when you were carried back everyone could see you because your dress rode up, again."

Fel'ctas threw the towel at the merciless bunny, who simply caught it.

"Now that I have informed you, I will send Lianna your way, she will probably insist on giving you a rubdown with a towel." The bunny smirked. "Enjoy yourself, or her."

"I am not an anal elf."

"But they are, then make sure they enjoy themselves, Mistress."

Then the bunny was gone.

"What? Mistress?" Fel'ctas was off balance mentally and had trouble grasping the situation. That bunny was evil, nothing like her sweet Tinkerbell.

It was moments later that Lianna rushed in, with a towel. "Lady Fel'ctas, you are all soaked!"

"Hello Lianna, I am here to visit Celies." Fel'ctas tried to explain, while the maid was busy towelling her.

"Lady Fel'ctas, welcome, I will prepare a bathrobe for you, and a bath, it wouldn't do for you to get a cold." Sienna had appeared.

"I need to talk to Celies, and I still need to visit Rielle." Fel'ctas had a feeling that the bath would take longer.

"Very well, I will have Mistress join you in the bath." Sienna agreed far too easily to things Fel'ctas had not said.

"Come with me Mistress." Lianna took Fel'ctas hand and dragged the confused cat off towards the bath.


Maids were scary, they decided things on their own and were the worst enemies since you couldn't object.


It was confirmed when Fel'ctas found herself 'helped' out of her damp dress, she got 'dried' again, that she was going into the steaming bathtub in a moment did not seem to matter.

Her chest was being rubbed more than needed as well, with a blush, she returned the favour with a few gropes.

In the hot tub Fel'ctas released a content sigh. Maybe she should take everyone to the bathhouse later, it would be a nice change, and the current weather was perfect for a hot bath. She really wanted a natural onsen.

She really needed to stop getting distracted, she was not sure when she had stuck her hand up the maid’s dress, but she suspected that the maid had done it herself, considering that her hand was held against the wet spot on the maid's underwear. "You know, it would be easier if you just didn't wear any?" Fel'ctas realized that she had not thought her statement through once again, did she really want a needy maid going commando?

"Oooh" That was obviously something that had not occurred to the maid.

At least Fel'ctas got her hand back.

And Lianna's underwear removal got interrupted by Celies coming in.

"Hey Celies, you have a wonderful bath." Fel'ctas greeted her lover.

"Are you alright?" The high elven maiden came closer.

"Mhm, my cloak is not made for this kind of rain, so it was decided that I get a hot bath to warm up."

"Oh, then you are fine, all healed too?" Celies checked the catgirl for injuries or any signs of weakness, and blushed. "They float?"

Fel'ctas looked down, and realised, yes, they really did float.

"Ah, I need to go." The fumbling noble decided on a tactical retreat.

Fel'ctas however caught the slender hand. "Come in, I have the feeling I won't be released anytime soon, and I came to see you. I need to talk about the plans, and I wanted to spend some time with you."

Celies turned a shade redder.

"Please?" Fel'ctas kissed the hand she was holding. "I need to find Rielle afterwards too."

"Fine, since you insist." Celies lost.

The blushing high elf was helped out of her clothes, when she stepped into the bathtub, she made a cute squeak when the catgirl pulled her into her lap.

Fel'ctas decided that her tsundere lover was cute. The way she blushed tried to hide her very small bulges and jumped each time she made contact with the floating breasts was adorable. "I am fine. I am all healed thanks to Mrr'am's epic friend." Fel'ctas whispered into Celies ear, then nipped on it.

That made Celies jump and squeak again. "You are teasing me!"

The catgirl forcefully turned the noble around and hugged her tightly. "You are too cute; I haven't had enough time with you lately." It was true, the catgirl nuzzled the elf, something that already came naturally to her.

"I was worried." The high elf admitted shyly. "I mean, I knew you'd be fine."

"Nyah~" Fel'ctas was happy to hear it.

The blushing maid felt a little jealous, her Mistress had stolen her pussy time. As an additional punishment, she was now watching the two being lovey dovey in the bathtub. Her elven Mistress was blushing and shy as the pussy Mistress was fawning on her.
It was unfair.


After a skinship bath, Celies was clingy, she happily agreed to the dinner at Cocoa's place, but seemed reluctant to release Fel'ctas.

This resulted in more cuddling that made the elf blush and admonish the catgirl for being shameless in public.

The giggling catgirl then got called names, shut her tsundere up with a long and deep kiss, and fled before the lady managed to get her wits back.

Outside again, Fel'ctas really wanted a new cloak. Still, she was a catgirl on a mission, that meant she had to hurry, it was time to visit the sheepyard.

She only got lost once on the way.

Her poor tail was soaked again.

Finally, she knocked on the door and could hear an immediate squeal inside.

She was about to knock again when the door opened a bit, and a clearly worried sheep, the hair looked so fluffy, opened the door. Upon seeing Fel'ctas the sheep clearly relaxed. Fel'ctas was confused, however decided not to ask questions, as she wanted to get out of the rain. "Greetings, is Rielle in? I am Fel'ctas, the party leader of Rielle's adventuring party."

"Oh, welcome, come in." The sheep ushered the catgirl in and took the dripping cloak. "You are soaked!" The sheep cried out.


Sheep roll vs Attraction Curse DC 14
DiceParser BOT
Details:[3d20 (3 20 2)]
2 of the sheep fall prey to Fel'ctas curse


Fel’ctas found herself mobbed by several sheep with towels. It took her by surprise, the way they rubbed her chest and tail was gentle, yet after a while she realized two of the sheep were a bit too focussed on those parts, especially the one rubbing the tail had lifted it, and kept on rubbing the butt now and then.

"Enough!" The sheep that had opened the door called out. "She is here for Rielle!" The sort of lead sheep started herding the others out. Much to Fel'ctas' relief.

"Sorry about them, I don't know what happened to them." The sheep excused herself. "I am Fiola."

"Thank you, I am getting used to that, but since I started adventuring more, it has been happening less." Fel'ctas straightened her dress, and used a left behind towel to get some relief on the wet shoulder.

"Please follow me, Rielle's room is this way, does it have anything to do with the scary one?"

"Scary one?" Fel'ctas wondered for a moment. "The fluffy shrine maiden?" Fel'ctas shuddered down to her tail tip, and not from being cold and wet.

Fiola felt a bit more relaxed, clearly their guest was of the same opinion. "Yes, her, she likes our wine and juice, and I have to be the one to take care of her each time!" The sheep let go of her frustrations.

"There, there." Fel'ctas understood all too well, and hugged the crying sheep gently patting the fluffy head.

The pair hugged for a bit in shared misery, they were both haunted by the White Menace.

"Are you alright?" Fel'ctas asked the sheep. "I was laid out flat, unable to move, and had her actually lecturing me today."

The sheep shuddered. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, she healed me and left with a warning. She really likes my little sister; I am afraid they are best friends." Fel'ctas visibly wilted. On one hand it kept her sister very safe, on the other hand it meant a lot of interaction with that one.

"There, there." Now Fel'ctas the one being consoled.

With a silent agreement the albino haunted pair continued on.

Fiola then knocked on a door. "Rielle, you have another guest, your party leader."

"Coming." The soft voice came from inside. The door opened a little and Rielle peeked through the door. After confirming it was really Fel'ctas she opened the door properly.

"Welcome, I see you were healed."

"Hello Rielle, I heard you were healed too." Fel'ctas greeted.

Rielle shuddered. "She scares me."

The catgirl nodded in perfect understanding. "I think Mrr'am is the only one who is not scared."

"Mrr'am?" Rielle wondered who that was.

"That is my little sister, you will meet her tonight, I want to introduce everyone, and have a small meetup at Cocoa's home."

"I'll come." The Sheep exclaimed.

"Now, do you know where Cocoa lives?"


"Someone will pick you up for dinner then."



Fel'ctas rolls Int DC 10
DiceParser BOT
# 21
Details:[1d20+3 (18)]
Fel'ctas remembers the sheep had been naughty
Fel'ctas tries to Bluff
DiceParser BOT
# 18
Details:[1d20+4 (14)]
Rielle rolls Sense Motive
DiceParser BOT
# 9
Details:[1d20+6 (3)]
Rielle is bluffed


"Actually, I almost forgot." Fel'ctas gave the sheep a catty smirk. "You like molesting defenceless catgirls?"

The sheep blushed.

"Want to try touching an active catgirl?" Fel'ctas had to admit, teasing the sheep was fun, besides she deserved some punishment for leaving her exposed, it was wonderful that Tinkerbell had covered her.

Seeing the sheep look away and remembering that she was still horny from her skinship with Celies she wondered if she should get some relief.


Fel'ctas approached the blushing sheep, who moved backwards.

"Uhm Fel'ctas?" Rielle felt stalked, it was dangerous.

"Hug." The catgirl replied, and then did just that. Hugging the warm and rather soft sheep felt nice.

Rielle relaxed for a moment, until she was released and pushed on her bed.

Then Fel'ctas pounced, following.

Rielle felt a bit intimidated with the catgirl above her, the huge chest hanging and touching her as her party leader crouched above her.
"I'm sorry?" The sheep shivered a little nervously.

"I am not." Fel'ctas replied.

"Bah?" The response confused Rielle.

Fel'ctas laid on top of the cleric and gave the cheek a lick. "But it's more fun if both can respond, like in the restaurant."

Rielle remembered and blushed deeper. "Everyone could have seen us!" She complained as she felt Fel'ctas big breasts press against her own.

"Nyah~" Fel'ctas responded amused. Being on top and having full control of the situation felt really nice. She took one of Rielle's hands and pulled it under her dress, pushing it against her dripping pussy. "See, much better."

Rielle felt her hand touch the furry wetness, she knew the catgirl was very ready.

"Did you know a catgirl's tongue is rough?"

The overwhelmed sheep blushed even deeper after her mind took several moments to understand the meaning.

"Time to show you the benefits of a rough tongue."

Rielle found herself gently stripped, she let the clearly more experienced catgirl take the lead. It felt really nice, until the embarrassment of having that place licked struck. After a futile try to remove the tongue Rielle lost all strength.

She decided after her second orgasm that catgirl tongues were much better than her own fingers.

When the catgirl pushed Rielle's face against her own pussy, the sheep obediently followed the unvoiced order and returned the favour clumsily, she quickly learned that the large lips were sensitive as well.

For Fel kisses with her own taste were nothing new, but her sheep was clearly more hesitant. It did not matter however. Fel'ctas devoured the cleric.

It was only on the way home that a thought struck her, the only ones she could really control in bed were the shy Celies, who had trouble saying her wishes, and now the sheep. "I am a pervert." Fel'ctas realized. The other thing she realized was "My tail is wet again."


Back home the wet cat found Mrr'am seated on Cocoa's lap, using the pillows to rest her head, and working on homework while Tinkerbell seemed to help from the side.

"I am home."

"Nyah big sis~"


"Un un~"

"I think we will need to buy proper cloaks sometime, the one I have is not for weather like this." Fel'ctas hung the dripping garment on a hook. "My back is wet, and my tail is dripping."

"I'll get the towel." Tinkerbell jumped off the chair and rushed for the bathroom.

"While you are working Mrr'am I'll make a small lunch, we will eat more in the evening." She pulled the damp dress off, then rubbed cheeks with her sister, and accidentally rubbed her face in Cocoa's breasts.

Tinkerbell returned and helped dry the tail.

When Fel'ctas looked around she realized something.

According to her former world, they were a nudist family, one with a lot of skinship.

The 'old' her would have died from shame.

The 'new' her simply felt that Millie, Celies, and Rielle were missing.

It was hard to believe it was only the eighth day since her arrival.


Fel'ctas rolls Survival
DiceParser BOT
# 13
Details:[1d20+3 (10)]
Fel'ctas has successfully reheated yesterday’s food


Warming up the remains from the day before did not take long, and was something even she could do without burning anything.

Having reheated it, Mrr'am took a break from the report on the kingdom's history.

From her old and new memories, it was something that Fel'ctas could actually help with a little.

All too soon it was time to venture into the rain.

Cocoa offered to take Mrr'am with her.

Tinkerbell knew where the inn Sytis was staying at was.

Fel'ctas went to fetch Rielle, and had the longest trek.


When fetching Rielle Fel'ctas found herself invited, and loaded with a keg of grape juice.

It was just a tiny one, but still heavy.

The two adventurers managed to get it to the two cowgirls' place without accidents, but were soaked since it took much longer.

"We have juice."

"Nyah~" "Welcome." "Moo~" "I will fetch a towel." "Hey, wet cat and wet sheep." "Welcome Fel'ctas and Rielle." """Welcome back Mistress"""

It was cosy and the fire was burning and keeping the living warm nice and warm.

Mrr'am stripping, caused Cocoa to strip, which led to Millie and Tinkerbell stripping, then Fel'ctas got stripped by Mrr'am who hugged her big sis to warm her up.

Sytis seemed amused, Rielle was fretting, and Celies was blushing and stuttering embarrassed.

When Sytis stripped without shame, Rielle followed, leaving Celies the only one clothed.

"A nudist party." Sytis sipped some mead she had brought from the inn. "I have never been to one of those." To her this was pure gold. The way their leader blushed when the little sister nuzzled the chest was very telling, as were the strings dripping to the floor.
To Sytis the poor Tinkerbell looked very childish, and she had heard the many rumours about the pervert, but when she considered how much damage the bunny did with her bow, the townspeople were really stupid about it. Actually, that sounded like a good story, an overpowered hero cursed to expose herself and being misunderstood. That the three maids their wizard brought with her all stripped without hesitation, or almost none, put the rich high elf into a bind.

"We are a party and family here."

"Mistress, it would be rude to be the only one clothed." Sienna prodded at her lady.

Lianna was blushing, but served the grape juice to Millie.

Mrr'am was staring at Millie's chest. "Very big moo."

The older cowgirl couldn't help herself but be amused by the way the kitten's eyes followed.

Rielle was sitting on the couch and trying to cover her chest with her fluffy hair.

Sytis realized she had lost track of one of the maids, the bunny maid.

"Only because everyone else is too." Celies finally caved in, and found herself being gently helped out of her clothes by Sienna and Fel'ctas.

"Very small elf, nyah~"

And immediately got a critical hit from the resident breast loving kitten.

It took Fel'ctas being her seat and a lot of cuddling to calm down the mortified high elven maiden.

Sytis was loving it, this was the best decision she had ever made after the one to become a girl love novelist. This setting just screamed orgy to her.


When the food came, everyone was satisfied, a nice mix of salads and roasts, some mashed potatoes, and first-class grape juice.

"How is she eating so much?" Celies asked her lover while watching Mrr'am go for another slice of roast.

"I have no idea; I am wondering about that myself." Fel'ctas replied while leaning over and 'accidentally' brushing the small bumps with her arm.

The elf flinched and checked if anyone had seen the action. She felt relieved when nobody seemed to be watching or looking their way.

Revenge for Fel'ctas teasing however came quickly, and very soon.

The catgirl felt someone under the table part her legs, and found a black and white bunnygirl between her legs, who then proceeded to interrupt the focus on food with the focus on the finger that started tracing the pussy.

It seemed that the maid was a bit vindictive, or maybe it was some kind of punishment play. But Fel'ctas cursed her large pussylips and clitoris since it made for an easy place to get attacked.

The fun dinner became a different type of fun.


With dinner over, Fel'ctas did not want to get up. There was a puddle on her chair, and she knew if she got up, she'd be dripping on the floor.

However, the adventurous finger was caressing her insides gently, not penetration style, but between the lips, and every now and then it slid across the most sensitive little nub and exposed it to be breathed upon.

For the maid it was different, while doing that affected her too, her goal was making the pussy join her Mistress, her Mistress liked the pussy, so the pussy was supposed to be hers. Since the two elven maids had already approved, it was a simple choice.

For Fel'ctas there was only one choice in the end, make the Mistress hold responsibility for her maid's actions.

Which led to Celies finding herself on Fel'ctas lap and with her butt being rubbed. The poor high elven maiden couldn't even complain, since that would draw everyone's attention.

Celies however was on one hand happy at the attention, not that she would admit that the public affection felt nice, but also very embarrassed. Public affection was so indecent, she understood that having a lover meant more affection.

But looking around and seeing all the girls naked was harsh on her, especially since all but Tinkerbell were larger than her.

Even the small kitten had her beat.

She relieved some of her stress by squeezing Fel'ctas chest.

Only a wolf whistle made her realize that she was rubbing her catgirl in public.

Ashamed, the high elven maiden buried her face in the large breasts.

Fel'ctas was first surprised at how aggressive her tsundere was, then when the whistle came, she realized that the girl had forgotten the situation.

When the blushing maiden buried her face in her breasts, all the catgirl could do was pat the back and hold her tight. The ninja secretly hoped that the tsundere wouldn't explode.

Mrr'am had switched from very big moo to very small bunny.

The kitten was trying to feed the bunny some more meat so she'd grow up strong and big.

Tinkerbell on the receiving end was trying to stop the feeding, she was already full, and there was too much meat for her tastes.

Rielle was nervous, another bunny had appeared next to her, she thought it was one of the maids, but this one seemed more serious, and it was staring at her.

Sytis was committing everything to memory. The inspiration, the muse, the creative juices were flowing.

The cowgirl sisters were relaxing. It had been a long time since their home had been so lively, it was unusual, but it felt nice.

The elven maids were enjoying themselves. It was a relaxed party, the mistresses were making progress in their relationship, as evidenced by the fact that their blushing noble lady was in the catgirls lap and having active skinship. Their pussy mistress was clearly doting and handling their lady well.

Maybe they would finally see the day where their Lady would openly admit to having a lover and introducing her at a party. Making matching dresses, and matching accessories sounded fun. The tail seemed especially a good place for a ribbon. Though a nice choker or collar on the pussy sounded really good too.

Fel'ctas suddenly felt danger, her tail poofed up a bit and a cold shiver went all the way from the ear tips, down her back, along the tail, and ended at the tail tip. Someone was clearly plotting against her. It was only the prologue, so why were there already plans being made against her? It made her want to run and hide.

It was merry, it was chaotic, it was fun.

It was what a party should be like.


Fel'ctas ended up in the kitchen carrying plates and cutlery where she found the two elven maids doing the dishes.

Fel'ctas steeled herself, she may have spoiled Lianna lately, but Sienna hadn't given any 'lessons' recently. She placed the load at the sink, then embraced the two shoulder by shoulder maids from behind, pressing her chest into their backs. "Had fun?"

"Yes Mistress." "Thank you for remembering our Lady."

Fel'ctas really wondered why most elves had such a butt focus as her hands slid lower and gave the maids a firm grope each.

Going by the blushes the maids approved.

Once again, the catgirl found herself doing anal plays on high elves. Honestly, the others were so much easier to understand and were more open about their fetishes.
Though Sienna was very open about her lessons.
Luckily all her elves kept themselves nice and clean back there, if it weren't for that, she would have never stuck her fingers in like now.

The two high elven maids were very appreciating of the attention.

Fel'ctas wondered where she had shifted into a totally different game or reality. "Quietly you two, or the others will hear."

Lianna visibly bit her lower lip, Sienna continued working just with a heavy blush.

Fel'ctas lamented the sex obsessed reality.


Having finished off the two maids, Fel'ctas went to wash her hands.

On the way she almost ran into the third maid.

She glared.

The bunny smirked. "You liked it."

"It was torture, I soaked the chair." Fel'ctas complained.

The bunny simply slipped a hand between Fel'ctas legs, causing the catgirl to suck in a breath. "Considering how wet you are, you are still enjoying yourself."

"Wait, not the finger again." Fel'ctas grabbed the hand, the bun had slipped her a finger again, she was going to pull it out.

"I am sure you can't defeat me."

Fel'ctas wanted to complain about this type of attack, but yes, the finger was wiggling and distracting, and removing one hand just caused the other to go for her pussy.
So, the catgirl tried to switch tactics, bending over a bit she pulled the bunnygirl's head into her chest.

The bunny just licked the breasts.

Fel'ctas had the feeling she was in over her head.

The bunny just rubbed her face in the chest.

Fel'ctas knew she was sensitive from all the 'playing' and now it was time to pay the price.

The small maid started nipping at the nipples.

Fel'ctas switched from pulling the bunny closer or trying to escape to holding on.

The maid added another finger.

Fel'ctas bit an ear.

In revenge the bun stuck a finger up her butt.

Fel'ctas regretted taking the flaw now.

The bunny knew it was on the winning side and sped up.

Fel'ctas knew she was losing.

When the orgasm came, the catgirl admitted that the maid's technique was very good.

The bunny helped the catgirl back to the bathroom.


When the party broke up Mrr'am was asleep. Everyone else was sated, and Celies invited them for the next party at her "large and spacious" place.

Fel'ctas smiled wryly as Celies wanted to show off her hospitality.

Mrr'am was loaded onto Fel'ctas back and into the rain they went with Tinkerbell leading the way.

This time the three were not as soaked when they arrived. But new rain cloaks were a must anyway.

The sleeping kitten did not wake up after several tries.

Fel'ctas and Tinkerbell smiled wryly as the kitten slept fully fed.

"How does she eat so much?" Tinkerbell wondered.

"Maybe she is a glutton?" Fel'ctas wondered as she petted her sweet kitten.

"Let's wash and sleep." Tinkerbell offered, and pulled the catgirl to the bathroom.

Fel'ctas knew what was coming, this was really a perverted world she had arrived in.

The rather sensual and steamy washing took a while, afterwards the three cuddled on the bed.

The sound of rain lulled them into sleep quickly.

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