Chapter 25: Field work
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“Wait, are you serious!?” I asked Rumble incredulously. I couldn’t believe that he had gotten another seed of what had to be a rare and valuable plant.

With a bob of his body, up and down, he flashed a few confirmation emojis letting me know that he was, in fact, quite serious about this seed being another of the glowing plants that we had in the corner of our shack.

“What should we do with it?” I wondered out loud.

With a quick shrug, Rumble let me know that he didn’t currently have any plans of his own for it.

“Well, do you think we can plant a field of them?” I asked Rumble, knowing that they would surely become a farm specialty crop and I really wanted to catch up to the amount of initiative shown by my business partner, Mia. And that was without taking into account how happy that would make her, coming back from town with the start of a new valuable crop being grown!

With a “I don’t know gesture”, Rumble shrugged. He then pointed at the glowing sprout and held up a single finger-like branch, before pointing to the seed in his other hand and then adding a second finger to his count. And with the counting finished he gave me a second more skeptical shrug.

“Right, I know that we only have two for now. I was thinking that we could plant that one and get more seeds from it in the future. Do you know how big it gets?” I asked my doubtful familiar and was quickly returned a shrug of not knowing.

“Fair enough, but that won’t stop us from planting it anyways!” I told Rumble and after which watched him do a little dance of joy due to the decision. After letting him do a little jig and settle back down, I decided to have a quick snack before heading back into the field to plant the new seed.

And so after finishing off my egg, which has been my meal for way too many times, and set out through the door and down the path towards the crop field.

Walking down the path, I couldn’t help but to consider my luck since first arriving in “The World”. Sure, half of it was spent in a coma, but as they say “What you can’t remember, doesn’t affect your mood”. I mean outside of that extended nap, I met a great friend that I started a business with, had fun with my familiar, and even made a few friends in town… all while having my farm progress ahead of the curve for new farms.

Looking down at my familiar, I couldn’t help from giving him a large smile before saying, “I think I made a good choice coming here Rumble. I couldn’t imagine living without this farm and what has come with it. Good and bad times included, these have been the best few weeks of my entire life!” I confided to the little guy.

In response to my statement Rumble sent me a wave of joyous emojis along with a quick hug on my right leg with his head top reaching pretty much hip height now.

Patting him on the head, I continued on as his grip released. “Thanks Rumble, it means a lot to know that you feel the same. Let’s hope for more good times to come.” I finished saying with a smile.

With a great mood backing me, I swept my gaze over the prepared field wondering where I could plant the seed with thought towards the future. And not knowing exactly how big it would grow, I decided on a new section of land closer to the house than the existing plot. Needing to clear the grass and plow a section of dirt, I gathered my tools near the picked location and got to work. With Rumble grabbing handfuls of grass and ripping it from the ground, he made quick work of the dense vegetation. Quick enough that I only could keep up plowing the dirt behind him due to the roots of the uprooted grass doing half the work for me.

With a square , ten feet per side, cleared and plowed it was now time to plant the seed. Giving it to my familiar, he happily accepted it before walking towards the center and working it down into the soil. He worked it down in the same manner as he did with the sprout, slowly breaking up the soil in a way that loosened the dirt around the seed in a small area.

Having finished, Rumble stood up and looked at his handiwork before walking back towards me and then looking at it a final time trying to judge his own work.

“I am sure that you did just fine, Rumble.” I said while patting his head.

Wiping the sweat from my brow, I was reminded how far into the day we already were. “In a few more hours Mia should be getting back. We should probably clear a bit more of the main field to prepare for planting tomorrow.” I told Rumble.

With a bob of agreement, Rumble and I turned to head back down the path. Having reached the plot I realized that both Rumble and I had forgotten the tools. “Rumble can you start? I need to head back for the tools, we left them by the new plot.” I told him before patting him on the back and returning to where I had just left.

Having went and returned from getting the tools, I saw that Rumble had wasted no time in starting to clear new areas. With a zig-zagging pattern of clearing clumps of grass one handful at a time, he had already cleared more than I would’ve been able to in ten times the amount of time.

“Save some for me.” I told him jokingly.

And so with a smile on my face, I set to work stacking the clumps of grass to the side and then plowing the worked area left by my companion. For hours we kept up the pace, with only a few water breaks to stop the work intermittently. And so it was no surprise that we had missed Mia’s approach, heading back towards the farm from town.