Chapter 6.1 : Hunt
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As she thought about how easily that Josuke Higashikata was able to heal Yoshikage Kira, Diana bit her lip.

"I can't make any other moves before he is eliminated, otherwise things might get ugly," mumbled Diana as she sat down on a sofa continuing to think.

Even before Diana first saw Josuke, knowing that he was the son of Joseph Joestar, she immediately assumed that he was a stand user, as this was not the problem.

The problem was not the fact that Josuke was a stand user in of itself, but rather, his, at first glance rather perverted healing ability.

"I can't go near him, otherwise he might be able to sense me," mumbled Diana before deciding on a plan of action.

'Since Josuke is a stand user, there is a large chance that he knows other stand users, tracking his friends should be a good way to scout out other stand users in this town,' thought Diana as she touched her chin.

'After that, I should investigate any notable figures living here, as well as the mayor, since this town is so infested with stand users, one is bound to pop up,' thought Diana as she suddenly got back up from her couch and walked to a window staring outside, into the alleyway behind the hotel.

In only a few moments, Diana had made sure that there was nobody in the alleyway or nearby, as such, she quickly opened the window, got out of the building, and closed the window behind her.

Only a moment later, Diana was on the ground, ready to begin her search.


As a global conglomerate, the Speedwagon foundation has all over the world.

For example, in Japan, there are two branches in Meguro and Tokyo.

However, the true Headquarters of the Speedwagon Foundation are present in two cities, Washington D.C. and Dallas texas.

The Washington D.C. Headquarters is responsible for the business and government-related needs of the foundation, with it's location granting it quick access to the U.S. government, as well as being located near the business heart of the country.

On the other hand, the Dallas Headquarters dealt with things that were not that suitable for the public eye.

And at this moment, a meeting was taking place in the Dallas Headquarters, as three different investigators stood at a table, staring at each other.

"With the clues available, I have not managed to progress far into the investigation, but I have been able to determine which suspects are more likely the culprit, you can go reference the list I have provided you, as I have placed the ones most likely to have committed the crime up front," said an investigator as he picked up a several page list on the table.

Hearing this, the other two investigators nodded as they turned their attention to the document.

Unlike the other investigator, one of the investigators did not study the list thoroughly, rather taking a cursing glance at every single one of the suspects, as well as their backgrounds.

Suddenly, a certain photo of a blond-haired girl with three dots present on her ear caught his eye

"Hey, have you more specifically found out where this one was adopted from?" asked the investigator as he pointed at the photo.

"She came from an orphanage in Alexandria, Egypt, I couldn't find anything before that, Should I go to Egypt to further investigate?" asked the investigator, causing the one who had asked the question to shake his head.

"No, I just remembered something," said the investigator as he took a closer look at the three dots.

"Tell me what you remember, anything you can tell us might bring us some clues," said the investigator, causing the other investigator to roll his eyes before sighing.

"Back in my homeland, It is said that those who possess this birthmark, the three dots on their ear, have the Devil's luck," said the investigator, causing the other two to suddenly shake their head.

"It's better if you had just kept your mouth shut."


The past few days had been rather hectic for Okuyasu, as such, right now, he was relaxing on his sofa, sleeping.

Suddenly, Okuyasu's eyes popped open, as the buzzing of a fly suddenly awoke him from his sleep.

The moment Okuyasu opened his eyes, the bug disappeared, as if it was erased from existence.

But no matter what, even if the bug was completely gone from the world, this would still not bring Okuyasu's sleep back, as the latter could now no longer fall asleep.

A few moments later, Okuyasu rose from the sofa before walking out of the door, no longer wanting to sleep.


Staring at the pretty silent park around him, Okuyasu couldn't help but feel somewhat puzzled.

"Since when is the park so empty?" mumbled Okuyasu as he continued walking forward, finally noticing a person sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper.

Normally, this would not attract Okuyasu's attention, but what caught his attention this time was a small toy that was slowly moving toward the person.

"Lady, where did you buy this?" asked Okuyasy as he approached the short, black-haired lady, pointing at the small tank at her feet, which had a small skull present on it.

Hearing this, the lady suddenly moved her eyes away from the newspaper and towards Okuyasu.

"I didn't buy it, maybe someone lost it in the park, I'm sorry," said the lady as she looked towards Okuyasu before getting up.

"No need to worry mam, I was just curious," said Okuyasu looking at the lady as she walked away, not noticing that the tiny tank had somehow turned toward him.

After a few moments,.

"Am I really so scary, to run away as soon as you see me?" mumbled Okuyasu as he stared at the departing figure of the lady, unaware of the tank which was getting closer and closer to him.


Inside a random hotel, not long after,

As the black-haired lady stared at the ceiling above her, the scene of the fly being annihilated from existence couldn't help but flash through her mind, causing her to let out a sigh.

"What's with this town, even he is so troublesome," mumbled the lady as her body started changing, her black hair returning to it's blond color as she gained at least half a meter in height as well as seventy-five pounds in weight.

Of course, now that she was investigating, Diana did not stay in her original form for long.

"Hopefully we meet again, Okuyasu Nijimura," mumbled the new woman which had just appeared in Diana's place.