The Road To Hell…
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The next school day found the halls filled with rumors and chatter about the prom. Given the rather public way Mike collapsed at the event, with the conspicuous absence of Johnny from school today, much theorizing was about as to what exactly happened.

However, much more pertinent to Mike’s current dealings was the fillings of his locker: filled with hateful messages and notes, much of which were far too offensive or otherwise crude to be reproduced here. Right now, it was lunchtime. As usual, he sat down with the usual group: Myra, Lyn, Elly, Kelley, and Sammy.

“I’m sorry!” Kelley cried.

“It’s not your fault,” Mike said.

“I knew Johnny was a jerk, but…” Elly mused.

“Why’d he go this far?” Myra asked.

“...because he’s a jerk?” Sammy mused.

The group paused to think about Sammy’s answer to Myra’s rhetorical question. After a moment Myra broke the silence by adding:

“I don’t want to think about Johnny’s logic in this whole ordeal, so I’m personally partial to that explanation,” she said.

The group nodded in silent agreement. The girls didn’t want to know what kind of perverse mindset would lead Johnny to try to spike a drink. Mike, for his part, couldn’t understand how someone would ignore the iffy morals of it.

It was here when one of Johnny’s cronies, Daniel, came over. Myra was not about to miss his approach.

“Hello?” she asked.

She looked at him dead in the face, with a disappointed look. He looked at her for a moment, and then turned his attention to Mike. He took the tray that had Mike’s lunch on it, and flipped it up into his face.

“That’s for getting Johnny in trouble,” he snarked.

The rest of the group was a mix of shocked and incensed. Myra, in particular, gave an angry glare at Daniel as she stood up.

“What was that for?” she commanded.

“What? I just said, it’s for getting Johnny in trouble. Are you stupid?”

“If that’s actually for getting Johnny ‘in trouble’, you’re just as much. You do realize who told the staff about the plan, right?”

“Of course, it was Mike, since he drank it.”

“Of course not. Mike was too busy going to the hospital to tell anyone about it. See your issue?”

Myra had walked over to stand directly in front of Daniel. While Daniel was a solid five foot ten, Myra was a smidge over six foot - for Daniel, this was unfamiliar territory not having the height advantage.

“What’s your point?” he said.

“My point is, if you’re trying to get back at the person who got Johnny ‘in trouble’ - which, I may add, is a terrible fucking look - you’d best be going after me,” Myra continued.

Daniel didn’t have an immediate comeback until he managed:

“ want me to go after you? You are stupid, aren’t you,” he laughed.

Myra took a step closer to Daniel.

“So did Johnny, and I'm sure you’ve heard how that turned out for him,” she added.

Myra stared Daniel down, looking dead in his eyes. After a moment, Daniel started to back away. As he started to run back, he called:

“You’ll pay for that!”

Myra looked as he ran off, then returned to her seat. The rest of the group looked at her in awe.

“...I’m so glad I’m not on her bad side,” Elly remarked.

“That was impressive,” added Lyn.

Mike sat in silence, with food leftovers over his shirt. Myra turned her attention to Mike, rage subsided, and said:

“Hey, do you want to try to clean your shirt?” she asked.

“...yeah,” he answered.

His answer was weak, but he got up to go to the bathroom to clean up.

“I’m gonna go out of the area, if you don’t mind,” he added.

“I’ll come to keep an eye out for any interlopers,” said Myra.


Mike was by the bathroom mirror. Fortunately, no one else was present so he could clean up the mess in peace. Well, until he heard a knock from the entrance.

“Hey, mind if I help?” Myra asked.

“He- wha-?” Mike stammered.

She walked over, and put one hand on his shoulder, and the other over the front of the shirt.

“I got this. Follow the hand, and watch,”

Mike looked down. The stains and such on the shirt seemed to just vanish into air underneath Myra’s hand.

“...Magic, again?” he said.

“It’s less impressive the second time around, I suppose,” Myra mused.

“Well… thanks. I was going to go stop by the counselor’s after this,”

“I’ll put word in with the afternoon classes about that,”