Extra 1: After the kiss (NSFW)
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I felt that a yandere story should not be as tame as my story is rn, otherwise it would lose face

Jennifer’s kiss was soft and warm. Lachersia didn’t feel the world overturning or the entire Universe lighting up with all the colors of the rainbow. Her mind simply went blank. She was completely immersed in the feeling of the kiss and, with deliberate slowness, tasted Jennifer’s lips, enjoying the moment of when Jennifer was becoming truly hers.

Her right hand softly caressed the back of Jennifer’s neck, sending tremors down her partner’s spine, as her tongue pried Jennifer’s lips open.

It could be only a few seconds or it could be a whole eternity but the two finally separated. Lachersia’s heart was beating loudly, threatening to jump out of the ribcage. The kiss didn’t satisfy her yearnings for Jennifer, they only grew stronger. Her desires were screaming in her heart with violent vigor. Jennifer seemed the same, as despite the greedy breaths of air she took, her eyes were glowing with a burning need.

Being look at with such eyes by Jennifer made Lachersia’s clouded sense of reason fly away. She impatiently embraced Jennifer and pulled her into a deep kiss again, while her arms were roaming around Jennifer’s body in madness and pulling the latter’s clothes off. Jennifer pulled herself closer to Lachersia at the same time. She desperately intertwined her longue with Lachersia’s while letting the other have her way with her.

The kiss was long. Neither Jennifer nor Lachersia wanted to separate. The moment their lips parted it felt like a hole opened inside their hearts, overtaking their souls with coldness. They seeked out warmth in each other, plunging into the hottest abyss of their desires.

Separating from another kiss, Lachersia asked with a raspy voice

“What now?”

She looked at the small disheveled figure in her arms with hunger. There was really no need for this question, but she wanted Jennifer to ask her to do it, to invite her. Jennifer’s breathing was rugged and hot, her face flushed. She looked back at Lachersia with eyes that were clouded over and whispered so softly, as if she was fading away

“I need you”

Lachersia didn’t need any more confirmation. She could hardly hold herself back as she began to roam her fingers over Jennifer’s body. Her knowledge of anatomy was superb and she, with mechanical precision, caused Jennifer to moan softly and shiver over and over, feeling heat build up in her own belly bit by bit.

Lachersia caused Jennifer to go soft in her arms again and again as she lowered her face and she left a kiss mark on Jennifer’s tender neck. The feeling of hot temperature that came with contact gave Lachersia’s heart a sense of satisfaction and fullness, she felt fulfilled whenever she saw the marks she left on Jennifer, and yet, she couldn’t get enough. Her mouth moved down Jennifer’s collarbone, as she kissed, sucked and even weakly bit into the soft skin, making Jennifer tremble and moan every time.

She took the right nipple into her mouth and played with it with her tongue as she teased the left with her hand, making the semi-conscious Jennifer scream incomprehensible things in pleasure. She moved her right hand down Jennifer’s spine and drew circles with her finger on Jennifer’s tailbone, causing the latter to move her body closer to Lachersia, only to be bullied in worse and more exquisite ways.

 After she got her fill of Jennifer’s breasts, she laid Jennifer on the mat and moved further down, leaving a trail of marks on Jennifer’s belly. She knew Jennifer was “ready” but it was very fun to see her partner writhe in a subconscious desire, so she gently, ever so gently, laid many kisses over Jennifer’s hip area, as her hands were stimulating the previously found weak spots of Jennifer’s body as the latter’s hands were tightly grabbing the mat.

After that, Lachersia, with a smile, moved to Jennifer’s face and looked into the latter’s eyes that were clouded over. She kissed Jennifer’s forehead, and then thrust her fingers inside Jennifer’s softness, making Jennifer open her eyes wide in shock.

She then lowered her head again and gave Jennifer a kiss, while rubbing her fingers at the entrance, building up Jennifer’s tension.

“I-it’s not good, Lachersia! No, it’s not-”

Jennifer’s speech came to an end with a silent scream, as Lachersia made another thrust, making Jennifer arc her back as her muscles spasmed.

“Hm? What is it?”

Lachersia tilted her head in a cutesy way with a slightly demonic smile.

“You! You!”

Jennifer was very unfamiliar with the sensations she was experiencing, so she couldn’t describe the source of her dissatisfaction. Besides, she didn’t hate the feeling, a part of her anticipated it in fact.

So, she did the next most natural thing and tried to retaliate in the same way.

It was a very long night.

I don't live alone and it was so fucking embracing to write this kind of stuff when others were nearby, so do pardon me for cutting it so abruptly... I really couldn't take it anymore, I'll go take a shower now, I feel dirty