00: The Beginning
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A frozen air felt unbelievably warm. A dim bias light run throughout my uncertainty, resolve all doubts in mind. A melody of my longing heart continue to play for you, who once my dearest. Your voice is always ubiquitous in my memory, regarding your presence in my side. A scar in my past is wide open, it makes the sky cries along my pain. Together with the time who try to heal is the tear that you give to me as a goodbye present. A handful of blood in my chest is getting inflamed, narrating the logic that is now bleeding. Not a person that will pat my head for a while. And for all of that, once again, I silently cries in the dark. It's a voice that never reaches anyone. Everything ended, without any sadness revealed.

Valerie walk across a street with tons of mind in her head. Her imagination goes beyond her awareness, not knowing that she almost bumped into an accident. Her eyes got widen a second after she realize that people gather around her, asking if she is okay. She nods in a hurry, not wanting to be there any longer. After saying thank you, even though she didn't know what for, she ran to uncertain direction. 

Her feet bring her to an unknown place, somewhere she never knew until today. But if only time can stop, she wanted to be like this forever, being in a quiet place with no one notice her presence. It's an alley covered with green grass and dandelion.  To be honest, she think that there is no chance that a beautiful place like this exist in real life. Never believing in god, she thank him for bringing her to a place like this, even though she's not sure that she can get home before dark. 

She sit under a big shady tree. For a split second, she forget all of her problems. She was able to breathe normally and she feels like she's home. It's a weird feeling, but she like it. She open her mouth doubtfully. A small voice, but she can hear it clearly. Her tears burst out, running down to her cheeks and she can feel the wind gently stroke her, as if it saying that it is okay to be weak sometimes. 

From afar, she can hear a barren noise of steps. As soon as she could, she wipe off her tears and try to get hold of herself. As her eyes catch a silhouette of a man, getting closer to where she is. Her body is stone-like, not able to move. The air went colder than ever, transferring her nervousness throughout her body. 

"Do you believe in magic?" 


Valerie couldn't take her eyes off him. His breath that nearly touch her skin, his deep voice beside her ear, his clear dark eyes that lock her iris, everything about him was just too perfect. And she couldn't deny the fact that she is completely intimidated by him. She open her mouth, trying to speak something, but unable to. As she closes her eyes in her fear, she can feel the gentle touch in the top of her head, and she likes it a lot. From the tip of her eyes, she can see him, smiling so soft as if he knew her since centuries ago. 

Again, Valerie open her mouth.