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[Shout out to Jack M, AR3S, and Toros Silver!]

Hollywood What If Chapter 203

[The first scene was about a father mourning the death of his son and relatives. Unlike the Arab last time who looked like a wealthy person, this old father looked simple and solemn with an unkempt beard and short gray hair].

[He was the father of one of the traffickers killed by Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson)].

[Their family had business related to crimes such as human and drug trafficking].

[While the father was mourning the death of his family, a phone call came and woke him up from his depression].

[When the father answered the call. He talked on the phone for a few seconds before nodding.]

["I understand... I will go with your plan". He answered and ended the call].

The audience had the feeling that Bryan Mills' enemies were not easy this time. The people who saw the post-credits scene of The Bourne Identity last time knew that an Arab man, who seemed to be part of the so-called High Table, wanted to kill Bryan Mills. 

But now it looked like another group was joining the fight. Even though Bryan Mills was a retired CIA agent, his presence alone was not enough to take on an entire criminal organization, let alone two! 

After these little bits, the title of the movie appeared, "Taken 2".

[Bryan Mills was cleaning a car when someone offered to help him. The person was none other than Kazir Grey.] 

[Bryan Mills just smiled and said, "Thanks, but I can do it alone."]

The audience knew that every Continental movie had a part where director Grey would appear! It was already an obvious fact. 

In fact, the audience was waiting for the moment when Kazir Grey would appear. But who would expect that Director Grey's cameo would happen within five minutes of the movie? 

People clapped and started shouting Kazir's name. Kazir Grey was already a famous director and many people recognized him. Now that he has shown his face in every movie of the Continental Cinematic Universe, even more people recognize him. 

While looking at the screen, Kazir touched his chin and chuckled. 

When they filmed this scene, the director still had a beard and looked much older. 

[After cleaning the car, Bryan Mills went to see Lenore. Lenore (Brianna Evans) was Bryan's ex-wife. They got divorced because Bryan Mills was too focused on his job and forgot about his family.]

[When Bryan Mills knocked on the door, he found Lenore and hugged her as a form of greeting].

[Bryan Mills asked about his daughter, "Where's Kim?"]

["She's with her boyfriend." Lenore said, inviting Bryan into the house.]

[The two talked. Lenore said that her relationship with her current husband was crumbling and it seemed that they were going to separate.]

"Looks like Bryan has a shot." 

One of the audience members laughed, knowing that Lenore's relationship with her husband was unstable. 

They were watching the movie and Bryan Mills was the protagonist, of course they would support him. 

[The two talked and Bryan Mills left the house. Before Bryan left, Lenore reminded the man not to follow Kim. Lenore knew that Bryan had become overprotective after the incident.]

[Bryan said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything," and said goodbye].

[A transition happened. In this scene, Kim Mills kissed her boyfriend.]

Yes, underage actors can do a kissing scene. Although there were a lot of restrictions most of the time, the film crew needed parental permission. 

The crew could use a body double for the kissing scene if the parents didn't approve. They could also erase the kiss in the script. 

This time the kissing scene was short and not sensual at all. Just enough to send the message that Kim Mills was older. 

[Right after their kiss, a knock on the door caught their attention and the couple stood up.]

[Kim's boyfriend opened the door to find a stranger. A man who looked to be in his 40s, he looked ordinary but there was something about him.]

[He greeted the boyfriend: "Hi, I'm Bryan Mills. I'm Kim's father."]

[The boyfriend was surprised at first, but he introduced himself as well. Kim showed up, a little surprised and angry at her father].

["Remember, you told me to teach you how to drive so you could get your license." Bryan said and Kim nodded. Still, she didn't like it when her father showed up unexpectedly and interrupted her time with her boyfriend.]

[The father and daughter went to the car.]

["I can't believe you did this. Did Mom tell you?" Kim Mills spoke to her father as she drove cautiously].

["Look at the light. No, your mom never told me your boyfriend's address." Bryan replied.]

["I see...so you tracked me with GPS."]

["Kim, you have to understand. I'm trying my best. I don't want that to happen again."]

["I understand... Thanks, Dad." She couldn't blame her father. Kim knew her father was worried about her.]

[She had seen her father save her from the hands of criminals. She knew how far her father would go to make sure she was safe.]

After the incident in France, their lives returned to normal. But the peace wouldn't last long.

[A few days later, Bryan Mills went back to Lenore's house to teach Kim how to drive. A car came out of the house and passed him. Bryan recognized the person driving the car; it was Lenore's husband.]

[As Bryan Mills looked at the door, he found Lenore in tears. He approached the woman and asked her about her problem.]

[Lenore said that in order to repair their relationship, she asked her husband if he wanted to go to Istanbul, Turkey, and have some fun. Everything was set and prepared. But today her husband said he had to work and wanted to cancel the trip. It broke Lenore's heart. She prepared this vacation for them to reconcile.]