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Hollywood What If Chapter 207

"I guess this is the end for us." Cameron Diaz smiled bitterly as she put down the tea she was sipping. Just like her expression, the tea was bitter. 

They decided to go to a café and talk about their future. Knowing the outcome of this meeting, Cameron Diaz felt like drinking tea. 

"Cam, you're a beautiful and great woman and I think you deserve better," Kazir replied honestly. 


Cameron Diaz didn't deny it. Her status was becoming more prominent these days, and people recognised her ability as an actress. With that as leverage, she could easily marry a millionaire... 

But there was something about Kazir Grey that satisfied her as a woman. Kazir was a good lover, but he never placed any importance on her and their relationship. 

As a woman, Cameron Diaz wanted to prove herself and make sure that Kazir fell in love with her. Maybe it was to boost her ego, or maybe she was genuinely interested in Kazir. 

Either way, the man across the table showed no interest. As if everything was business for him. The only time Kazir looked sincere and happy was when he was working on his film projects. 

It was as if Kazir had closed his heart with the intention of never opening it again. He found it hard to trust a woman. 

Cameron Diaz regretted this. If they had met earlier, she might have had a chance in his heart. But reality was cruel. 

"Then I hope you meet someone who can make you happy."

"Thank you, Cam. If you need any help, you can contact me. I'll try to help as much as I can." 

"That's what I like about you." Cameron Diaz giggled. The contract she had signed helped her a lot. 

She knew that Kazir could see the potential of a film just by reading part of the script. 

In fact, Cameron Diaz collected scripts from her agent and had them read by Kazir Grey. She wanted to hear his opinion because she felt that Kazir had this premonition thing that could tell the outcome of the film. Of course, she did her best and 'paid' him for his opinion. 

In the end, of all the scripts she gave to Kazir. The talented director told her which ones caught his attention. 

Bridget Jones' Diary. Kazir said that this film could have sequels if it was done right. 

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Kazir said that action films starring women would do well at the box office. But Cameron Diaz had already starred in The Bourne Identity and she had a role in Charlie's Angels. She didn't want to do any action films for the time being. 

The last script that caught Kazir's attention was Erin Brockovich. This film was based on a true story. This was the kind of film the Academy(AMPAS) liked to promote. If Cameron Diaz got the part and Erin Brockovich was a success, she might get an Oscar Award. 

Frankly, Cameron Diaz was interested in winning an Oscar statue, but she knew that her credentials were not enough. 

The three scripts seemed good, but Cameron wanted a different role. 

"Kazir, I heard you sold a script to 20th Century Fox."

"Yes, they have been trying to buy this script from me for a year."

"Do you mind if I participate in this film? I want to play the lead in the film you wrote."

Cameron curled her lips and leaned towards him. She had heard a rumour that Kazir Grey had recommended his 'friend' Reese Witherspoon for the lead. 

"That's fine. You can do whatever you want." 

Kazir didn't have a problem. 

"Thank you, Kazir. Can you please recommend me to 20th Century Fox as well? Please~" She said seductively. 

"I'll try my best."

Knowing that Kazir always kept his promises, Cameron Diaz smiled sincerely and thanked him. 

Incidentally, the title of the script Kazir sold to 20th Century Fox was "Legally Blonde". 

Yes, this time Cameron Diaz wanted to go head-to-head with Reese Witherspoon. Women, they are scary creatures. 




"Are you sure about this?"

Orlando Bloom asked his agent on the phone. Orlando Bloom was still in New Zealand filming Lord of the Rings. But he received word from his agent that Grey Pictures was interested in working with him. 

Grey Pictures was just a new production company, but the films they were producing were all box office hits. 

For a small actor like Orlando Bloom, working with Grey Pictures was a godsend. The Lord Of The Rings was a famous literary masterpiece, but it had so many characters that his screen time was average at best. Besides, all he did most of the time was look handsome while pulling the string of his bow. 

Well, using his good looks was a good weapon and Orlando Bloom was grateful for it. 

However, Orlando Bloom felt that he needed a better platform. 

He had already read the script of Wanted and he realised that this film could be the biggest film of the next year. Although this film would have John Wick, Bryan Mills and Jason Bourne, the main character was none other than Wesley Gibson. He was the most important character in the film. 

If there was a chance, Orlando Bloom wanted to talk to Kazir Grey personally. 

Unfortunately, there was a huge obstacle. 

Orlando Bloom was a client of WMA. Everyone knew that the relationship between WMA and Grey Pictures was very bad. 

It was a miracle that Orlando Bloom was invited. So he hoped his agent would do the right thing. 

-- Don't worry Orlando, I'm doing this for both of us.

The agent, Franklin Maxwell, assured his client. They were both on the same page and wanted to be part of Kazir's next project. 

"Thank you, Frank." Orlando Bloom said. 

But Orlando Bloom didn't know that agent Franklin Maxwell had another motive for wanting to meet the director. 


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