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[Note: This is still experimental and I don't know if it's possible to update it every day. Just comment below if you want this novel to be updated].

Hollywood What If Chapter 1

"Mr. Gray? Can you hear me? Do you understand what I'm saying?" A lawyer asked him worriedly.


Kazir Gray jumped out of his seat. He gasped as he looked around. His lawyer next to him was also surprised.

'What is this? Where am I? What is happening?'

Three W's questions hit him as his heart continued to beat fast. His face was red as if he was having a seizure.

"Don't look at me like that! I know you're just acting to make me feel bad! Kazir, that will not work on me!"

A woman in her early 20s grumbled and glared at him hatefully.

"Cassandra? Why are you here? I thought we were over?"

"Yes, we are definitely over!"

The woman, Cassandra, glared at him for some reason.

Suddenly, an unbelievable idea hit his aching head.

'... Have I returned to the past? '

Kazir Gray died in an accident when he was 59 years old. He was hit by a truck and thought his life was over.

He regretted many things, but he knew he could never bring back the past, but...

'I am back.'

He thought to himself. Kazir was a small director and he made a few movies. Unfortunately, only a handful was released in theaters and his works never became famous.


Despite a painful headache, Kazir chuckled.

"What's wrong with you? This is why I want to leave you."

Cassandra looked at him with a hateful glare, but Kazir didn't care.

'I have already moved on. Sure, I regret our separation, but I don't want to be with you, not anymore.'

Kazir remembered that today was supposed to be the day he became single again.

'This is the room where I will sign my divorce papers.'

He looked at Cassandra's lawyer.

"I understand, Mr. Grey, but you have to realize that your wife doesn't love you anymore."

The lawyer sighed. He thought Kazir had completely lost his mind because of his suspicious behavior. Fortunately, Kazir seemed only shocked.

"I know a lot of people who get depressed after divorce, but you have to be strong."

"You don't have to lecture me. You're my wife's lawyer, so fuck off."

"Excuse me?"

He was stunned because Kazir's attitude had turned 180 degrees.

The man regained his composure and looked at his wife.

"Cassandra, I just want to say that you are a big fucking whore. While I'm working hard to give you everything you need and want, you cheated on me with a rich guy and lost my trust. And now you want half of my money? What a fucking bitch you are."

"Kazir Gray! Don't talk to me like that!"

"You are a fucking bitch. And you know what, I don't care about you. Not anymore. If you want everything I have, go ahead. You can have it."


She scoffed. She had to take his property after the divorce and she didn't care about Kazir. The divorce settlement stated that Cassandra would not ask for alimony, but she would get the house and half of his savings.

'He's poor, so he doesn't have anything to give. I might as well take the house.'

Their marriage was warm and loving at first, but Cassandra wanted more and Kazir could not give it to her. So she found a sugar daddy and cheated.

"You want the house? Okay, fine."

Kazir signed the papers. He didn't bother to read them because he knew most of them. His lawyer was next to him, and he was surprised that his client didn't resist at all. He easily accepted the terms.

His only possession, the house, he didn't need anymore. He was disgusted by Cassandra's deception.

'They used my house while I was working. They can eat it all they want.'

"Now that it's over, I want to leave this place."

Kazir didn't want to stay in this place. His ex-wife's face was so ugly that he wanted to break her nose.


Cassandra was really confused. She thought that Kazir would defend himself and protect his property. She hadn't expected him to agree so easily after the first confrontation.

"Not that it matters, I have his house and 17 thousand dollars in the bank."

She didn't spend any money on the house, it was all out of Kazir's pocket, but she got the house easily after the divorce. What a great way to live!

Kazir and his lawyer parted ways after the meeting.

"Thank God I'm still alive."

Kazir knew the future, and the divorce case lasted a year and took all his energy. He was depressed for a long time.

"But this time I will never do that. I have already moved on. Since I'm going to lose the house anyway, I might as well give it up earlier."

He sighed and sat down on the bench. His head no longer hurt.

Instead of feeling sad, he felt wonderful that he was still alive. He also returned to the past.

'I don't know what happened, but I will cherish this chance.'

With his memories of the past, Kazir would do his best to live the best life.

"Now, let's start by finding a place to sleep..."

The remaining balance in his account was 17 thousand after Cassandra 'stole' half of it.

"That's enough to live on for a few months."

He smiled. In his opinion, money was not a problem. He could invest in companies like Apple and Google.

"I don't think Google exists yet. It's October 1994."

After taking a few minutes to rest and calm his mind, Kazir decided to take his first step.

'In my whole life, the biggest regret I had was that I failed to make a successful movie.'

His decision was firm. He knew he could not be the "king of the world" like James Cameron, but he was confident that he could make great movies.

"After all, I know the movies that will win the theaters."