CH 22 – Don’t drag me into your little antics. Please. For the love of God.
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My eyebrows were twitching, as I stared at my comfortable desk- well, what was once my comfortable desk.

Ah... The good memories of just sleeping on this table was magnificent, you could practically call it my sleeping buddy. It was the perfect place to sleep on whenever I saw the the three heroines started bickering over the MC, by putting on some earphones and listening to some white noise rain, or sometimes even some rock, whenever I wanted to just listen to something else and read some novels.

But now... 

"Um... What's with the bento boxes guys..."

"Isn't it obvious? You never cook for yourself, so I decided to make one for you!"

"Exactly what she said..."

Both Mei and Chiaki stood in front of my desk, as Mei timidly fidgeted on the spot as she darted her eyes away from me, while Chiaki had her arms crossed and had her eyes shut with a prominent long nose that reached the skies.

On one side of the desk, there was a gigantic black bento box, decorated with floral accents, while on the other side was a more reserved minimalistic purple box. 

"I can't finish both, you do realise that right?"

"Yeah? That's why you gotta choose one or the other!" (Chiaki)


(Damn. So this is what those MCs have to go through huh... What a fucking pain in the ass... I'm happy that they made lunch for me but...)

I glanced back up. On one hand, Chiaki was extremely jittery, with a smug face, while Mei continued to glance back and forth at me with blushed ears. In my peripheral vision, all the boys in the classroom at that moment were glaring daggers at me. A small bead of sweat rolled off my cheeks.

"That fucking bastard..."

"Why are there now TWO of the flowers next to him!?"

Not only that, but I knew that I definitely was not going to finish it all.

(It's either eat all of it and fail to finish it all, eat one of them and sadden the other, or flat-refusal. Fuck! It's all bad endings-)

"...Sigh. I'm sorry, you two."

"Huh? Why?"

"My mother actually made me some lunch today, so I can't eat your bentos... I'm sorry."

"Eh...?" (Chiaki & Mei)

"So with that being said, here's your bentos back!"

I pushed the bentos back towards them, as they slid on the smooth fiberboard table.


"Ah shit. Sorry guys, I gotta hit the toilet, so I'll see you guys around, alright? Cya!"


Jumping out from my desk, I bolted out of the classroom, leaving the two behind with their mouths agape.

Behind me, two high pitched voices emanated from the classroom, screaming:


"ISAMU!!!" (Mei)

(...Sorry you two. But, I refuse to get in a situation where one party will inevitablely be saddened.)


Mindlessly walking around the hallways, I eventually found myself in a deserted location, where no students roamed about. In the far distance, small chattering and laughter could be heard, but for some reason, there was the sound of crashing in the room next to me.

Thud! Thud! Clank! Crash!

(...I don't want to see inside.)

Yet for some reason, my body moved on its own, as I put my ear next to the door.

(...Is that... someone cursing?)


Not only that, but the voice sounded familiar. It was a girl's voice, and even that started to send alarms in my mind, so I immediately jolted back from the door, as I turned on my heels and dipped out of the hallway, back to my classroom.



"Huh? I swear someone was just there....."

Akari Fujiwara poked her head out of the doorframe, as she glanced around, looking for the sounds of running steps that reverberated outside the door.

"That's funny. Well, if I find them, then... I'll make sure to shut their mouths..."

The young Akari placed her right hand over her mouth, as she slightly snickered with a disturbing smirk, as she twirled her wavy blonde hair at the same time.


Did I mention that the seating arrangement in my class is cursed?

Well if I haven't before, then now you'll know.

On the right of me is Chiaki. And behind me is Mei. 

Yes, I know. It's fucked.

What about Akari, you might ask? Well, she sits next to Touma, which is towards the back row of the classroom, sitting by the window, obviously. This is the standard desk location that every MC sits in, so why wouldn't Touma be there?

During the first half of the semester, I had no interaction with Chiaki or Mei at all. In fact, I think they may had been a little bit uncomfortable with me sitting so close to them, which was a good thing in the past.

But now?

It's fucking hell.

Something hit the side of my arm, and fell down on the desk. Looking down, there laid a piece of paper rolled up in a ball.


Sighing, I turned my head to Chiaki.

"...What is it."

There she was, leaning over her desk with her right hand covering the right side of her mouth, as she grinned with a cheeky face.

"Nothing. I just wanted to talk to you."

"Well, maybe you should of done it after when we don't have class."

"Eh~ But that's way too boring~"

She laid her head down on her arms, as she continued to gaze at my face with a pout.

"Don't drag me into your stupid little antics... Look, now the teacher is looking this way because of you."

"Eh? Maji?"

She immediately snapped her head forward to the front of the classroom.

The teacher was writing something on the whiteboard, with his back turned.

I quietly snickered, covering my mouth with my hand, as I held back my breath and laughter.

Glaring at me, Chiaki reached over with her left hand and pinched my arm.

"Ouch! Are you fucking crazy?"

"Hmph! Kawachi, why the fuck would you lie about that?"

"Cause your reactions are way too funny."

Suddenly, I felt someone lightly tap the bottom of my seat.


Not bothering to twist my head a full 180 degrees, I groaned under my breath as I continued watching the teacher explain some sort of mathematic formula, something about derivatives of polynomial functions... or some shit.

"What is it, Mei."

"Mmm... Talk with me too."

A meek sweet voice came out from behind me.

(Eh... Why is she so cute...)

I could just invision her with her hair smothered around her neck, with crimson painting her ears, with rosey cheeks, as she would slowly glance back and forth slowly everytime our eyes made contact.


"Uh... um... sure..."


My chair slightly shook from the impact of the chair leg from the right.

"Oi... What's your problem."

"So Mei is fine with asking you to talk with her, but I'm not?"

"You damn..."

(Ahh~Ahh... This girl is no different from my bratty sister...)

"...Yeah. That's right."

"Huh!? You wanna die?"

"Crazyyyyy how your ass is described as the Cool Beauty- I'm going to find the motherfuckers that gave you that name and slap the shit out of them for coming up with such a dogshit name."

"You know... Sometimes you piss the hell out of me, so can you please shut up before I kick you in the side?"

"Are you stupid? You're the one who asked me to talk with you, so here I am. Why you being such a hypocri-"

A sharp pain entered my side.

"!!!... Cough."

Holding my ribs, I glared at Chiaki.

Her face was now facing the front, visibly with a disgruntled expression, with a large pout.

Sigh. Maybe I did go a little too far. Still doesn't change the fact she's kinda annoying. But even so- I can't hate her.

Is there something wrong with me? Maybe it's because I can just be myself when I can talk to her like a good friend.


Now, I felt someone tugging the back of my shirt.

"Um... Isamu... It's fine if you talk to me like that as well..."

"...Mei. I can't do that to you."

"Ehh? Why?"

"Sometimes, things should be kept in the dark, and this is one of those times."

"...Okay then." Mei whimpered, as her tone of voice dropped, seemingly dissatisfied.

Blood dripped from my lips, as I clammed my mouth shut, tilting my head upwards to the sky. 

Ah... I can see the holy aura of heaven right now...



"Pat me."


She tilted the top of her head towards me, inviting my rugged hands.

"Pat me."


"Pat. Me."


I unconciously reached out as my fingers gently entered the crevices in between her silky strands of hair.


Soft. Extremely soft. Warm to the touch, and hella comforting. I could do this for ages- Wait no!

(...Damn it. Am I that much of a weak person? Why am I this weird.....)

"...Isamu... Mou... Me too..."

Turning around, Mei pouted, with her rosey lips drawn out, and her cheeks puffed out slightly.

Mei did the same thing as Chiaki, as she lowered her head towards me, her snowy delicate hair entering my vision.

(...God, why must you do this to me...)

Leaving Chiaki's head, I relocated my hand on Mei's lustrious silver hair, as I began to rub tenderly. My left hand was suddenly wrapped in something warm, as I looked back to Chiaki.

She had grabbed my free left hand and placed it back on her head, with a pouting sad face.

As I began to softly carress both of their heads, they let out some... suggestive voices.





I felt something hot rising up to my face.

What the hell was I doing right now?


Breaking my trance, a loud cough interrupted behind me.

My body froze, as I stopped rubbing their heads.

Creaking my head back forward, the teacher stood in front of me, as she stared with cracked glasses, and a snapped whiteboard marker.

"...Isamu Ishikawa. Are you trying to make a fool out of me?"

"...I'm sorry-"

"Are you trying to show off that you have a love life!?"

"...Excuse me?"

"Fine! You're right! I'm already 34 years old, and I still haven't married a single person- like whyyyyyy~~~"


"Will someone please marry me already~ Wahhh~ Anyone will do~ So PLEASEEEEE~~~"


(This idiot of a teacher is no good either. Sigh.)

Everyone in the classroom was now looking at us. Some were the jealous glares from the boys, while the girls had blushed expressions as they giggled, while majority of the other stares were a pitiful one, to the single female teacher, Ogata Rika.

The class ended in a sombre mood, as the two girls next to me burned a hole in the ground, with a delicate embarrassed expression on their faces, as if they wanted to kill themselves.

If you guys were going to be this embarrassed, then why do it in the first place...

I'm getting a headache.