Bonus – Cat Ears
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This is a bonus chapter I just wrote up because I was bored. It takes place in the future when Julie and Ryan are dating.


“Julie, hey,” Ryan said, putting a hand on my shoulder. “Look at this.”


“Huh?” I asked. I turned around just to feel a sudden pressure on my head. “What did you just put on me?”


“Look at yourself,” he said, leading me to a mirror. “Look, you’re a cat, say meow.”


I looked in the mirror to see a cute fluffy pair of cat ears on my head. “Do you seriously expect me to say meow?” I asked, straightening out the cat ears.


“It would be cute to hear my girlfriend say it,” he said, laughing. “You don’t have to though, it’s up to you.”


“Fine, but listen closely because I’m only doing it once,” I said. I raised my arms in a cat pose and said the magical word. “Meow.”


“Oh my God, good kitty,” Ryan said, tousling my hair. “That was cute.”


“Okay, good, now get this off of me,” I said, prying it from my head.


“Wait, wait, wait,” Ryan said, stopping me. “Can I take a picture first?”


“That’s embarrassing!” I shouted, blushing red. “I just meowed once for you, but I don’t want this to be recorded in a photo.”


“Please,” he begged. “I’ll wear them too if that changes your mind at all.”


“Hmm,” I said. “Fine, but you’ll need to pose.”


“Deal,” he said, a lopsided grin appearing on his face. He grabbed another pair of cat ears from behind him and put it on his head. “Do I look good as a catboy?”


“You look good all the time,” I said, tilting my head. While I didn’t think anything of the ears at first, they added cuteness to his handsome face. “But yes, you do look good as a catboy.”


“Great, time for the photo then,” he said. “Here, you hold the phone since I’m going to have to do a pose.”


I grabbed my phone out of my purse and put it on the photos app. I held it up and put up a peace sign as Ryan struck a cat pose. I couldn’t help but laugh a little watching him make that pose, it was pretty cute. I snapped the photo, smiling for the camera. “There we go,” I said, looking at the result.

“Love you, babe,” he said, suddenly swooping down and kissing me. “Thanks for going along with it.”


“Stop,” I complained, definitely not wanting him to stop. “It wasn’t all bad, I did get a good photo out of it.”


“So did I,” he said. “Let’s go buy these now.”


“We came here for my school supplies!” I said. “Why are we getting cat ears?”


“Because I said so,” he said. “We’ll wear them to check out, they can scan the tag off of our heads.”


“Ryan!” I yelled, chasing after him as he began marching to the checkout line. “Ryan, I’m not going to wear these in front of the cashier. Ryan!”


Julie & Ryan


Sorry for the lack of updates, I haven't been feeling the best lately. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy this bonus chapter. Also here's some Ryan Julie art I commissioned a while back but forgot to post.