Chapter 7
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Chapter Seven

Gu Yang drank most of the wine. His eyes have always been shiny. Only when he was drunk did his shiny eyes became vulnerable and foggy... the kind that An An loved to hate. It gave her an uncomfortable feeling. It was easier for her to interact with him when he had shiny and haughty eyes that belonged to a privilege second master of the Liang family.

'Let me drive,' Gu Yang said.

An An waved his car keys in the air out of his reach. It was no use, because sober or drunk his height rose above her height. All he needed to do was stretch out his arm and grab the keys off her. It made her legs unbalanced and he embraced her. Her nose hit his hard chest.

'I'm not drunk,' he whispered into her ear. 'Besides with you here even if I was drunk I would still drive carefully... An An, you're more precious than my own life.'

He smiled a lopsided grin that was charming. He gave off a young masculine scent. The night breeze passed through the thin gap between their cheeks and she was positive her eyes were blushing hot.

'An An, when will you admit defeat? I'm getting a little impatient,' he said and stroked her forehead.

She smiled confidently. 'I'm not going to lose. Gu Yang, you don't need to glue yourself to me anymore. I don't like you.'

She inhaled his body scent into her chest deeply.

'Mmm. Are you going to take the initiative to confess to Li Mu?' he asked.

She nodded because it was hard to lie to him.

He smiled coldly and glared at her like icy night stars.

After a long time he converted his cold smile into a devious smile.

'Ok,' he said and leaned into her to buckle her seat belt. 'I'm anticipating how it'll play out.'

His words made her heart collapse. She turned her head to pretend to pay attention to the night scene outside the window, but it didn't get rid of her uncomfortable feeling.

'Ok. You just wait and see. Prepare a congratulation toast. Your failure will become a wedding gift for me and Li Mu,' she said avoiding eye contact and forced her voice not to tremble.

He didn't make a sound for a long time. She panicked and turned to face him, but she couldn't see his expression in the shadow.

His body pressed against hers. One hand locked her wrists and one hand held onto her shoulder until she sat still. He gave her an unexpected kiss. His kiss felt both suffocating and sweet. He kissed her like it was his entitlement.

In the chaotic haze she realised why she hated him, because he had a way of getting under her skin. She was meant to be her dad's strong oldest daughter yet Gu Yang was able to humiliate her by taking control of her senses.

'An An,' he murmured.

He kissed her deeper that made her fall deeper into an abyss.

'Give into me. This time I won't get in your way. All I want in return is to increase the stake pile. If you win I'll hand over all my properties, shares and inheritance to you. If you lose I don't want just your first night... An An, I want you to marry me,' he said.

She couldn't believe what he was gambling. Did he lose his mind? It didn't make sense why he'd want to risk his entire fortune for a chance that she'd marry him. It gave her a dizzy feeling both bitter and sweet. Her mind became so muddled that she didn't know her true feelings about his offer.

'Are you game to accept my new condition?' he asked

The tensed mood in the car made it hard for her to hear her own voice. 'Gu Yang...'

End of chapter seven.