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900 years ago marks the day that magic disappeared from the world. All traces of magical energy in the atmosphere, otherwise known as 'Aether', simultaneously condensed themselves into their crystallized form, preventing the magi of legend from wielding its power any longer.

The day that magi fell and science rose.

Along with the advancement of technology, warfare also evolved from swords and magic into guns and bullets.

That said, trails of the magical era didn't entirely vanish from this world. Beasts that were capable of absorbing Aether Crystals spread throughout both land and sea. And although no longer capable of being channeled by mankind as before, Aether Crystals still proved to be useful as an alternative energy resources.



With all Magi in the world losing their power, the almighty existences quickly fell from their thrones and gave way for the Bloodline Warriors to rise and conquer. As ones that require no Aether to perform miracles, they quickly became the new gap seperating ordinary people and higher power.

But still, their rules were not nearly as tyrannical as their predecessors. Mostly because the powers and abilities they held were also not nearly as heaven defying as the Magi of the past.



Although the descendants of the ruling Bloodline Warriors were still in power as powerful families and royal nobles, the invention and advancements of firearms and man-made Bloodline Abilities quickly shortened the gap of strength between people with natural bloodline abilities and normal people.

With nothing more to be said about the power of firearms, man-made bloodline abilities referred to an injection of special cells into the body that could simulate certain traits or abilities not originally possessed by normal people.

Though can be mass produced, the human body had a limited tolerance of one ability injection per person. Anything more would cause the body to have a lethal rejection towards the second injected ability cells.

Without the man-made abilities, the chances of normal human to develop a natural bloodline ability is less than 0.5%, even less taking into account that the person might never realized that he had developed a natural ability.