Chapter 66
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If you want to develop in the entertainment industry, I will help you.


Li Yan looked at Mo Zhen in a daze. Every word he said was like a small stone, causing ripples in her heart.


Perhaps every girl had a dream to become a star, but as a person who had never been fond of celebrities, Li Yan had never thought of developing in the entertainment industry- in fact, the fact that she was doing the assistant job was incredible enough.


Neither of them spoke for a while. The car was extremely quiet.


Mo Zhen glanced at Li Yan from the corner of his eye. Even Editor Zhou could tell that Li Yan had talent. It was impossible for him not to see it. Although he didn’t want Li Yan to enter the entertainment industry, if she really wanted to, he would help her, and he had that kind of power to do so.


“Well,” Li Yan said as she rubbed the tip of her nose. She was the first to break the silence, “Will you be the one signing me Zhen Zhen?”


“Of course not.” Mo Zhen was still attentively staring ahead. He had been very focused while driving, because Li Yan was sitting beside him. “It’s Tang Qiang who will sign you.”


“Agent Tang?” Li Yan blinked her eyes in confusion. “But didn’t Mr. Tang refuse to sign the contract?”


Mo Zhen laughed: “That depends on who speaks up.” In the entertainment industry, his ‘network’ could not be compared.


“Oh.” Li Yan seemed to understand the situation, but she nodded her head. In short, was Mr. Tang being manipulated by Zhen Zhen? Sometimes she wondered which of them was the agent.


Li Yan thought for a moment, looked at Mo Zhen and asked: “Do you think I’m suitable for development in the entertainment industry?”


If you asked him, he would say it wasn’t appropriate. Being an artist was very tiring. Not to mention being stared at by so many pairs of eyes every day, and also having to deal with the media and fans. Just the daily workload alone was not something everyone could bear. He couldn’t bear to see her work so hard.


“Your conditions aren’t all bad. Otherwise, Editor Zhou wouldn’t have wanted to sign you. The key is, do you want to develop in the entertainment industry?” To avoid answering the question too lightly, Mo Zhen threw the ball back to Li Yan.


“Oh, so being a celebrity means having to be liked by many people, right? But I don’t think anyone would like me.”


Mo Zhen: “... …”


Do you think that your 500+ male classmates are all for nothing?


“There’s no need to be so anxious to come to a conclusion. You can consider it slowly.”


“Well, thank you, Zhen Zhen.” Li Yan smiled sweetly at him.


“But you’re thinking about my future. Even my former teacher gave up on me a long time ago.”


Mo Zhen pursed his lips. The future? He felt that the best future was marrying her and having little monkeys. However, he finally remembered to ask: “Did you promise Editor Zhou so readily that you wouldn’t think of your family members’ reactions after seeing the magazine today?”


Li Yan: “...”


She really hadn’t thought about it.


Probably, the only member of her family who would see this magazine was Li Xiao, (E/N: but Shimo= who would tell Shimo?). She would definitely see it!


“Zhen Zhen, why didn’t you remind me earlier…”


“...I thought you knew.”


“Do you think it’s possible to make my face into someone else’s?” QwQ


“...What do you think?” 


...She felt as if she had died a terrible death. (E/N: Dug her own grave?)


Even before she went to bed, Li Yan was still brooding over this matter. After returning to his room, Mo Zhen sat down in front of the computer and said: “Come out.”


The air seemed to vibrate slightly as a light female voice sounded in the air, “Ah ha, Emperor Mo, were you looking for me?”


Mo Zhen turned around and looked at the floating sky: “Did you cause what happened today?”


“What?” Piao Piao tilted her head, a confused look on her face as she looked at Mo Zhen.


Hur hur, do you think I can’t understand your English? Even though Mo Zhen had made his debut at the age of 16, he was still a well-educated and learned Emperor! He understood what she meant by what she said!


He looked at Piao Piao in silence, and began to look in the drawer for a yellow talisman.


“Enough, I’m afraid of you, Emperor Mo.” Piao Piao retreated a few steps, very dissatisfied with this kind of cheapness and with good behavior, she said: “I did it, but I also wanted to help you, do you want me to take out my heart for you to see?”


Mo Zhen: “...”


No need. 


“Aren’t you reluctant to take such intimate pictures with other models? That’s why I helped you get rid of her. And tell me, how much did you take advantage of the kitten today?” Piao Piao felt that he was really like a dune to the heart (E/N: Anyone know this saying?)


“Well, you’ve done well this time, but I hope you won’t interfere in my life any more.”


Piao Piao pouted, “Do you think I want to interfere? If you can quickly push the kitten down, I’ll be reincarnated as well, alright?”


Mo Zhen: “...”


Goodbye. :)


He looked for the talisman again.


Piao Piao: “...”


She tactfully hid her figure in the air.


After that day, Li Yan had been worrying about the magazine and was very stressed. Even her big aunt was a week late. When she was at the office, she had secretly gone to find Editor Zhou to discuss the feasibility of slapping a mosaic on her face, but she had ended up being collectively despised by the editorial staff.


She sighed. Oh, it’s so awful. :(


But no matter how sad she was, the magazine was out on time in early June.


This was because this magazine as personally signed by Mo Zhen, and the sales volume was several times higher than before. Li Yan also go the sample magazine before that. The cover was a photo of her and Zhen Zhen.


The photo was so beautiful that she almost couldn’t believe that the person standing beside Mo Zhen was herself. Her photos with Mo Zhen were featured in this issue of the magazine, with the largest and most prominent title on the cover: “Pink Summer, Your Sweet Love Affair Only.”


The three words: sweet, pink love, caused Li Yan’s face to heat up for some reason. As she thought of how Emperor Mo had shamelessly kissed her, she hurriedly flipped through magazines and quickly found her own pages.


Fortunately, there were no photos of her kissing him, and Li Yan finally let out a sigh of relief. If the picture had been published, her face would probably have been on the guillotine the next day- in the manner of a victim.


Actually, Mo Zhen had told her before that the photo magazine would never come out, but when the magazine didn’t come out one day, she couldn’t lose the suspense she had in her heart.


However, since the magazine was not published, the photographer had secretly passed the photos to Emperor Mo, for his personal collection. Of course, there was no need to tell Li Yan about this. He only needed to wash one of them and give it to her as a Valentine’s Day gift.


Well done.


Chen Qingyang had been looking forward to the day when the magazine would be released when she heard that Mo Zhen had become a model for that issue of Tomato. She had been waiting for so long, waiting so long… Who could tell her why the person on the cover was Da Li?!


So it turns out that the masses already have such a serious face? Ha Ha Ha.


Chen Qingyang elegantly opened the magazine. The gentle smile on her mouth almost scared her father, who had just entered the room, to the point of kneeling on the floor- Mom, quickly come and take a look, our daughter seems to have been possessed by something strange!


Chen Qingyang didn’t notice her father kneeling on the floor. Her eyes were fixated on the couple in the magazine. According to the magazine, the model’s name was A Yao, which was what Li Yan replied to when the editor asked Li Yan to come up with a stage name. Because they were wearing matching clothes, the photos of the two were very intimate. Some were hugging, some were kissing their hair, and there were even those who were about to kiss their mouths!


F*uck! What are you doing so close to me! I don’t know anyone like you, my three world view have changed!




Chen Qingyang suddenly closed the magazine, and her father, who had just gotten up from the floor, knelt down once more.


She logged onto the website of Tomato magazine, but was unable to find any information. It seemed that she was not a model contracted by the magazine- in fact, Chen Qingyang had already guessed that, as she would buy this magazine every single time. If they had signed a new model, she would know.


So who was this woman who looked so much like Da Li?


Chen Qingyang picked up the phone and typed in a few words, “Da Li! Have you seen the new issue of Tomato? It’s a fashion magazine. The model on the cover looks like you! I would love to ask your mother if she’s lost your twin sister!”


Li Yan: “...”


“Qingyang, I was wrong. That person is me, qaq!”


Five minutes passed, fifteen minutes passed, and half an hour passed. Chen Qingyang still had no reaction.


“Shampoo, you can’t just ignore me for a man. Don’t tell me you don’t love me anymore? qaq!”


After another five minutes, her phone finally vibrated. “You have my god in your arms. What else do you have to say? It’s getting cold. Let’s end our friendship here. Bye bye!”


Li Yan: “...”


So a woman’s friendship was the most fragile thing in the world.


“I can explain. Let’s talk when we meet!”


“School Sky Tower, 10 o’clock tonight. I won’t be able to see until you leave.[Bye bye]”

Li Yan: “...”


She felt that they needed each other to calm down!


Chen Qingyang turned off her phone, logged on to Weibo, and sorrowfully posted on Weibo: “My girl friend hugged my god. I am very sad, very sad, so I decided not to update.” [Bye bye]


Readers: “...”


#Why are we always the ones who must suffer


After posting this on Weibo, ChenQingyang suddenly remembered a crucial question- how could Li Yan take a photo with Emperor Mo? She’s not even a model for Tomato!


Although she didn’t want to talk to her too much right now, the question was stuck in her throat like a fishbone. She couldn’t swallow it.


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Chen Qingyang rolled over on the bed and sat up. Then, she turned on her phone and sent Li Yan a shore message. 


“Why would the magazine want you as a model?”


When Li Yan saw that Chen Qingyang had sent another message over, she hurriedly started looking thought it.


Well, this question.


“My boss knows the editor-in-chief of the magazine. That day, he probably had an accident with the model that worked with Mo Zhen. Since they couldn’t find the right person, he asked me to replace him.”


She was telling the truth.


Chen Qingyang narrowed her eyes. As an editor, her boss must be an editor as well. It was normal for an editor to know another editor… “What kind of magazines are you working on?”


“Uh, fashion magazines.”


The fashion magazines were more or less in touch with the entertainment industry, and it was no wonder his boss had found a way to get a signature from Mo Zhen. “But why would you to replace the model?”


“...Because the boss and I were there.”


They were all fashion magazines, so it was normal for them to have dealings with each other. The bone in her throat was finally pulled out, and Chen Qingyang’s heart finally felt comfortable: “One last question, does the god feel good?”


Li Yan: “...”


“...Very well.”


Damn it!


Chen Qingyang angrily shut down her phone once again.


Li Yan looked at the message again, which made her mouth twitch. So after she finished the interrogation, she kicked her aside?


It was simply not paying after she was done!


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