Chapter 69
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Mo Zhen's punch was not light, it could be heard from the melodious sound of falling from the sky.

Gao Tiancheng, who was lying on the ground, wiped the corner of his mouth, as the back of his hand was dyed with a faint layer of scarlet, "Heh, if Heavenly King Mo strikes someone, the headlines for tomorrow would be really impressive."

"She's my assistant. You'd better stay away from her."

"Assistant?" Gao Tiancheng seemed to have heard some sort of joke as he sneered and got up from the ground. "Seeing how nervous you are, I thought she was your wife."

Mo Zhen said nothing, but intentionally or unintentionally glanced in the direction the paparazzi was hiding, then turned around and pulled Li Yan to the car: "Let's go."

Li Yan glanced at Gao Tiancheng, who smiled and waved at her when she turned to look at her. Li Yan's mouth twitched as she followed Mo Zhen into the car.

Out of the DS's underground parking lot, Mo Zhen was silent on the way back home. Li Yan looked at someone who was obviously angry and laughed: "Zhen Zhen, why did you come to save him just now?" I was going to castrate him. "

Mo Zhen: "…"

He calmed himself and said, "Are you alright?"

"It's alright, I've been playing rogue since kindergarten!" Li Yan had a very proud expression on her face. She thought back to when she beat up all the hooligans in the academy, so she naturally became … a rogue leader.

Mo Zhen suddenly felt that he probably overdid it. To castrate Gao Tiancheng was to eliminate evil for the people. Seeing that Mo Zhen's complexion finally became less ugly than before, Li Yan finally let out a sigh of relief: "Zhen Zhen, won't it really be on the headlines tomorrow?"

Although she had only joined the Kai Emperor Company not too long ago, she knew that the company was disgusted with any scandal spread by the celebrities. If the other party deliberately made a big fuss about this matter, they might even be sued.

"I'll take care of it." Even so, Gao Tiancheng was not someone to be trifled with and would definitely not be let go just like that. Moreover, Gao Tiancheng had more than ninety percent of the people in the circle on his side. This was already a tacit consensus among the people in the circle. Although he knew there was a good chance of there being paparazzi in the parking lot, Mo Zhen couldn't help but go up and beat Gao Tiancheng.

Li Yan also felt that this was a comfort to her. Although she didn't know that Young Master Tian’s power, hearing Mo Zhen say that he was the director of some development department, she felt that he was very amazing. She looked at Mo Zhen with a frown. If the news of "Emperor Mo striking someone out" really broke out, it would definitely have a huge negative impact on him.

"You'd better think about what we will eat later."

Li Yan's mouth twitched, but she didn't say anything.

In the parking lot, Gao Tiancheng had already found the reporter that had been following him since he left the house. The reporter looked at Gao Tiancheng, who was in full fury. When he thought about how he broke the reporter's head with a camera, he felt his head hurting. "Noble Hero, have mercy!" "I didn't get anything just now!"

"You didn't get one?" A cold light flashed across Gao Tiancheng's eyes, "Then won't my punch be wasted?"

The reporter was stunned. He blinked innocently, "Young Master Gao, you mean …?"

"See my wounds?" "This is what Mo Zhen just did to me. Do you know how to write tomorrow's headlines?" Gao Tiancheng pointed at the wound at the corner of his mouth. That mass of purplish-blue blood was covered with traces of blood, and it looked extremely painful.

"Understood, understood!" The reporter nodded like he was playing with garlic. Gao Tiancheng definitely did not have any gimmicks when he was flirting with a woman from a good family like Mo Zhen. After all, Young Master Gao had been harassing a woman from a good family everyday, and this was probably the only time that Mo Zhen would beat him up in his entire life!

Who in their right mind didn't understand what was going on? Previously, he was hesitant to reveal the photo of him hitting someone because of his taboo against Mo Zhen, but now that he had Young Master Gao's backing, he was far from reaching the pinnacle of his life!

It had to be close!

The reporter ran back to the paper happily and began to write a script that would change his life. Oh no, it was a manuscript!

Mo Zhen's car finally stopped at the Under Heaven Residence. The only places that she could think of to eat were the small restaurants on the street. However, it was impossible for Mo Zhen to eat there.

So in the end he suggested the Arc de Triomphe.

It was only when she arrived did Li Yan realize that this was the place where he had brought her before, and he also seemed to call this place the Arc de Triomphe.

"The dishes here are very exquisite, especially the deep-fried fish. You must have a taste." Mo Zhen and Li Yan walked into the elevator. When he saw Li Yan staring at him, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, "What's wrong?" Was it because he looked handsome?

"Zhen Zhen, do you know a man named Xiang Yunze?"

Mo Zhen: "…"

Why did she suddenly mention Yunze?!

"To the Cloud Swampland?" She blinked, as if she were thinking.

"Hmm, he and you are both from the first primary school of A City, and they are both at the same grade."

"…" "Hehe, right?"

"Well, and he calls it the Arc de Triomphe."

Mo Xiang: "…"

It felt like … I can't hide it.

"Ah, I know!" "The girl he's been chasing for a long time, she should be you!"


Mo Zhen took a deep breath and looked at Li Yan with a smile. "What did he tell you?"

During the short period of waiting for the food, Li Yan told Mo Zhen a romantic and hot-blooded love story. The boy fell in love with the girl, and in order to protect the girl, he bravely fought against the bad boy on the street next door. Although he was wounded all over, the brave boy finally defeated them and got it from the beautiful girl … an ice cube.

Mo Zhen: "…"

He felt that it was necessary for him to have a good talk with Yunze, and the last ice cube was actually paid for by Yunze.

"He and I have been good friends ever since primary school. Because of my special status, he probably didn't want anyone to cause any unnecessary trouble so he kept it a secret from you."

"I …" "Anyone?" Li Yan thought back to what Mo Zhen had said, "Are those words meant for Shampoo?"

"Shampoo?" Mo Zhen's eyebrows moved. Whose parents gave their children such a distinctive name?

"She's my good friend, your super fan. Oh right, she's calling it 'Boiled Lemon' on Weibo."

…. Ah, so it was her.

"But she's been ignoring me for days now, ever since she knew I was taking pictures with you." Thinking about this, Li Yan felt a little depressed. In the past when she was studying, she had always been at odds with Shampoo. She had never been at odds with Shampoo for more than a single day. Now, for a man, she was actually at war with her.

"She didn't know you were my assistant?"

Li Yan shook her head. "No."

"That's good. Once she knows about it, she might directly cut you off."

Li Yan: "…"

It was fine if he didn't comfort her at this time, but he didn't need to add fuel to the fire, right?

After the waiter had served the meal, Mo Zhen carried a small fried fish into Li Yan's bowl. He still remembered the hidden bitterness in her eyes when she failed to eat the dish.

"Thank you, Zhen Zhen!"

Li Yan happily picked up the small fish in the bowl. As she was chewing on it, Mo Zhen asked unintentionally: "Right, when did Yunze bring you here?"

"He confessed to me on Valentine's Day."

Mo Xiang: "…"

There was no need to eat this meal!

Seeing Mo Zhen's face suddenly darken, Li Yan added in a low voice: "But I've already refused."

Well, he knew that. He even went to the bar to look for him, but he had already been taken away by a woman. Speaking of which … That woman couldn't be Shampoo, could she?

"Zhen Zhen?" Seeing that Mo Xiang seemed to be in a daze, Li Yan sounded out tentatively.

"Huh?" Mo Zhen came back to his senses. He picked up a small fish and placed it in Li Yan's bowl. "Eat."

"Zhen Zhen, you eat too." Li Yan courteously picked up a small fried fish from a bowl in the middle. Mo Zhen looked at the golden fish in the bowl and lowered his eyes. "DS gave me a few sets of the latest products for trial use. I don't need them, you can take them."

Li Yan raised her head from the bowl and looked at the person opposite her with her big eyes. HappyBathday is branded as "the best birthday present for a girlfriend", and giving this to a woman is tantamount to making love to a man. (E/N: lol what)

"Oh, thank you." Even though it was just a few test products, Li Yan still felt a little shy, and a little … little happy.

The meal was so harmonious that Li Yan forgot about the little episode in the parking lot. While Li Yan went to the toilet, Mo Zhen called Tang Qiang. Tang Qiang had just finished lunch at the company. He wanted to take a nap when he received a call from Mo Zhen.

For some reason, he had a bad feeling about this. "My sixth sense tells me that this must not be a good thing."

At the other end of the line, Mo Zhen seemed to chuckle softly. "Your sixth sense has always been very keen."


Tang Qiang could not help but frown, "What exactly happened?"

"I hit Gao Tiancheng with a punch, and I might have been slapped by a puppy (seen by the paparazzi)."

Tang Qiang, "…"

After a hundred heartbeats, he tried to be calm. "Can you tell me why?"

"I couldn't help it when he was in the parking lot flirting with Li Yan."

"Hehe, are you trying to tell me that you knew there was a reporter there, and you still went over and punched him?"

Mo Xing remained silent for a while. Tang Qiang saw the opportunity and said: "Emperor Mo, you really are a friend of my dog friends (the paparazzi). This news is enough for them to eat for a year."

He really couldn't understand, could love really cause one's IQ to be negative? Mo Zhen, who is a cautious person, will beat a man in this kind of situation? It must be the end of the world.

"You know what kind of person Gao Tiancheng is. I won't be a man if I saw him moving his hands and feet towards Li Yan."

Now it was Tang Qiang's turn to be silent. He did not even know how to describe how terrible Gao Tiancheng's reputation was. The number of girls he had seen before was even less.

"Most of the people following Gao Tiancheng are reporters from 'Star Encyclopedia'. I will call them to edit it." Just like how he had done countless times in the past, the one who came to terms with it was Tang Qiang in the end. "However, they hold such a big thing in their hands. I'm afraid it will not be that easy to talk to them."

"I know. You go negotiate first, then contact me when you have the results." Seeing Li Yan come out of the washroom, Mo Zhen quickly hung up the phone.

When the two went to the set, Wen Xiaoxiao was being filmed. Li Yan looked at her eerie face and subconsciously took two steps back.

After making Mo Zhen’s makeup, he soon went into shooting and had to say that he was a very professional actor who, even though he was preoccupied, had no effect on the afternoon shot. Li Yan sat aside and looked at the set of shower milk that Mo Zhen gave her. She giggled as she took a photo and posted on Weibo: "# Tailor # I just want to say, in fact, I was the one that Emperor Mo mentioned on the red carpet." ")."

Li Yan, who has more than 10,000 fans, will be commented on and forwarded as soon as she posts a new post. She looked at the notification that popped up in her head, smiling as she checked it.

"Li Yan's reaction is too slow. It's no longer popular at 233333."

"Hu Hu, he was clearly talking about me!" "Fight if you don't accept it!"

"Wait a minute, the picture seems to be of HB's newest bath milk. Li Yan, how did you get it!?"

"Hmph!" "Give it to me and I'll forgive you!"

Li Yan looked at this comment for a moment before pausing. F * ck! Shameless! Shampoo finally let her off the hook! But this bath milk …

"This is someone else's gift to me. It wouldn't be good if I were to send it out again." ":)"

Chen Qingyang: "… …"

What the f * * k! Divorce! Where’s the love!

E/N: DANG, whatever MTL-er Babelchain liked to use sure did hate that little reporter! It kept referring to him as Doggie! HA! Of course, the despise for Zhen Zhen’s name was also prominent this time around…'Nother side note is that I don't proofread, I just edit and post :D