Chapter 7
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I'm not an Isekai virgin anymore. I'm already a pretty experienced man.

That's why when I started my investigation about this world, compare to my previous one, I am in a much better position right now.

My pacing is much faster since I already know which path I should take... and there's not even a single wasted time in my movements. But... given that fact, just like before, I found no solid information during the first three days of my investigation.

Well, this world also has Anime Hairs. There's that at least. Not like it'll help me in some way.

I search everything I could think of already and tried to get my hands on pieces of information within the realm of possibility. Not gonna lie though, It's not that much.

I mean, I am only searching through the internet, it could only take me so far.

Besides, just like High Rise Invasion's world, if this World's plot is about an abrupt situation that will only happen on a particular day, then there's no way for me to know that kind of thing no matter how hard I search for it.

Well, if I meet the cast of characters that will partake in that said event then I would probably get an idea about it, but the chance of that happening and me recognizing those said characters is pretty low.

Unless I'm in a pretty mainstream fiction world, then recognizing characters will be a pretty hard feat.

So, knowing that I'll get nowhere on my investigation, since like I said, I already covered everything my hands can get on, I decided to just live my life. The life of me in this world.

That's why on my fourth day here, I finally did what I of this World normally do. Go to school.

Not gonna lie though, I'm so fed up with Highschool already.

I've been stuck on High Rise Invasion's World for 3 months. And in those 3 months, I'm a high schooler too. I'm already a college student in my Original world, what the hell am I even doing back here?

But whatever. It's not like I can do something about it.

Though, the first time I heard the name of my high school, it did not ring any bell in me.

Fujimi Academy

Never heard the name. Not very familiar with it. Though while on my way to my high school, I noticed something... Our Uniforms look pretty familiar. For some reason, when I saw it, something in me sparked.

I know I've seen these uniforms before. It's familiar for a reason...

But sadly, that information is not enough for me to recognize anything. No matter how hard I think of it, nothing solid is coming up. In the very first place, this kind of Uniform is very common. Iconic in fact. It was surely used in some anime, but not very unique to stand out.

Just like how there's so much Kirito in every Isekai anime.

Well, I have some vague guesses already but I need more. And I think I might find those facts in my destination right now.

So, with an expression full of excitement, thinking that I'll get the full image once I finally see my Highschool, I made haste.

I arrived at my destination in no time and as I thought... nothing looks familiar. I don't recognize the school at all.

In my defense, there's not much Anime that makes the school itself their trademark anyway.

I tried exploring the inner grounds hoping to find some useful clues but, I found nothing as well.

Obviously, along the way, I also scanned all the students and pieces of information on the posters I passed through but... just like the school, I did not recognize anything or anyone.

To be fair, the school itself looks prestigious and very big. In this world, this school stands out for a reason. But by Anime standards, everything here looks pretty generic.



While looking around trying to find something that would ring any bell, I suddenly heard the bell of this school already ringing. So left with no choice, I decided to give up my exploration for today and went straight through my designated class.


"This one right here can be solved using this..."

I'm currently in my class, listening to my teacher teach us this horrible thing called math.

Well, as interesting as this subject is, I'm not listening to it at all. I just made myself look interested in whatever the teacher is blabbing about in order for me not to be noticed.

Besides, I can't understand a thing anyway.

From my perspective, this is literally my first day in school. But our teacher right here is already teaching us some nutty Math subjects.

In reality though, we literally just had our Mid Terms Exam last week. Meaning, school has been going on for some time now. And even though I'm already a college student and have been through this lot already, there's just no way for me to get everything right off the bat.

In a week, maybe I can finally start going on a roll. But for now, pretending is the only thing I can do.

Besides, It's not like I'm slacking. It might not be obvious from other's eyes but right now, I'm actually doing some research about this school from my phone. Gathering tiny bits of information that I did not manage to get while I was doing my investigation from outside.

Well, in the first place, this world is not that advance when it comes to technology. To give context on how bad it is, I'm literally using a flip phone right now. And to do my research, sometimes, I have to buy books for it.

That's why my investigation is a bit lacking since there's not much to get from.

But now that I'm finally inside the school grounds, gathering info is so much easier since I'm getting access through the whole school network.

But as per my conclusion, this school just has something that itches me down to my very core.

"... Huh?"

That's why it didn't take me that long before I finally noticed something.

It's when I'm looking at the achievements section of the school page, at the very top of the list, a certain name caught my eye.

It's a very distinct name that upon seeing it, immediately stands out from the rest. Just like a diamond amongst rocks.

"Saeko Busujima?"

I recognized that name.

"... There's no way, right?"

But I had to give the benefit of the doubt even though at this point, I'm already sure about 90 percent of my conclusion.

I immediately pulled up the student page and search for the profile of the student named Saeko Busujima.

It didn't take me that long to finally see the profile and see the picture of that said student.

And what I saw, made me chuckle for a little bit. The reason why I chuckled... even I didn't know.

Purple long hair and has a triangular fringe at the front. Blue sharp eyes paired with a cold-looking face that made her look like she was about to kill somebody. All of this adds up to the information that stated that she is also the captain of the Kendo Club.

"... Holy sh*t."

Although there's a difference between anime and real life, there's just no way I wouldn't recognize such an iconic character.

At the very least, she also became my Waifu at some point in my weeb career.

"Well—" At this very moment, with a huge sigh, I finally closed my phone and look outside the window.

There's no need for any more research anyway. Where I am? What world this is? Where I have been Isekai'd?

I already know all of it. Even my conclusion that's still pretty soft a few moments ago, became hard all of a sudden because of her.

Just from that, I immediately knew everything I had to know.

"— I'm in Highschool of the f*cking Dead."