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“What're ya doin' over there with that Aurar's phone, bro?” The Wolf questioned. He was squatting over a male of average height. He was out. Even without magic, the Beastfolk's strength was unmatched.... If he was able to get a hold of someone. Even magic did not stand a chance against the element of surprise.
“We gottem. We should just get outta here before more show up.”

“That's some smooth-brain thinking, Renard.” The young human commented. He was scrolling through pictures. After scrolling for a while he finally found something. The student's phone was full of upskirt shots of various women, however one important picture contained a mundane broom-closet door in the background.

“Why you gotta say that?” The Wolf cringed.

“Strip that bastard quick, alright?”

“You wanna go further with him? I'm game but it's a human guy that's about your size and build. Gonna start getting' weird ideas again.”

“Okay. Shut up.” The human scolded.
“We're not fucking him... In the usual sense. In fact, just get rid of him. We can't have him waking up again, ever.”

“Got it.” Renard nodded his large lupine head dutifully.


“Kill the idiot and give me the uniform!”

“'Kay. Sure thing, bro. Don't really get it but I'll play along.” Renard quickly and painlessly turned the student's head around without a second thought, like twisting off a bottle-cap. He began carefully peeling the uniform off of the body, one piece at a time. Renard folded each of them nicely and set them aside.

“That's why you're the little bro and I'm the boss.” He stared down at the Wolf as he worked so delicately, in a way that betrayed his size and brutishness.
“How are you feeling, man?”

Renard groaned. “Bitch got my teeth. They're coming back in already but I'm all gums until then. It's fucked up.” He offered, becoming somewhat emotional and close to crying near the end of that sentence.
“Stomach still hurts. That fucking girl got me so good! I think..”

“Don't say it.”

“I think I'm in love, bro.”

The human planted his face firmly in his palm. “Maybe I'll be able to get her number for you on the inside.” He offered sarcastically.

“Really!?” Renard's fuzzy ears perked straight up and twitched twice. Then it hit him.
“Waitaminute. On the what?” The wheels in his head began to turn. He looked down at the student he ended, then at the uniform. In his bro's hand was the phone and an Academy ID.
“Those rings! Are you gonna go in there!? That's the hornet's nest, bro!” Renard exclaimed.

“Yeah, well... They fucked up our operation. I put a lot of work and resources into that plan. Pretty sure they're just gonna keep coming after us so I figured... Why not investigate and see what damage can be done from the inside. Get those bitches and any others that are interesting. They've probably got it pretty bad already from breathing in all that smoke and I've still got enough hits to drop a Bannoth.”

“Woah...” Renard's eyes widened.
“You'll do all that? Bro that's scary.”

“Again. That's why I'm the boss.” He commented while trading his own clothes for the uniform. Renard sat beside the body and watched over him while he changed. Once it was on snug he asked.
“How do I look?”

“Like a preppy bitch.”

“Watch it.” The Human warned.

Renard's ears drooped. “It was a compliment... I think this thing might work now that I look atcha.”

“You think?” He straightened his Red Tie, and his posture.
“Still need to have this ID modified. Once that's set I use the ring to open a door like they did.”

“You still got that spare, too.”

“Keep it. I'll take a picture in a pinch and send it to you. Hopefully you'll be able to use it to get to me in time.”

“You think of everything. What do I gotta do in the meantime?”

“Start recruiting again. Don't do anything to attract attention. Just make sure we've got guys. Once I figure out an angle, we'll start making money again.”

The Wolf laughed. “Yeah! Awesome, alright bro!” Renard clapped his paw-padded hands together loudly.

- - -

The Human exited the broom closet and immediately made a point to spy several other doors the moment he was through. He relegated them to memory. The new 'student's hair was dark, slicked back. He was just a little taller than the average human and elf present at the school, since he was a man. There were however several taller and buffer students than him. He wore a standard uniform. A blue vest with a red tie which he knew to represent a specific grouping within the Academy. Red for Coda. He was just lucky that the guy they jumped was a part of the academic house and not two of the other magic-heavy, competitive groups. He wore a white, button-up shirt under the vest and blue pants to match the color of the top. The belt was red and the shoes were black, polished to a shine with silver clasps. He wore the ring on a chain around his neck, as it was the sensible thing to do. He saw what happened to the stupid girls that wore them out in the open first-hand.

He simply stood around for a minute, taking in his surroundings while making up a plan of action. As far as the system was concerned, he was a new student. He could sit in on courses, join clubs, but probably not learn magic. He was not too ambitious in that respect. As he was wondering what to do, he spotted three familiar faces and uniforms. The girls were wandering down the hall together. He smiled, noting that they did seem to have it bad as he thought. Given another few days or so they would get over it, but he knew that for the moment, it probably felt like they were going to feel sick forever. He could use that.

- - -

“This sucks.” Eriel sniffled.

“Y-y-yeah we get it!” Marie snapped back. The Human girl was slouched over, shivering and holding herself.
“Sorry...” She knew she was just being irritable.

“Can we skip?” Nat begged.

“I dunno, can you?” The elf stared at the Beastfolk who slumped down, her arms hanging loosely at her side.

“No.” Nat admitted, her tail curling down between her legs as she walked.
“Showing up's the only thing I got going for me.”

“And you only do that half the time.” Marie observed harshly.
“Getting sick sucks when you already have poor attendance, huh?”

“Why are you being so mean?” Nat whined.

“Sorry.” Marie repeated.

Eriel sniffled and stopped. “L-losing too much fluid... I need water.” The two girls continued on ahead without her, not even sharing a word of concern. She shouted after them.
“Don't you guys worry a bit! I'll catch up!” She rolled her eyes and glared at a girl that accidentally made eye contact.
“The hell you looking at?” The girl 'eep'ed and made quick distance from the Elf.

Normally Eriel had an almost ethereal appearance. Light blonde hair, bordering on platinum. It typically shined like it thanks to the treatment she used. Her skin was clear and perfect without a single blemish. Her cheeks carried a natural pink blush, though she did still wear a subtle amount of makeup over her lips and around her eyes and lashes. Especially today. Her usual, healthy skin was sickly and she had to pay special attention to cover the darkness built up under her eyes due to lack of sleep. Her usual, long and neat braided ponytail that hung down below her shoulders with a green bow at the bottom was messy from not being kept that same day with small hairs poking out like she was just hit by static. She was a mess.

Eriel held her hair as she bent over the fountain to take a generous amount of water into her system. She usually drank bottled only, but the girl was desperate so it did not even matter to her that the Academy's tap was gross, with distinct chemical and mineral flavoring to it. She gasped as she leaned back up and jumped as she saw a moderately handsome student with slick-back black hair standing beside her.
“Tha fuck!” She exclaimed in shock.

“Woah!” he also jumped, not expecting the sudden outburst.
“The fuck to you, too?” He let out, his planned act dropping in that moment.

“It's all yours, loser.” Eriel wiped her mouth and began walking. She was annoyed when he began following her closely. He was not after the fountain as she had thought. She tried to ignore him.

“Didn't know druggies went to this school.”

She turned suddenly on her heel and stared him down. “The hell do you know, creep?”

“Looks like you are coming down off a bender. I can kinda infer that much.” He laughed.

“It's not funny! It was a... Consequence of a mission we did.”

“Yeah, I believe you.”

“You do?”

“I think a druggie would be more worried about their next hit. You? You seem like you just wanna get over it faster.”

“Yeah.” She turned back around and started walking a little faster.

“But you don't know how to do that, because it was a 'consequence' and not intentional.” He explained She was still ignoring him, causing the Human to become a little annoyed. He held back his emotions.
“Coming down hard like you are... You're probably going through hell but there's a better way.” He smirked as she stopped once more. This time it looked like she was less likely to start moving again.

- - -

“You know how to use this stuff?” Eriel questioned. She was bent over a chemistry table in an unoccupied room. He was on the other side. The Human was looking through a cabinet of common school supplies.

“Well... It's kinda what I'm here for. So I'd better. It's Dane, by the way.”

“Okay. Whatever.” The Elf waved her hand dismissively.

“Don't care. Got it.” He chuckled, sleight-of-hand planting some of his own ingredients in the cabinet before withdrawing them as though what he was carrying was not odd and highly illegal.
“Regardless, with common ingredients I can make something that will make your withdrawal a little nicer. No more aches or pains or shivering or anything.”

“What'll it do? You mixing some meds or something?”

“In a sense, yeah. Lesser version of a similar chemical to the drug you took. I think I was able to infer what it was based off what you told me, so I can create a matching solution that is far less illegal, but still good enough to get you clean with less pain.”

“Awesome. Do you always talk this much?”

The corner of Dane's lip twitched slightly. “Only to a 'pretty' girl like you.”


He ignored her attitude and continued working carefully. Despite what he said, what he was working on was not different from the drug she took. It was a concentrated, more purified version of it. The smoke they inhaled was muddy. It was byproduct. The real thing was far more effective and pleasant for the user. The end result after a half-hour of careful chemistry was an unassuming pink liquid.

“Do I drink it?” She asked.

He smiled. She was far too eager to try something a stranger just mixed right in front of her. “You inject it. Usually into a sensitive area. Most people do tongue. They come in other forms, but I didn't have time.” Dane pulled back the plunger on a disposable injector.
“Do you think you'll be able to-”

“Are you crazy!?” Eriel scolded. Her long ears wobbled as she bounced subtly where she sat.
“There's no way I can do it myself.” With barely any shame she stuck her tongue out while somehow managing to keep a fairly defiant expression.

“You want me to-” She nodded. Dane felt himself getting a little hard.
“Alright.” He pulled her tongue like one might do to an animal they were teasing. He made sure to be more rough and forceful than he needed to before pushing the injector into her tongue near the base. She moaned as the pink fluid disappeared into her system. Her eyes widened and her pupil's dilated. She kept her tongue hanging over her bottom lip like it was numb and the girl started salivating like a dog onto the table.

“Holy...” She grinned widely and ground back and forth on her stool.
“I can taste the air... I can smell sound...” She remarked whistfully. The Elf stared at the room like she had entered a whole new world. Everything was brighter and nothing was uninteresting. Not only that, she was not sick anymore.


“It feels amazing! Ohmigosh...” She ran her own hands all over her body sensually.

“Hmm.” Dane looked her over. A lesser man would've used the opportunity at hand. He was not a lesser man, however. He smiled cordially and offered.
“You should rest here until you stop feeling euphoric. That feeling is a bit debilitating and can last anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. After that, good feelings should linger for most of the day and might eventually die out around night time. You'll be able to act relatively normal during that time. After it's all out of your system the withdrawal will still be there, but it will not be as bad as before.” He waved his hand in front of her face.
“I know you heard that and you're just ignoring me. I'll leave now. Let me know if you need anything, else after this, okay?” Dane said generously, writing his number down on a piece of paper. He cleaned up the evidence of his little chemistry experiment, as well.

He hummed to himself as he stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked out of the room, careful to close the door behind him.

- - -

“Why're ya back here, bro?” Renard questioned. The wolf had donned an apron and was standing in front of a hot stove. There were around five steaks on the griddle he had set up. The apartment they were in was small. Just enough for one person, so naturally they both stayed there and Renard slept in the kitchen on the floor most of the time.
“Thought I'd have this place to myself for a bit...”

Dane kicked his feet up on the couch. He still wore his uniform. “I can come and go as I please at this point. I don't feel confident enough to try and blend in by going to class and I don't have a dorm just yet. My plan is to do what I need to do, then get out. I'll just be another invisible student that way, only available when someone needs something from me.”

“A simp.” Renard commented. Dane glared into the kitchen at him.
“I-I mean That's what you're acting like. Not like you are...”

“True. That girl is going to feel comfortable approaching me. I gave her everything she wanted for our first encounter and took nothing. She would think I was a simp, wouldn't she?” He smirked.
“But...” He counted down on his fingers.
“I know from experience that right about now... Two... One...” He received a ping from his phone.

- - -

Eriel looked more vulnerable than before on their next meeting. It was late so the halls were barren. She held the hem of her skirt awkwardly, her face red.

“What's up? You feeling okay?”

“Ye-yeah! I actually feel fantastic. I felt great. It's just like you said. The withdrawal isn't too bad. I don't feel sick.”

“That's awesome.” Dane smiled genuinely. He offered her nothing with his blank stare. She needed to take the additional step. He knew what she was feeling was not withdrawal anymore. In a sense it was, but it was not sickness. What Eriel was feeling was a withdrawal from pleasure. Joy. The feeling that he gave her. He was comfortable giving the Elf every single little thing at first, even when she was being rude, because he knew that in the end he would still hold every single thing and she would want it. She would know she wanted it because she had it and she was missing it.
“Do you have anymore?” She asked.

“Ah...” Dane hid his enjoyment of the situation. His body felt very light and euphoric. He was not a user. What was happening now was his drug. He loved it. He did not have to do anything. He could be the 'good guy' to her while doing everything wrong and bad.
“I don't know.” He feigned concern.
“I do but it may not be a good idea. You aren't going to be sick so maybe it's just a good idea to... You know.”

“What?” She asked, dread creeping across her face.

“Come down off of it?” Dane stared at her innocently.

“Oh come on!”

“Seriously. Plus, this stuff isn't exactly cheap. I'm going to have to replace the ingredients I use if I want more.” He explained.

The Elf mulled it over, chewing her bottom lip in frustration as she thought. “What's it worth to you?”


“I'll suck your dick. I'm good at it.”

Dane blinked and played innocent. “Y-y-you'll what?” His cheeks flushed genuinely, however.

Eriel, feeling like she had the upper hand, smirked and stepped towards him. When she was in front of him the attractive Elven girl dropped to her knees and picked at his belt with her small, delicate hands.
“You sure about this?” Dane asked 'nervously.' Those same hands looked soft, and were picking at his pants but had also been the same ones to kill two of his guys. It was a jarring contrast.

“Yeah, it's fine. I do this all the time. It's a trade. A tra-” She was shocked as his member flopped out of his opened pants. A lengthy, girthy, cock that widened in the middle before tapering down into a flared hood. His balls sat neatly beneath, tight to his body. Dane was already half-hard from the encounter and becoming harder without her help.
“Trade... Okay. Surprising you have such a nice dick.” She commented, licking her lips. Her eyes lit up as it continued growing while blood flowed to it.
“Hmm. Really nice.” She stroked it gently near the base. And leaned closer to it while puckering her pink lips.

“Can I touch you while you are- She answered his question with a nod. He smirked and rested a hand on her head, stroking her hair as she offered the tip of his cock a loving kiss. Her lips were warm and a little wet against it. It throbbed in her grasp. Dane was not experienced, despite how he carried himself so the girl was ahead of him in this regard. As she closed her eyes and closed her lips around his member to suck, he ran his fingers up and down her long ears. They twitched at his touch. She took it to about half way before pulling back and letting it pop from her lips with a satisfying sound and a gasp.

“Okay.” She blushed.
“There's a lot of dick here, so forgive me. I didn't expect this.” She stroked it a little harder and licked around the head as she stared up at him. The way she moved it, the wet, slipper head circled her lips like balm. The bit of fluid he was leaking coated them in a similar manner to it. Eriel was fighting the urge to just fawn over it. She was performing a trade but she felt so aroused by the monster of a member, especially on a human like him. She was still a girl and she had her own needs and desires and they preyed upon her like anyone else. Usually it was never this hard. “I'll-”

“Sorry!” Dane made it look unintentional, but he fully intended to swing his cock to smack her cheek like a club.

“Uhm...” She bit her bottom lip and spread her legs a little wider. Her heart rate increased. She was feeling extremely horny. Dane was not perfectly forthcoming. She was off of the drug for the most part but it was not completely out of her system after just 10 hours. There was still some residual effects that were almost invisible unless triggered.

“What's up?” He asked, as though he did not already know.

“Sorry...” Her face was bright red. One hand continued stroking his member at the base while the other slipped down between her legs. She pressed two fingers desperately into her sex.

“Don't be... Do what you gotta do.” As he said that she lapped up his member with her tongue.
“But-” He added.
“Are you masturbating to my dick? Are you getting off to this more than I am?” He highlighted what he was really getting it.
“Is this actually a 'trade' or are you getting more out of this than you let on?”

“O-of course it is!” She wiped drool from her lips from lapping at his shaft. She could not stop and did not want to stop pushing her fingers into her cunt. The elf unintentionally made a lewd, lustful expression as she stared up past it at him.

“I dunno If this is worth it for me, suddenly... A mean girl gets to use me to get off and I give her free drugs...”

“I'll be nicer, I swear!” She panted. Eriel could feel herself getting close. She was not sure, but she felt like if she could get another whiff and another taste of his cock she would be pushed over the edge, but he was holding her at bay with a firm hand on her head.

“Prove it... I want proof or I'm just being an idiot, here.” He hid a smirk as he took out his phone Camera.

- - -

“Holy!” Renard's eyes widened as he stared at the phone. Dane was holding it up so that they could both watch.
“Is that-”

“Just watch. It gets good.”

In the video, Eriel poses with her hands forming two peace-signs. Dane's cock was standing horizontally over her eyes like a sort of black bar, but anonymity was not a concern due to what she said next.
“I, Eriel Varsava formally declare my intention to be a cock-worshiping cunt for Da-” She gulped, her lips shook.

“Say it...”

“Daddy Dane. I promise to be extra nice to him in exchange for all the free drugs!” She smiled awkwardly at the camera.
“You're not going to show anyone this, right?” With that the video cut. Dane sat back on the sofa. Renard was drying his hands off with a rag. The dishes had just been done and were sparkling, aside from some spattering of fur over the white plates.

“Wasn't expecting it to be this easy, Bro.”

“It wasn't. Still isn't. One wrong move and I'm dead. These chicks are dangerous and I already got eyes on me...”


“Dunno. Secret admirer? Someone that wants to kill me? We'll see.”