WTF Woman, Make Up Your Mind?
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Chapter 238  WTF Woman, Make Up Your Mind? by Harem-Fan


     The City of Umbral is very dark as the name suggests. From what I see, this place is borderline maintained with some semblance of security.

     As I came to this large City, I witnessed many atrocities, but entering this domain, I can tell Duchess Carla Shadow-heart has stopped the majority of abuses.

     What was witnessed in the upper catacombs must have been the worst of the worst hiding their crimes but not doing it here.

     As I pass by some shops, I see dwarfs chained to forges and guards watching them work. I also see many beast-men as slaves as well, but what I see very few of are human slaves.

     "I see, so Astos must be working with the Southern Emperor and is getting slaves in trade for something. Hmm? Probably Status-Crystals for fueling magic technology?"

     I pass by a market of some sort selling what looks to be roasted rats. Many beggars are in the alleys, and it is just a gloomy world in general.

     "Ah, stranger, I guess you must be looking for the recruitment office for the call of soldiers by the Duchess? 5 gill and I can give you directions?"

     I look over and see a raggedy looking teen that looks hungry, and I put on my best ass hole impression and say.

     "Take it, but if I get lost, I remembered your face to remove it later, so be accurate kid!"

     "See that street over there? Turn left and take the second street to your right and it's two blocks down there."

     He then bolts off into the dark so I wont kill him for 5 gil, sigh.

     "It is going to be hard to find the good from the bad in the future."

     I take the directions with a grain of salt, because this could be a trap for robbery, but with my level I cant be stopped by anyone here. Few can reach 67th level in this world. Hell, my health is over 2000 now! My bloodline is broken.

     Soon I found the spot, and the kid was actually correct and there was a long line of applicants. It seems you are being offered 2000 gill up front and 30000 gill after the invasion. Somehow I don't think collecting that second payment will really happen knowing Astos.

     So I stand in line and enlist into the Astos army to go and invade the Black Moon, he-he!

     Fuck it took 12 hours to finally get to the sign up center.

     A hot Dark Elf woman rudely asked me questions.

     "And finally what is your name?"

     "Aizen Dark-tempest"

     "Here is your gil, now go in that compound entrance and wait for orders, NEXT!"

     After clearing my ear from her nasty voice that does not fit her hot-body, I go in and see it's a giant military field for mustering troops.

     I was pointed to the section for Dark Knights and am not merged with the Thief, so they have six divisions for advanced and normal Jobs. My group is nothing but Dark Knights.

     I am surprised to see so few advanced Jobs, probably because they are in the Capital City already.

     While I sat there for another 4 hours, I witnessed about 6 murders from spontaneous duels and robberies, fuck one of them turned into a cannibals feast, ew.

     Soon, I saw a noble's military escort come and we were all whipped into our positions, no damage for me but some got wounded from the lashes. Yeah, I am glad I was not born here.

     I saw a group of ten Dark Elf elite walking down the very long line of recruited soldiers, and the person at the front got my attention. The reverse of Lily!

     With very-long wet-looking black-hair, and blood red-eyes. The finest sexy Black Wizard robes Ark could make, and a beauty that matches Lily, if Lily was a Dark Elf, Duchess Carla Shadow-heart!

     She really looks the same, and I see, Sally gave her Moon Wine it seems. She looks younger and not at all like a mother. She really seems very angry looking though, sigh.

     One man tried to make a pass at her and she really cast [Flare] on that guy and one-shot him! She occasionally pointed to a few men, and her soldiers executed them? It seems she is weeding out certain elements, and soon she neared me and I could hear her voice.

     "That one there, he still has blood on his lips, kill the cannibal."

     ""Yes Duchess!""

     Swoosh Swoosh! And the cannibal from earlier lost his head, but no one around even paid it any mind.

     "That Dark Knight with the longsword, bring him into our force and not the general war pool!"

     Ah! I see she is picking out the strongest and most able soldiers for her own forces and sending Astos normal soldiers.

     As she neared me I looked to her feet and not at her, and she walked by me for a moment then stopped. A sweet smell could be detected from her immaculately clean body, and I want to look at her but I don't want to blow my cover.

     "Duchess, what is wrong?"

     Carla never turned around, but she coldly said.

     "Take that Dark Knight with the massive sword to my keep, then give him 20 lashes, and I will train him later. Personal guards must be trained, now kill him if he resists!"

     Her high heels continued with her examination of the troops, but two guards came to my side and said to me.

     "You have been chosen as the Duchess's personal guard, now come for your lashings or die!"

     What the fuck is she doing? She had to have noticed me right? Well I go or fight, sigh.

     I was escorted up a large hill probably to avoid underground floods, and to a large obsidian dark castle.

     Our group of 3 weaved in and out of a maze-like hallways system to resist invasions by the denizens of the underworld. I can tell this fortress is at least 500 years old or so.

     We are entering a really well maintained area like a castle in another castle. This interior castle looks very modern and clean. But soon after passing many portcullis, we came into a well lit courtyard.

     On the far end of the courtyard is a mansion of exceptional quality, but the courtyard site made me question the entertainment of Dark Elves.

     On the right are a group of plush outdoor couches set in a half circle facing a 10 foot tall metal pole with handcuffs and chains? Yeah this looks like the bad bondage movie, and my spine thinks I will be the main star here!

     Two Dark Elf maids in a sexual embrace are making out while looking at us, and one says to the guard.

     "Why are you here at the Duchess' home?"

     "Duchess Carla said to give the new personal guard 20 lashes and she will train him."

     "Oh? 20 lashes, he-he, sure I got this, you two can leave."

     The two guards said.

     We will stay as her orders stated, if he resists, we are to kill him.

     "I see, she does not want us to kill this one then, fine I will stick to 20 lashes. You, take off the leather, or I will cut it off, then stand at the pole, fucking move!"

     I walk to the platform and put my clothing and weapon into my slab and put my slab into my neck pouch, I am only in my underwear. I have normal gloves hiding my ring, and I keep the mask on but I see what they are doing.

     The naked woman straps my wrist into the very tight wrist-cuffs, then she pulls the chain tightly to raise my hands high, and my back is turned to the maid. Yeah I can tell by her eyes she is a sadist.

     The maid showed me the studded leather lash and smiled at my expressionless face.

     "By the time I am done whipping you, you will beg me to be my slave, now enjoy my tender mercy!"

     Swoosh, snap!     Swoosh, snap!     Swoosh, snap! And this continued way past 20 lashes!

     She was very unsatisfied with me making no reactions to her strikes. She could see small shallow blood marks on my back but I ignored all of her attempts at causing pain.

     Every lashings only did 1 point of damage, and the rare critical only did around 12 damage or so. Why am I taking this? Because Carla wants me to feel helpless and in pain, like what I caused her.

     Soon the second maid was angered watching me take over 100 lashes and not make any response. She came to her sister and handed her her rapier and said.

     "This bastard thinks he is tough so use this, your lashing skills suck!"

     The first maid grins and takes the offered thin-blade and says.

     "Here I will make you scream for me, he-he!"

     Slick! Slick! Slick! Slick! Slick! Slick! .... This went on for around 120 stabbings and this woman did not do too much better with a damn sword. At this point I am trying not to laugh.

     She has not even brought me down to 1750 health yet, and it just feels like I got stung by a couple hundred bees but nothing too bad. Sure there are bits of blood but the bleeding stops right away, so it just looks bad on the surface.

     "YOU FUCKING BITCHES! [Bolt 3!]"

    Four massive 3 foot wide bolts land on the two guards and maids! The four Dark Elf fall to their knees and bow on the ground, as the very angry Carla comes strolling in her home. Carla points to the hundreds of wounds on my back and asks them.

     "Explain to me why I don't see 20 lashes like I commanded? If your answers are not good, let's see how I deal with you?"

     "I lashed him but he ignored it! So, I was trying to get him to say stop!"

     "Give him twenty lashes and I will train him" does not sound like what you told me does it? [Bolt 3!]"

     Once again the four servants are not looking so good now, I think one more and they are toast for sure, so I just shut up and admire this cool metal pole!

     "So is a rapier the right tool for lashing? I seem to see half on his back covered in sword wounds? Sword wounds? Who thought the lash was not good enough?"

     The two male guards pointed to the further away maid who looks very afraid now.

     "Guards, take the two maids to the front of the castle and behead them, if they resist, then let the new recruits play with them till they are dead, now leave me!"

     When the two guards dragged the crying women away, Carla then looked at me standing there kinda awkward.

     "Why did you come to my domain? You could have gone to another's?! I hate you Kris Tempest!"

     "I wanted to see if you're alright, and also..."

     "I lost the baby."

     After hearing that my forehead hit the pole. And tears fell from my mask.

     "Why are you crying? What you thought you would come and find me and our baby, and we would have a perfect life? Your such a child."

      "I'm sorry."

     Swoosh, snap! She lashed at me and yelled!   

     "What sorry? You don't need to be sorry for me!"

     "I'm sorry you lost the baby because I should have kept you with me. I wanted to be with you, but..."

     Swoosh, snap!

     "You did not want me, just my baby!"

     "I wanted you both. I just did not want to imprison you, that's not love. Go ahead, hit me until you feel better, I am truly sorry and I will take it!"

     I hear her feet, and then I feel her hands on my back feeling the wounds.

     "Does this hurt?"

     "Only my heart right now."

     "Do you regret coming here now?"

     "I only regret not coming sooner..."

     "The portal to the Black Moon is only one way, are you going?"

     "I need to save Gaia, but I can get back."

     "I will only let you meet Haze if you return from the Black Moon."

     Carla was using a wet rag to clean my body and I was confused.

     "Who is Haze?"

     "Our daughter."

     "How did she die, was it Astos?"

     "I said my baby died, and that's what everyone believes, but I have her hidden. So if you want to see your daughter then come back to Gaia."

     I turn to see her face is grinning at my stupid expression, and did she just fuck with me for petty revenge? Fuck lady that was cold, but..

     "Thank you Carla from the bottom of my heart, I will make you happy if you let me, I swear."

     Her eyes began to look misty and I smell a fragrance I am all too familiar with. So she must really like me then?

     Snap! Clatter! My immense strength shredded the wrist guards and shackles to little bits, and the two of us began a passionate embrace like two drunk lovers reuniting, and the last thoughts I had while carrying Carla to the couch was...

     Fuck lady make up your mind!

Name Kris Tempest, Age 19, Master Sage-(SU-BW-WW) level (50*) 67 / (Damage: 123 / Hit Rate: 8x232 / Defense: 41) Weapon: [Masamune] / Armor: [Black Robe] [Kings (Protect Ring)] [Ribbon] [Protect Cloak] / Special Ability: Ice immunity and Fire Vulnerability, Double Cast / Summons: (4/5) Choco-Mog 5x per-day, Ifrit 5x per-day, Shiva 5x per-day, Odin 5x per-day /

Black Spells Known: Lev 1- [Bolt 1] [Fire 1] [Sleep] / Lev 2- [Ice 1] [Steel] [Slow 1] /  Lev 3- [Bolt 2] [Fire 2] [Bind] /  Lev 4- [Ice 2] [Haste] [Muddle] / Lev 5- [Fire 3] [Poison] [Warp 1] / Lev 6- [Bolt 3] [Quake] [Reaper] / Lev 7- [Break] [Ice 3] [Sabre] / Lev 8- [Banish] [Flare] [Stop] / Lev 9- [Meteor] / Uses per-level: (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (8)

White Spells Known: Lev 1- [Cure 1] [Blink] [Shld] / Lev 2- [NulBolt] [Lamp] [Silence] /  Lev 3- [NulFire] [Heal 1] [Cure 2] / Lev 4- [Esuna] [Fear] [NulIce] / Lev 5- [Cure 3] [Dia 3] [Life 1] / Lev 6- [Shld 2] [Stona] [Warp 2] / Lev 7- [Cure 4] [Dia 4] [Heal 3] / Lev 8- [Dispel] [Holy] [Life 2] / Lev 9- [Reflect] / Uses per-level: (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (8)

Attribute Start Growth
HP (999*) 2136 A
Strength 67 A
Agility 69 A
Intelligence 86 A
Endurance 68 A
Luck 77 A
Hit Rate 182 +3/level
Magic Defense 258 +4/level



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