Chapter 1: The Season of Learning
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‘Hmm, what a delicious fish. God makes the fish and we shall eat them.’

“Judy! What are you looking over there? Let’s go! The game is about to start!”

“Yes! Wait for me!”


A couple of years earlier


‘Hmm, what should I eat?’

“Mark! Don’t you want to eat? Let’s go! Let’s eat!”

Mark and his friend walk out of the school. They are trying to find a good dumpling eatery because many sell dumplings in this place. They finally decide to eat in the dumpling eatery near a bank. They order dumplings and rice.

“Mark. Dip your dumpling into the sauce.”

“No, I won’t.”


“I just don’t like it.”


When they finished eating, they went back to school. They were rubbing their stomachs as they were walking towards the school. They then went inside their room and met a smiling girl coming towards them

“Hi, Mark!”

“Hi, Ruth!”

“What did you eat for lunch today?”

“The wind.”

Ruth laughs.

“Could you be more serious?”

“We only ate dumplings.”

“What about you? Have you finished eating?”, asked Ruth to the friend of Mark.

“We already told you that we ate dumplings. What have you eaten?”

Ruth laughs.

“I ate braised pork today.”

“That wasn’t a ques-,” Mark elbows his friend before he could finish talking.

“That’s nice Ruth. The braised pork must be delicious."

“Oh yes, very delicious.”

While Ruth is still talking, their teacher arrives. All of them arranged their chairs and sat on them

“Hello class, I am a substitute teacher for today. I will be substituting Ms. Berido’s History Class for today.”

Ms. Berido is their teacher. She teaches very well to her students. Mark’s friend wonders why Ms. Berido is absent.

“Ma’am, where is Ms. Berido?”

“Ms. Berido is attending a wedding for her brother and she will not be back until tomorrow.”

While their teacher was still speaking, someone arrives at the door of their classroom. Mark looks at the girl and is awestruck by how gorgeous she is.

“Oh you're the transferee who will enter the class. By the way students, this is Samantha, she is a transferee from Cebu City”

The whole class said, “Hi, Samantha!”

Mark’s friend wonders.

“Why did she enter just this afternoon?”

“She may have a reason for it.”

While the two of them are still talking, the teacher instructs the girl, “Kindly take a seat.”

There is a seat not taken beside Mark and in there, the girl sits. Mark gets nervous when the gorgeous girl sat beside him. He just looks at her until she glances back at him so that he straightens himself up and looks forward.

“Hi, I’m Samantha,”

“Hi, umm, uh,”

“You already introdu-,” before Mark’s friend could finish, Mark elbows him. “Ouch!”

“Uh, I’m so sorry about that. My friend is very loquacious. Hi, I’m Mark by the way.”

“Haha, it’s ok. By the way, nice to see you, Mark,”

Mark smiles in the direction of his friend so that Samantha wouldn’t see him smiling. His friend wonders why he is smiling. Their substitute teacher starts the lesson.

“Okay class, what is the Law of Moses? Can you give me an answer?”

Someone raised a hand.

“Me, ma’am”

“Okay. What is your name?”

“My name is Cesar Owens, Ma’am.”

Cesar is an African American who is studying in the Philippines. He obtained a scholarship through his playing of basketball.

“The Law of Moses was given to Moses by God in approximately 1300 B.C. which were the list of laws that is to be followed by the people of Israel.”

“Wow, you’re right Cesar. Everyone, give him a round of applause!”

The whole class clapped for him except for some thugs at the back.

“Thank you, guys,” says Cesar to his classmates.

“Wow, he’s so smart,” said Samantha to Mark.

Mark chuckles.

“Why, What’s funny?“

Mark smiles.

“He’s not yet at his full potential,” replied Mark’s friend.

“He’s not only smart, but he’s also great at playing basketball too,” Mark added.

Samantha puts his chin on his hand with his elbow on the desk and says, “Huh. Really?”