Chapter 1 part2
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Chapter 1.2 – The protagonist has a very limited brain capacity

“...This is my task?” Su Yu already began to somewhat regret his decision. What classy system? This was obviously a system without any IQ just like the protagonist. Otherwise how could it give out a task that used no IQ whatsoever?

And even if he followed the instructions, wouldn’t he turn into a greeting maniac? The times are ridiculous these days.

The ball moved up and down to show a nodding motion: “The task is very simple right? With your IQ, it shouldn’t be a problem at all!”

“’s very simple.” So simple that even an idiot with three brain cells could do it. ‘Only human that meets the requirements’ my ass.

The ball became aware of Su Yu’s mood, so it quickly explained to salvage the situation, “Host, please don’t be upset, this is actually one of the system’s benefits! One of the great things about the system is that the difficulty of the task is small however, the rewards are exponentially rich. Here take a look!”

The current Su Yu looked completely different from his original self. Though he was not yet 20 years of age, and though his body exuded a feeling of sunny vitality, he still possessed the same cold peach blossom eyes. The ball couldn’t help but shiver once again as it came under the radar of the chilling gaze.

Su Yu bowed his head and swept his eyes through the mission rewards column:

1. For every 1% of IQ that the protagonist recovers, 10 IQ points will be rewarded.

2. If you complete the overall task of saving the world, there is one time reward of 1000 IQ points and a World Fragment.

The IQ points he understood, but what was all this about ‘World Fragments’?

“What is this?” Su Yu pointed at the characters.

The ball flew back to his side and took a glance at what he was pointing at. “The World Fragments represent that the host has completed the task for the world. I suppose you could think of it as a sort of medal.”

“So it’s useless.” Su Yu had never paid any attention to these kinds of merit based awards, although his home did have a room dedicated to all his trophies and certificates.

Continuing further, there was a need to pay attentions to the following points if he wanted to succeed his mission:

1. The protagonist has a very limited brain capacity, as such only 1% IQ could be restored per day.

2. If the character that the host has taken over plays a bigger role in the plot, OOC behavior must be avoided.

3. The IQ points obtained by the host can be used to purchase things in the IQ store. These things include improving one’s physique, injury treatment, ability to save a person’s life. It is highly recommended that the host retain some extra points at all times in the case of an emergency.

4. The World Fragment cannot be consumed, discarded, or given away. It is asked that the host safeguard the Fragments.

Understanding the listed points, Su Yu once again rose in his capacity. “Although this is a world on the verge of collapse, how can it be that this person doesn’t have any memories at all?”

“Ah! I almost forgot about that! Here, I’ll give them now.” Usually the system was quiet diligent in its work but somehow it needed the host to remind it this time. The blue sphere began to change color as it gradually became pink.

The memories of the body had only been suppressed by the ball temporarily. After being released, they merged with Su Yu’s original memories.

This character was named Zhou Zheng. He was a younger male cousin of Chu Cheng Yan. He grew up in a small town and was currently nearing the end of his senior year. In a week he would be taking the college entrance examination.

According to Zhou Zheng’s memories, he and Chu Cheng Yan could be considered distant relatives at best, and furthermore they had never met before.

In the original plot, Zhou Zheng moved in with Chu Cheng Yan because he passed his examinations and was admitted into a university in the city. Originally Zhou Zheng had trouble finding lodging in the city after he joined university and the matter became worse when he left for summer vacation after his second semester. He lost his lodging, after many twists and turns did they finally manage to contact this distant relative who Zhou Zheng could board with.

So if things progressed according to the original storyline, it would take at least another year before Zhou Zheng could see Chu Cheng Yan.

However, now that Su Yu has taken over this character, there was no need to do it according to the original story. Who let him be a no-name character with the ability to be OOC?

“Host, what do you plan to do now?” The ball floated around Su Yu.

Su Yu slowly turned around to face the floating sphere, his face slowly stretched as he adorned a young and energetic smile, “Although there is no need to fear an OOC situation in this body, in order to let you be at ease I will begin practicing from now on. Do you like this?”

Looking at Su Yu’s face go from glaciers of the north to the vitality of sun, the system’s ball like body began to feel unwell all of a sudden. The host is acting so well, it should be a good thing... but why does it feel so afraid?!

“H-Host, I-I only arranged this role for you because I really care about you!” So I beg you not to scare me ah.

Su Yu lay on the bed with his long legs crossed, he looked quiet lazy. “I’m just doing it like you wanted, you’re going to hurt my feelings if you keep on acting scared, you know?”

The ball of light wanted to believe in this new sweet talking host but the fear in its heart was ever growing. “Host, do you have to be like this?”

“Yes.” Su Yu raised a hand and swatted at the ball. He pulled the quilt from the bed to cover his body and closed his eyes, “Don’t bother me, I’m going to rest. Next week I’ll take the college entrance exam; if I fail the exam it’s going to affect the progress of the task.”

With these words, Su Yu added another round of shivers on the ball’s body. This monster that got a master’s degree at just 13, he was worried about the entrance exams? The ball felt as if it had taken million points of damage.

A week later, on the evening that the exams ended, Su Yu laid out his plans on the dinner table. “Mom, I heard that I have a distant cousin living in the city, can I stay with him? I’m not really familiar with anyone there so I’m a bit worried... I was thinking that I should move there a couple of months in advance and familiarize myself with the environment.”

Zhou mother placed another serving of rice in her son’s bowl. Surprised, she spoke, “How did you know that your cousin from the Chu family was living in the city? You two haven’t met, have you?”

“Ah, I heard you and auntie chatting once.” Su Yu explained briefly, his expression was authentic the whole time, “Mom, can you talk to my cousin? Please, I really want to go play in the city!”

Zhou mother’s most beloved son had just passed his college entrance exam, of course she would listen. Thinking for a moment, she replied, “Eat your dinner first; I’ll talk to your aunt about it.”

Su Yu showed a satisfied smile. He stretched his chopsticks and placed a few pieces of scrambled egg onto his mother’s plate. “I already know my mom’s the best.”

The ball had been floating beside Su Yu the entire time; however it was not visible to other people. It couldn’t help as it shook once again. This look on the host... please make it stop!

The next day Su Yu cleanly packed his bags and took a taxi to the station without telling his mother. Before Zhou mother could find someone to call her son to tell him about the agreement, he was long out of the house.

“This child... you’re always running around without looking. If your aunt didn’t agree, would you come running back?” Zhou mother felt helpless about this son, but she was also worried, “And you’re too reckless! Your father was waiting to send you off, ah, you said that you were already on the road...”

Su Yu didn’t give Zhou mother the chance to finish, smiling genuinely, he spoke, “Mom you’re so awesome, how could auntie not agree? And I’m 17 already; I’m not a child anymore. When will you stop worrying? Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you! The signal in the car is bad, I’ll hang up.”

Finishing his part, Su Yu just hung up on Zhou mother. The ball that was floating on the side was once again rendered speechless watching its host.

Arriving at A City, Su Yu found that Chu Cheng Yan had dispatched his assistant to receive him. Although Chu Cheng Yan not coming to pick him up personally meant that he had missed a chance to greet him, Su Yu wasn’t all that bothered. There would be more chances in the future.

The assistant directly drove Su Yu to Chu Cheng Yan’s villa. Before he could leave, Su Yu smiled and asked “When will my cousin be back?”

“The president is generally quiet busy, so he’ll probably be back after dinner. You can just eat on your own.”  Chu Cheng Yan’s assistant held a lukewarm attitude towards Su Yu. What distant cousin? Do you even know what generation to count in? It’s best to be simple and straightforward with these kinds of people, lest they try to get some advantages.

Su Yu simply smiled and nodded in response. He watched as the assistant drove away and then he turned and entered the villa. Surveying Chu Cheng Yan’s living environment, Su Yu seriously thought of ways for them to get along.

Saying hello wasn’t that difficult, but only 1% increase in IQ per day meant that it would take him more than three months even if he somehow greeted the protagonist every day without fail. In order for this to happen, he needed to establish a nice and convenient relationship with Chu Cheng Yan.

“Ball, help me find some homemade recipes.” Su Yu took a rest on the sofa. He had decided to use food to take a hold over Chu Cheng Yan through his stomach.

The ball spoke confused, “Host, if you’re acting like Zhou Zheng then you must know that he would never do such a thing. He’s more the type to spend his days playing around the city, he doesn’t like to cook.”

“You want me to continue to act like Zhou Zheng?” Su Yu yawned, casting the blue ball a sidelong glance with his moistened peach blossom eyes.

The reason why Su Yu played Zhou Zheng straight for a week was to get a handle over his character and to avoid surprising the original’s family and friends. But most of all, it was to give the idiot ball a wakeup call, to make sure that next time it knew better than to run off and make decisions on his behalf.

The sphere felt as if it had seen a ghost. It took a moment before it realized that his host had been playing him the entire time!

However, even if it knew now, it really didn’t have the courage to act angry. Since it had witnessed his host’s performance, it had received a deep scar. He really didn’t want to see the host get angry and change back into the thing from before.

“No, no, of course not. Host should act as you see fit.” The ball was filled with grievances but it didn’t dare voice them out loud.

Su Yu stretched out his hand: “Homemade recipes.”

“I’ll help you find the best recipes,” the ball of light flashed for a few moments before 3 books were placed on the table. “These are the three of the most popular homemade recipe books of this world, you should pick from these.”

Just as Su Yu drew a book from the pile, he heard a soft ring from the entrance. In the next moment the heavy wooden door was pushed open and a tall and straight figure entered his sight.”