(Old) Chapter 5- Existential Crisis
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After the tour, I make a room for myself and excuse her. It's a somewhat small room, but- I morph my hands into blades- large enough for practice.

For now, I focus on all the possible weapons I plan to train myself to use. Being able to near-instantly switch weapons during the middle of a fight would give me a pretty big boost in flexibility, not to mention the surprise that would come with it.

Rapier, staff, spear, dagger, shield, weaponless, the list goes on.



I'd say at this point that I'm at least able to rapidly switch my current weapon with the one I think of, but whether I can actually fight with them smoothly, I'm not sure. Actual combat experience would be necessary for that.

While I was replaying all those memories, this thought cropped up about my own. Frankly, I don't even remember anything besides my name, and this brief recollection of my family. I'm not even sure if I should call it that since their faces were blurred, and it reminded me of some sort of antique photograph.

Well, when I was receiving those memories, I hoped to find myself. Yet, not a single person remembered me. Or, more loosely, no one remembered anyone I would consider me. 

At the time, I could think of two main conditions for someone to be me.

One: He has to have the first name of Khya.

Two: He has to be dead. Or, already dead, so I should never have any direct memory from him.

Two might be false if Natt took a copy of everyone's memories from before I died, but I don't think that's what happened. He mentioned something about a "change in script" being why I was trapped in that... place, so I don't think it was planned. I'm also pretty sure I'm not some random nomad who died in a cave forever alone.




Okay, so far, there haven't been any hits besides this random one that just popped up. I'm skimming through the memories, but it doesn't really show anything significant. False alarm?


Eh, might as well see it through.


So far... yep. Still boring. I guess there isn't much going on, except... Oh, that's pretty different. He's writing. Not something you see every day. The title's called "Little Things." It's okay but could be better.

And then, he decided to stop? Wait, no, not exactly stopped, more like a re-write. The title's also been changed to "This Fantasy's Anomaly."