Ch_1 Unexpected Transmigration
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"Sun, Sun! Are you okay?"

A melodious but very Concerned voice echoed in David's ear, but David didn't care, only feeling a frightening headache. He believed that he hadn't turned off his smartphone, and maybe some video was still being played on his phone.

But that voice continued: " Sun, Seriously son, tell me what happened? Don't frighten your mother."

David stared blankly. Because this voice didn't seem to coming from his Phone, this voice seemed to be by his ear, and also extremely real. It wasn't a voice produced by that broken Phone.

Despite his badly aching head, David still forced open his eyes. What entered his eyes wasn't the white ceiling of his room, but rather some kind of cave ceiling. He never slept in any cave but he could see spikey rocks coming out of the ceiling so he thought maybe he was in the cave.

David stared blankly. Turning his head, he discovered he was lying on a mat made of some kind of leaves or weeds. and next to his body is a woman who seems to be in her early thirties sitting and looking at him with a concerned expression. She has a beautiful face and the look of an east asian woman. Beside the woman stands another woman who is wearing some kind of armour-like thing. Her face is also beautiful but she seems to be in her early twenties, and she looked a mix between Eastern and Western races because of her blond hair. They are both looking at David with a concerned expression.

David looked stupidly at this mature woman and then at the young woman, and then he turned his eyes to look all around. This was some kind of cave, extremely wide. Beside the place where he is sleeping. He can see a lake with its surface glowing because of some fish or plants maybe. He can also see some kind of crystal-like rocks in the cave which are producing light. Some mushrooms are also present in the cave walls which are glowing. He shows that even though he was in a cave he can still look at the place properly.

At this time the young woman said: " Sunny, are you okay? Why aren't you speaking?"

David's eyes turn to look at the young woman, a thought suddenly flashing through his mind, transmigration! Next, he felt a burst of sharp pain in his head and passed out.

Crystal looked at her son passed out and she became worried about his well-being. She urgently checked his pulse and breathing and found that he was breathing in a relaxed manner so she sighed in relief. Her daughter, Angel asked " How is brother mom?" Crystal replied with a sigh " He is okay, just tired. he will wake up after some time."

Angel also sighs in relief hearing her mother. The mother and daughter are both anxious about the well-being of their son and brother. Don't know what they will do if something happens to him.

Crystal suddenly said with a sigh " How have we become like this? Yesterday everything was okay? We were about to get a good business deal from the city lord. Your father was the most happy back then but now he is gone. and everything is gone with him too."

Angel replied " We can't do anything about this mother. We don't know what was in our cargo that we were attacked by that many bandits. If Father and other guards didn't fight there then we would have also died back there."

Hearing this Crystal sighed again " We were thinking about a bright future but now nothing is left. Even your brother is injured, fortunately, we fell into this cave or else maybe we would have got killed too by those beasts." Angel just nodded her head at her mother's answer. Then she looked at her brother and thought ' Please get well soon little brother.'


The instant David fainted, a memory that wasn't his suddenly intruded in his mind, as if a program that didn't belong to his computer was suddenly installed, the suddenness almost making his brain crash. Even if it didn't crash, it at least made his brain freeze up, bit by bit he digested the information in his mind.

He didn't know how long it was before he woke up. He felt as if there was a batch of memories that didn't belong to him in his brain.

In this collection of memories, his name is Sunny Roy, born to a family of a small merchant in the Aksu Empire on the Ark Continent. With the position of his father is the patriarch of a small merchant family which do business in Casa City.

Casa City is in the domain of the Dukedom of the Purcell clan in the Aksu Empire. Sunny was going to become the next patriarch of his family so he was learning business from his Father and also martial arts. His father was a 5th-rank warrior which is a mid-level rank in the Art continent. With hard work in Martial arts training, he became 3rd rank at just the age of 16.

But he was not good with business, He was polite to others when talking but he couldn't make a proper deal without asking his father for his opinion. He has less self-esteem when he conducts business with someone. but his big sister Angel is a different case. She is good at both martial arts and business. That is why his Father thought that marrying her to another family would be a loss for the family, Even though they are related by blood, they got engaged. She is now a 4th rank warrior.

Last is Crystal, who is the mother of the two. She is a very good light magician and can also brew some medicines. But because of not getting enough resources, she is stuck in 5th rank for many years.

Crystal is a brave woman who wants to do things by herself so she doesn't owe anybody anything. The marriage of David father's and Crystal was not on equal footing. She was forced to marry him because her family owned something to his family. Even though they gave birth to two little children of their own. they didn't get along much as lovers but were just a traditional married couple. Both Sun and Angel know about this situation.

Crystal loves her son and daughter very much, so when her husband asks her to run away with them. She didn't think of any second thoughts and grabbed both of their hands and ran away.

When they were running from the group they suddenly fell into this cave. Because they were unprepared, they got hurt. But thanks to Crystal being a light mage she healed both of them. But after getting healed Sunny suddenly fell unconscious.

David looked through the memories and also found out why they were attacked. It was because they were said to be transporting something important to the bandits by someone. But they were just some fake decoys used to distract the bandits. After knowing this the bandits attacked everyone in the caravan to vent their anger.

Fortunately, his mother and sister manage to run away from there with him with the help of his father and the guards. After everything calmed down when they fell into the cave the original Sun realized that he lost his father because of this he got shocked and fell unconscious. When he woke up again the original Sunny was already gone, replaced by the now David from Earth. But after knowing everything David becomes even more shocked because he knows where he is. He can't believe it when he thinks about it at first but now after checking the memories of the original Sunny again. David is 100% sure that he is not wrong.

Without thinking much David slowly opened his eyes. He now knew what had happened, Sunny's memories had completely merged with his own, also letting David fully understand that he had transmigrated, and also the most common transmigration of the soul to seize a body.

He would be disqualified as a nerd if he didn't know about transmigration, David just hadn't thought that he would transmigrate himself, and into the body of such a poor boy who just lost his everything.

David has learned already what was going on from David's memories, He doesn't know how to express his feelings for the person he got transmigrated into. He lost his father and business both. He just lost everything, and now only he has his two family members. One is his mother and his big sister who is also unexpectedly his fiancé. But David doesn't have time to mourn for the things he lost. because he found something even more unexpected. He is not transmigrated into some unknown place but to a place he is familiar with. Not practically, but he knew about this place, about this world. This place is from a novel called " Bringing Farm to Live in another world". This is a web novel created by an author named " Ming Yu".

This novel is written very well and The protagonist of this novel is also good. It became David's favourite novel when he read it for the first time two years ago. He started reading it some ago for the second time and this time for writing his novel in this style. He was analyzing the novel which took every fun from reading it but he had to do it in able to understand what was going on. what he can do to improve his writing. who would have thought that he would unexpectedly transmigrate into this novel?