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      In the extreme north of the Eternal Region.

There was a world of ice and snow called the Ice World.



A fourteen or fifteen year old girl was cultivating. Her sword light swept up layers of snow.

Her name was Mo Muxi.

She was the daughter of an ordinary family.

She became the disciple of an expert by chance and embarked on the path of martial arts.

Because she was very compatible with the ice element, she broke through to the Revolving Dan Realm in a few years. She could be considered a genius.

After a while.

Mo Muxi kept her sword and bowed respectfully. "Master, disciple has successfully comprehended the Thousand Heart Chilling Sword Art. I wonder if I can participate in the sacred war ten years from now?"

On top of the ice mountain in front of him stood a woman with a graceful figure. Although her face was covered by a white veil, making it difficult to see her appearance, her body exuded an aura that was even colder than the surroundings.

"Far from it."

The cold girl said indifferently. There was no emotion in her words. She was as cold as the ice mountain under her feet.

Mo Muxi was used to it.

She had been cultivating with her master for three years and it had always been like this.

"Those who are qualified to participate in the sacred war are all top geniuses. Therefore, you must break through to the Truth Seeking Realm in ten years." The girl said again.

Truth Seeking Realm?

Mo Muxi thought, "That's far beyond my reach."

"Remember." The girl continued, "Ice element martial artists must have a calm heart. If there are any ties, it will eventually become an obstacle on the path of martial arts."

Mo Muxi said, "I will remember Master's teachings."

Maybe it was because her honored master had suddenly said so much to Mo Muxi that she mustered up the courage to ask weakly, "Honored master is so powerful, is it because your heart is like still water, with no worries?"



This answer surprised Mo Muxi.

Her master was also an ice-type powerhouse, and she had even demonstrated to her the ability to freeze an entire plane with a wave of her hand. Wasn't her heart as still as water?


The girl said, "The most unforgettable thing in the world is love. In the future, when you go out to train, don't fall in love with men. Otherwise, you will harm yourself."

"Disciple understands!"

Mo Muxi thought, "Master must have fallen in love!"

After saying that, she secretly glanced at the bracelet on her Master's wrist and muttered in her heart, "It's obviously a very ordinary treasure, but Master cares so much about it. I'm afraid it's a gift from the person in love."

This girl was very meticulous.

"Let's go."

The woman said, "Follow me back to the sect."


Mo Muxi was astonished.

"I am the eldest disciple of the Sect of All Times. You are my disciple, so naturally, you are also a disciple of the sect," the woman said.

Sect of All Times?

Mo Muxi had never heard of it before.

She came from an ordinary background, and after she found a master, she came to the world of ice and snow to cultivate. Naturally, she had never heard of the legendary sect that shook the Eternal Domain.

"Swoosh —"

On this day, the world of ice flickered with resplendent white light, piercing through heaven and earth, not dissipating for a long time.

A thatched hut in the countryside.

Smoke curled up from the chimney.

"Straighten your posture."

In the clean courtyard, a bearded middle-aged man in rough clothes said with his hands behind his back.


Li Guiyuan, who was about three or four years old, hurriedly straightened his posture. Although he was still a child, his posture was very accurate. One look and anyone could tell that he was made for practicing martial arts.

"Stand for two hours."


His father's words were an order. Li Guiyuan did not dare to disobey.

"Husband." At this time, a woman with delicate features and dressed in plain clothes walked out and complained, "Guiyuan is still a child."

"The path of martial arts must be nurtured from a young age," the man in rough clothes said.



Li Guiyuan smiled, "I'm not tired!"

This child was very sensible.

His mother shook her head and returned to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Two hours later, the little fellow relaxed and sat on the ground. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and smiled, "Father, tell me the story of the Patriarch of the Sect of All Times again."


The man in rough clothes sat down and rubbed his son's head, smiling, "Your name was given by the Patriarch of the Sect of All Times. It comes from the setting sun on a lotus hat, and the mountains alone returning to the distance."


The little fellow was so excited that he almost jumped up.

Doraemon expressed that with Gou Sheng's IQ, it was impossible for him to come up with such an elegant name. There was definitely a problem.

Although he was only three years old, unlike Mo Muxi, Li Guiyuan often fell asleep listening to the stories of the Sect of All Times. He especially worshipped the Sect Leader.


He was the one who gave his name!


Li Guiyuan said excitedly, "Do you know the Patriarch of the Sect of All Times?"


"Wow! Father is amazing! "

The man in rough clothes used his small hand to touch the tip of his son's nose, smiling, "Father will bring you to the Sect of All Times, okay?"

"Isn't the Sect of All Times very far away from us?" Li Guiyuan said blankly.

"Close your eyes."

The man in rough clothes said with a face full of love.


Li Guiyuan did as he was told. In an instant, he felt the sky turn dark. When he opened his eyes again, his bright eyes gradually widened.

In his field of vision was a towering huge palace, surrounded by clouds and mist. It was just like the fairyland that his father mentioned. The big sign engraved with the words' Unyielding Bones' was especially dazzling!


The voice of the man in rough clothes came, "This is the Sect of All Times."


The little fellow was so shocked that he did not recover for a long time.


At this time, a few sect disciples wearing flirtatious clothes walked over and carefully sized up Li Guiyuan who was in a daze. They said in surprise, "Second Senior Brother, your son looks too much like you. It's like you were carved from the same mold!"


Li Tian, who was carrying a camera, happened to pass by. He glared at his junior brothers and said, "Of course Second Senior Brother's disciple looks like Second Senior Brother. Don't tell me he looks like …"

"Senior Brother, be careful!"

Someone exclaimed.

"Swoosh!" At this time, the happy football flew close to the ground at high speed. When it reached his crotch, it suddenly rushed up. When it was about to hit his chin, Li Tian looked at the camera calmly and shrugged. "A familiar smell."

"Boom — —"

Thousands of miles away, after confirming that he had hit the target, Li Fei slowly retracted his leg and said, "This is the consequence of not knowing how to speak."

One Black and Two Black roared, "You kicked the ball first. What he said after was just a coincidence!"

"Father …"

Li Guiyuan finally came back to his senses. He turned to look at his father and found that he had taken off his rough clothes and changed into a high-quality sect uniform.

"Son." Li Qingyang put his hand on his head and looked at the plaque hanging in the hall. He said seriously, "Father is the second disciple of the Sect of All Times. The stone slabs under your feet and the buildings you see were all built by Father."


Li Guiyuan exploded.

My father … is the second disciple of the Sect of All Times?!

"From today onwards, you are the second disciple of the Sect of All Times. As your father, I hope that you will diligently practice martial arts and wholeheartedly assist the future Young Patriarch.