Prologue: A new world
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[The 7th and final transport to the Myriad Races Continent will commence in 5 minutes]. These simple words that were heard by everyone across the planet struck terror in the hearts of every single human on earth. It had happened six times before and every time after the announcement people started inexplicably disappearing. The first time was just over a year ago and then once every two months after that. Each time 50 million people disappeared and the ensuing worldwide panic caused chaos like never seen before.

Callum face hardly changed after the announcement, the only thing that startled him was the fact that apparently this was going to be the last time. Everyone knew what today was and they were with their friends and family praying that their loved ones wouldn't be taken from them. The young 22 year old was alone in the school hostel since his roommates had all gone home but he had no where to go to since he was a sponsor student and the dormitory was his only living accommodation.

As an orphan Callum had thought he would be lonely but his solitary nature prevailed yet again and he realized he didn't really care if he wasn't with anybody at this moment. Though he was classically handsome with his bright black eyes, and unruly black hair he always kept people at a distance and preferred to be alone.

As the seconds slowly ticked by, Callum realized that he wasn't really afraid of going to the place called the myriad races continent. In fact he was faintly looking forward to it, maybe he would finally find something that interested him and the name 'myriad races' promised a world unlike any he had ever imagined. Millions around the world were trembling with fear yet Callum realized he was slightly afraid he wouldn't be among the final batch to be transported.

As the 5 minutes slowly came to an end and a holographic countdown appeared in front of everyone's face Callum found himself clenching his fist. [10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0 COMMENCE TRANSPORT]. The world around him seemed to slowly fade and he smiled knowingly, it was finally here. A new world and a chance to be truly extraordinary.