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The arrival square in Red Fog city slowly lit up and thousands of humans suddenly appeared. There was a massive crowd surrounding the square but the people were kept at bay by men and women wearing soldier attire. Closest to the square, past the soldiers were three men and two women. They were all dressed in different types of dazzling armor and their presence was palpable and extraordinary. They walked up a platform that was in front of the square one of the men dressed in scarlet armor with a large sword in a scabbard on his back stepped up as the transportation light disappeared.

A golden haired girl with an extraordinary aura among the now chattering group in the square looked around curiously. She had blue eyes, small dimples and was incredibly beautiful, which attracted some gazes but she was used to it & ignored it. Looking up, she saw a man on a platform in the distance wearing medieval red armor. His booming voice spread across the large square amplified by some kind of power, "Hello everyone my name is Haze and I am the commander of the army in this city. I know you're all confused but I will explain everything to you in a while. You are all now on the Myriad Races Continent and have been brought here from earth. Each of you has awakened a new ability and a way to get stronger, you can check it by chanting status in your mind. Try it now."

Everyone did what he said and a holographic panel appeared in front of them. The golden haired girl looked at the panel in front of her with anticipation.


Name: Aurelia

Ability: Element Manipulation

Rank: S

Speed: 50 (Standard - 10)

Strength: 50 (Standard - 10)

Mana: 100 (Standard - 10)


  • Language Translation (Innate for all Myriad Races)

Experience: [0]

"You have all seen what ability you have awakened and the rank, the ranks are F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS and SSS, F being the weakest and S the strongest. The other two are too rare and it is estimated only one in a billion can awaken an ability of that rank. Now Hinaka here will show you where to register your identities and teach you the rules." Haze gestured behind him and one of the two women behind him walked up beside him.

The discordant voices of the confused people suddenly spread across the square in an instant and there was panic brewing in the air but just as it seemed chaos would ensue the woman, Hinaka rose into the air and a terrifying aura emanated from her instilling absolute fear in the new arrivals' bodies. They had never witnessed such a scene and were stunned into silence as she said, "Everyone with a C rank ability and below follow me." She slowly flew towards an opening in the square and the people followed her out in silence still in shock at what they were seeing. Her aura maintained some kind of primal control over their bodies through fear. When almost everyone had left, there were only about 50 people remaining in the square. Haze looked at the people in the square with a bright smile knowing they finally had a good harvest, his eyes focusing on a golden haired girl.

Callum slowly woke up feeling his head pounding, he was lying on the ground and there were gigantic trees and bushes around him, a forest it seemed. He slowly sat up and noticed a flashing in front of his eyes. He tried focusing on it to see what it was and after failing a couple of times a panel finally appeared in front of him.


Name: Callum

Ability: ... Error!!&

Speed: 5

Strength: 5

Mana: Error!!&...


  • Language Translation


Callum was shocked to see the error messages, "What the fuck? Where's my ability?" He knew something had gone wrong in his awakening but he at least thought he would get a low grade ability. Suddenly there was a buzzing in his head and words appeared over his panel.

{System Initializing 0%..... 10%.... 49%..... 76%.... 100%}

{Power system not found - no ability}

{Binding Host}