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Five of the panthers started moving towards Callum while the strongest one stepped back and shadows completely enveloped it making it disappear into the dark. Callum smirked when he sensed its life force as it trotted to his left for a sneak attack. Knowing the battle was inevitable he stood up, stepped out into full view and faced the five approaching panthers. They were experienced hunters and slowly spread out in a fan shape to prevent any accidents and although they couldn't sense any power in him, they still used their normal hunting formation.

Callum could sense the hidden one had now stopped near him and was waiting for the others to attack. Knowing this was the moment when its guard was down, he quickly decided to use 20% percent of his energy to activate electric enhancement and 25 energy points for flame claw since he couldn't control the output using points like how he did with his own life energy. The panthers approaching from the front all burst into a sprint heading for Callum from five directions and 3 of them pounced while the others headed for his hamstrings. Using the trick from his last battle he crouched suddenly and launched three weakened flame claws at the airborne panthers. 

Not waiting to see the result, he used his speed ability and seemed to vanish, the ground beneath his feat cracking. Callum appeared beside the hidden panther in an instant, his body wreathed in arcing light and launched a full powered flame claw using his energy points towards its side. The level 12 panther didn't even have time to be shocked before its innards were ripped to shreds and scorched, killing it instantly.

Knowing he had about only two seconds left he burst into motion and appeared beside one of the remaining two panthers. It was still in motion, its claws having missed his feet and by the time he attacked it was dodging, shadows rapidly covering its body. Callum knew he only had a slight advantage in speed and kicked its underside launching it into the air swiftly followed by five red streaks which ripped into its stomach just as the speed enhancement disappeared. Callum finally turned to look at the battlefield noticing the last panther had already donned its shadow cloak and the first three he attacked had been disemboweled, twitching in their death throes.

Callum was aware he only had enough energy for one more weakened flame claw attack and without the element of surprise he didn't want to risk it. Knowing he had to take a gambit, he turned towards the hidden panther's direction and got into an attacking stance, hands slightly glowing as if he was about to use his ability. The beast remembered that the human had directly attacked its leader even in his hidden state and decided to leave first, come back and track him with the rest of the pack. 

Sensing the rapidly retreating panther Callum finally breathed a sigh of relief and a familiar feeling of euphoria coursed through his body knowing he had won. The battle had just been a few seconds long but it was undoubtedly one of the most exciting things he had ever experience. Hurriedly extracting energy from the five corpses, his elated mood only got better.

[Energy: 15]

{Energy +100... +70... +70... +70... +70}

[Energy: 395]

Looking at the abundant energy points Callum was so excited he almost didn't know what to enhance first. Thinking back to the battle and noticing his shortcoming in physical capabilities, he first used 100 points to upgrade life regeneration to Tier III, then his speed by 100 points and finally his strength by 95. The energy flooded his body in an instant and he almost groaned in ecstasy at the wonderful feeling. His energy recovery was improved to an amazing rate and just after a short moment his energy was almost fully restored. Callum knew with his current physical capabilities he could finally try close physical combat which had far less energy restrictions than abilities. Looking at his updated panel, his anticipation for further battles was enhance tenfold. 

[Apocalypse End System]

Functions - (3)

Strength: 175 +

Speed: 180 +

Abilities :

  • Language Translation (Complete)
  • Scan (Tier II) +
  • Life Regeneration (Tier III) +
  • Flame Claw (Tier II)
  • Electric speed enhancement (Tier II)

Energy: [0]

Callum could now sense the life force of every living thing in a 50 meter radius, not just the strong beasts or special plants, everything. He left the area and settled down beside a tree where there were only creatures with a weak life force around. Noticing he hadn't eaten all day and he still didn't feel hungry he realized this was his life regeneration at work and decided to just sit and wait for dawn. In the morning Callum chose the direction which he sensed had most of the weakest life forms knowing that was probably the direction the forest's outer edge and set off hence for the next five days a new predator was added to the enchanting forest beside red fog city.