Chapter 7
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Sophie and Ethan's love story had its roots in their teenage years, a time of innocence and discovery. They had first met in their high school art class, their shared passion for creativity forging an instant connection. As they spent hours sketching, painting, and experimenting with various mediums, their bond grew stronger.

In those youthful days, they often stole moments together, hidden away from the prying eyes of the world. They would meet at a quiet park near their school, where the rustling leaves and chirping birds bore witness to their budding romance. 

They would talk for hours, sharing dreams of pursuing careers in the art world, of making their mark on the canvas of life.

However, the path of young love rarely ran smoothly, and both Sophie and Ethan faced the challenge of convincing their parents to accept their relationship. Sophie hailed from a conservative family who had envisioned a different future for their daughter, while Ethan's parents were initially skeptical of his choice. But love, they say, has a way of breaking down barriers, and over time, both sets of parents came to see the sincerity and passion in their children's hearts. They relented, their support becoming a solid foundation for the young couple's journey together.

Sophie had always been a gifted artist, her talent shining through in her intricate watercolor paintings. Her work often captured the beauty of everyday life, with a touch of whimsy that enchanted anyone who gazed upon it. Her paintings were her voice, a silent declaration of her love for the world and all its wonders.

Ethan, on the other hand, had a flair for sculpting. His sculptures seemed to breathe life into the cold, unyielding clay, turning it into expressions of raw emotion. His creations ranged from abstract forms to lifelike figures, each a testament to his dedication and boundless imagination.

Their shared love for art had led them to pursue degrees in fine arts at a prestigious university. It was there that their passion had deepened, their talents blossoming under the guidance of renowned mentors. Together, they had found their calling, their purpose in life intertwined with the strokes of a brush and the caress of sculptor's tools.

Back in the present, as Ethan lovingly peeled an apple for Sophie, her sudden coughing fit interrupted the peaceful moment. 

She cleared her throat, her mischievous side coming to the forefront. "Mr. Boyfriend," she teased, her eyes sparkling with mischief, "can you do this cat a favor? Being in the hospital is utterly boring. I know you go to the gym, so can I see your, ahem, muscles?"

Ethan, caught off guard by her playful request, let out an embarrassed cough before breaking into laughter. "Ahem," he replied with a grin, his eyes dancing with humor. "I suppose I can give you a sneak peek."

"A Special privileges' to my naughty cat"

As Sophie giggled, the hospital room seemed to radiate with their happiness. 

In that moment, it didn't matter that they were surrounded by sterile walls and medical equipment. Their love, their shared history, and the promise of a bright future together were all that truly mattered.