Chapter 2: “Echoes of Destiny”
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The night had been tumultuous, filled with revelations and dreams that blurred the line between reality and fantasy. Koji Koda found himself suspended in the abyss, his thoughts swirling like a tempest. The injustices of his past life had resurfaced, fueling a burning desire for power.

Between the enigmatic Raven and the world of My Hero Academia, Koji's mind oscillated, connecting the dots in this strange tapestry of fate. The Raven, draped in a cloak adorned with a sinister raven symbol, had triggered memories from his past life and intertwined them with the realm of heroes and quirks.

"Is this real?" Koji whispered into the void, his thoughts echoing like a haunting melody.

Suddenly, the abyss around him stirred, and a raven emerged, its hollow eyes locking onto his. It circled him with an otherworldly grace, a dark dance that both mesmerized and terrified.

Koji's heart raced as the raven's presence grew palpable, its intentions shrouded in a dense fog of mystery. It nodded, its movements affirming Koji's unspoken questions.

Then, the raven spoke—a deep, resonant voice that sliced through the silence like a blade.

“You're right to question, heir to Diaval. But you misunderstand one thing,” the Raven's words were as cutting as they were cryptic, leaving Koji bewildered.

“Heir to Diaval? Who are you? What is this place?” Koji's voice wavered with a mix of awe and fear.

Ignoring Koji's inquiries, the Raven continued, “This world, though ethereal, is real in its own peculiar way. It operates by its own rules, and that's all you need to know.”

Frustration surged within Koji as he grappled with the Raven's enigmatic nature. Yet, determination burned hotter within him.

"You're not the judge of my worth," Koji retorted with defiance, stoking the embers of his pride.

The Raven grinned, its aura momentarily overwhelming Koji. But in that moment, a seed of resolve took root deep within Koji's soul.

"I'll prove myself," Koji declared, defiance and determination intertwining like twin serpents in his heart.

The Raven's gaze held steady. "Yes, show your worth, for you bear the pure bloodline of The Great Earth Dragon, Diaval. Rare in quantity, but mystique in essence. You possess the power to command beasts, Koji Koda von Diaval. Prove it to me and to all. Use the gift I've left for you, and in due time, your questions will find answers. For then, you will be worthy."

With those enigmatic words, the Raven dissipated into the abyss, and Koji's consciousness plummeted. The echoes of the Raven's cryptic message reverberated in his mind, a haunting refrain of the path he had chosen.

Koji gasped for breath, his eyes fluttering open to the warm embrace of daylight. He lay in his room, the tender care of his mother evident in the way she had tucked him into bed. But the memory of his otherworldly encounter clung to him like a specter.

As he scanned the familiar room, Koji felt a newfound sense of purpose coursing through him. The knowledge of his past life and the existence of the strange blue screen hovering before him confirmed that this world was no illusion.

He extended a tentative hand, fingers passing through the surreal screen. Wonder washed over him, and he couldn't help but laugh with a mixture of disbelief and exhilaration.

"This is the System! It's real!" Koji exclaimed, his laughter a symphony of disbelief and triumph.

In that singular moment, the trajectory of his life had irrevocably shifted. No longer a mere observer, he had become a participant in a world inhabited by heroes and villains. The name "Koji Koda von Diaval" resonated in his mind, emblematic of the transformation that had befallen him.

The blue screen before him displayed his status, a window to his newfound identity.

Name: Koji Koda von Diaval

Gender: Male

Age: 10 years old

Bloodline: Earth Dragon "Mystique" Bloodline

Mystical Prowess: D+

Draconic Gifts:

Beast Whisper Arcane Summons Beast Ascendancy Dragon's Pact Wyrm's Dread Each line of information brimmed with potential and purpose. The mention of the "Earth Dragon 'Mystique' Bloodline" ignited a fire within Koji. He closed the screen, determination etching a resolute expression onto his face. His heart swelled with a desire to surpass his former limitations and fulfill his newfound aspirations.

"System," he called out in his mind, his voice brimming with unwavering resolve.

As the screen reappeared, he pondered how to harness these abilities to become the hero he yearned to be.

His thoughts drifted to the notion of soul power, a force acquired by vanquishing extraordinary beings. It was a mysterious element that held the key to enhancing his abilities, and Koji was resolute in his quest to explore its potential.

Before he could delve deeper into the blue screen's revelations, the door to his room creaked open, and his mother, Akane, entered. Concern and affection were etched upon her face as she gazed at her son.

"Koji, are you alright?" Her voice was a soothing balm, quelling the storm of thoughts within him.

As Koji contemplated his newfound abilities and the significance of his bloodline, a subtle transformation began to take place. His mother's entry into the room had triggered a latent power within him, a manifestation of his awakened bloodline.

Small dragon horns, previously concealed beneath his mud-brown, shoulder-reaching hair, began to emerge. They curved gently, their texture resembling polished obsidian. These elegant horns framed his face, adding an air of mystique to his appearance.

Simultaneously, his once rock-like visage underwent a profound change. His angular features softened, transforming into a face of uncommon beauty with a hint of draconic allure. His eyes, once ordinary, now held a captivating gleam reminiscent of ancient wisdom.

Moreover, as his mother watched over him with loving concern, she noticed a subtle yet remarkable detail. Along the border of his hairline and forehead, delicate dragon scales glistened like precious jewels. They were iridescent, catching the light and reflecting a mesmerizing array of colors.

Akane's eyes widened in awe as she observed these astonishing changes in her son's appearance. She couldn't help but gasp softly, her hand reaching up to touch one of the scales in wonder.

"Koji," she whispered, her voice filled with both amazement and maternal affection. "You've become something truly extraordinary."

Koji, still processing the astonishing transformation, met his mother's gaze with a mixture of gratitude and determination. His newfound appearance was a testament to the power he now possessed and the path he had chosen.

"I have a purpose, Mom," he said, his voice filled with conviction. "And I'll use this power to make a difference in this world."

As Akane left the room, her heart filled with both pride and concern for her son, Koji knew that his journey was just beginning. The cryptic message of the raven, the revelations of the System, and his own extraordinary transformation had set him on a path filled with challenges and opportunities.

With his dragon horns hidden beneath his hair, his radiant face, and the dragon scales adorning his forehead, Koji Koda von Diaval was ready to embrace his destiny as a hero in the world of My Hero Academia.

Koji knew that he had much to learn about this new world. He couldn't ignore the burning desire for power and a potent lineage that had been ignited within him. The raven's cryptic words echoed in his mind, urging him to prove his worth.

He couldn't help but contemplate the world of My Hero Academia that now surrounded him. His memories from his past life served as a foundation of knowledge, and he recognized the need to wield that knowledge to his advantage.

Koji's thoughts converged on the idea of establishing a powerful background in this world. He had consumed countless stories of heroes and villains in My Hero Academia, and he understood that power and influence were the keys to success.

As he brainstormed, an idea began to crystallize in his mind. He recollected the mention of the Yakuza in the world of My Hero Academia, a secretive and influential criminal organization. Aligning himself with them might provide the support he sought.

Determination coursed through his veins