An Introduction
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Brown eyes alternating between bright as a sparrow and dull as a beetle flick around the room. 

The bow of her lips twang as a stolen moment leads to internal laughter. They fall flat once again as the bowman returns to the present. 

The string is pulled taught as her mouth stretches to form a frigid smile, apples of her cheek frozen by the frost of professionalism. 

Thin fingers take on an a robotic clacking pattern as the thoughts whirr and the eyes darken. Concentration brings wrinkles to the forehead and rabbit-like twitching to the nose. 

The face falls flat, the email sent. 

The business smile returns, head tilted to listen better to the higher powers. 

A worker ant sent sprawling in a hamster’s well, a rat in a cat race, a china plate in a bull shop.

She contemplates herself and, unimpressed, burrows back into her work.