Volume 2 Epilogue
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1 month later.


“Sigh…” This is not the first time that Sylvester sighed, but he’s sure that it will be not his last.


He looked at the crowd of people gathering behind him, and he saw the expression of surprise and wariness on their faces.


Sylvester can understand why they are reacting like this, as he looked at the spectacle that they were looking at.


10 balloon-shaped vehicles are currently blotting the sky, with each of them as large as a city.


Their sheer size alone were already enough to make them frightening.


Fortunately, these flying vehicles were not there to attack the Human Faction.

”………”With his trained eyes, Sylvester could see these vehicles ascending upwards.

Sylvester was sure that in no time at all, these vehicles will be leaving this World’s atmosphere.


“Hmph, so they really created spaceships huh.” Divine Mage Imago, who was standing behind Sylvester, said as he narrowed his eyes. “I am surprised that those Monster can actually create something like that.


“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Sylvester said as he saw the spaceships passing through the clouds. “For them to think of going to other planets was already inevitable.”


“If you put it that way, it actually makes sense.” The Divine Mage replied as he shook his head. “Well, at least now, we won’t have any problems with Monsters attacking us…”


“I am hearing a but there.” Sylvester said as he stared at the Divine Mage.

”Well, what if they break their promise and come back here after some centuries?” Divine Mage Imago said as the spaceships were now covered entirely by the clouds. “That could possibly happen.”


“Hmph, if they try to do that, our World Tree will just infect them again with her sterilization agent.” Sylvester replied haughtily. “Those Monsters surely know that this will happen to them if they try to go back, so I am sure that they will not come back.”



“Uncle! I want some cookies!” The conversation between Sylvester and Divine Mage Imago were broken, as a small girl approached Sylvester with a pouting expression on her face. “Uncle, cookies!”



“.…” Sylvester sighed again as he looked at the girl, trying his best to not glare at Teresa. “Your Uncle has to do something first, ok? Don’t worry, I will give you the cookies later.”

”Yay!” Sylvester’s promise seems to have placated the girl as she bounded away from him. “Cookies, cookies, cookies!”



“Those 5 little kids seems to have taken a toll out of you already.” Divine Mage Imago snickered in the background as he saw Sylvester’s plight. “Can you still hold on?’


“Of course I can. If I don’t Teresa will murder me.” Sylvester replied as he looked at Teresa, who was now busy playing with 5 little kids.


These 5 kids were part of the victims of the Monster Birth Program, who were able to regain their human form thanks to the intervention of the Visitor Monsters.


When these kids regained their human form, Sylvester decided to put them up for adoption.

But to his surprise, his daughter Teresa disagreed as she demanded Sylvester to take them as his kids.


At first Sylvester disagreed, but he also caved in under the combined glare of Teresa and Mia.


And this is where he is now, stuck on babysitting 5 rowdy children.


“Speaking of Teresa, have she talked to you about what happened to her when she was captured by the Great Elderitch?” Divine Mage Imago asked Sylvester as they looked at the calm and happy visage of Teresa. “I am pretty sure you are curious about that.”


“Yes, she told me everything.” Sylvester replied as he let out his third sigh. “But don’t try make me tell you, I won’t tell you anything.”




When Teresa was freed from her captivity, Sylvester did his best to help her out from her possible trauma.


He talked to her, as he wanted to know what had happened to her.


Fortunately for him, Teresa told him everything that had happened to her, from her peeing herself up to the point where she allowed the Elderitch to disguise as her and pillage her skills.


Sylvester was obviously angered when he heard about the disguise and pillage part, but Teresa forced him to calm down, as she said that there was a reason that she allowed the Elderitch to disguise as her.


And her pillaged ability was also returned by the Elderitch, so there is no real harm done.


Naturally, Sylvester asked Teresa about the reason that compelled her to cooperate with the Visitor Monsters.


Teresa’s only reply to that was a light smile.


At that point, Sylvester knew that he should stop grilling answers from her.



“With all these Monsters gone, this whole world will be for the Humans to take.” Divine Mage Imago said as he peered at the horizon.


The spaceships has all disappeared from their sights. Most likely they are cruising at the outer space right now.


“This has been the dream of our ancestors, and now it is up for us to fulfill it.” Sylvester said as he let out a deep breath.


He looked at the people around him, at his delighted daughter and her new siblings, at his fiancee Mia, and at his comrades.

Sylvester smiled as he saw hope on their faces.


He looked up to to the sky, knowing that the Monsters were probably full of hope too.


“We may be different races, but hope is a constant that makes everyone move forward.” Sylvester muttered to himself as he approached his rowdy family.

He still had a lot to do, and the disappearance of Monsters will not reduce his work.


“Time to conquer some new lands then.”