Chapter 71: Returning News!
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The thwacks of swords rang out in the recreational center after classes today, too.

The Black Rose Club was in session, and the kids were out and about their own tasks. They still seemed to have a preference for using the grounds, but the students had also started to utilize the training grounds in the recreational center.

I sat with my hands crossed and watched them all. Ah, how peaceful.

Ever since Ier had fought in the exhibition battle, the other students became interested in the training. Of course, I could hang everyone from a mountain.

That was too much of a hassle.

Instead, they all decided to ask Ier for help, and he gladly obliged. Initially, the kid looked pretty shocked at his loss, but the Chimera incident made him far more confident.

Ier and I decided to keep our roles in the incident secret. This was mainly because he could do without the attention, and I was the same. It worked out well since neither Professor Denadis, Gladwin, nor the Principal wanted to let the students know of this problem.

Quite a few had noticed the green blobs, but they were all chalked up as harmless accidents within the Chimera Lab, and there was no mention of the giant Chimera.


It would be good to do something revitalizing for Gladwin and the other civil servants. They were far too busy with all the suspicions around the city, and now there is this incident, too.

Was my life perhaps easier than that of a civil servant? I’d say the constant risk of death is better than being worked like a mule, but well, the dead would probably disagree.

It was nice to observe the students like this.

They were far happier during Club hours than they were during the normal class hours.

Today, especially since Ier was teaching them all the principles of using their Mana. It wasn’t something anyone would use down the line except in extreme situations, but it also helped them grow as mageso.

I heard footsteps stepping into the room.

The footsteps echoed closer and closer, and soon, someone perched down on a seat beside me.



It was my good friend, the vice principal Richard Benett. I turned to him, and both of us watched the students.

“It’s an interesting sight, seeing all these important kids get along as if they are in a playground.”

I nodded at his words. “These kids are far too normal for their status. It is a surprise.”

“The effects of war are felt even away from the frontlines,” said Richard. “They must have heard of too many people dying. They are only like this because you have provided them with a safe space.”

I smiled.

“We need more teachers for Black Rose. Preferably someone ingenious enough to truly help them advance their skills.”

So far, they have been learning according to the curriculum assigned by the academy. It is rather comprehensive for students, but for these kids, it is far too easy.

“I agree, but you know how difficult it is to get someone for that role. The staff here do not have the same level of authority on anything compared to what the professors possess. It is difficult to find someone approved by all the countries.”

“That is true.”

The professors could not just enter the students' dorms at any time; they were also going to interact with the students.

The staff of Black Rose was under strict orders to avoid interaction as much as possible. They were only to escort the nobles when there was no other choice, and most of their duties were limited to attending to the nobles.

They were all normal people. Maids and Butlers you would find in the royals’ castles.

A professor who ticked all the boxes would be difficult to find. Maybe someone from the hero party would be approved by everyone?

“Ethan…” Richard turned to face me, finally. “I needed your help.”

“What is it?” I asked, alerted by his words.

Richard hesitated to speak, which rubbed off on me. I was worried something had happened.

“How much do you need?” I asked.


“Did you take a loan from the mafia? Happens all the time, don’t worry. I’ll help you.”

“What in the—What mafia is in Glorenstein?” Richard chuckled. “It’s just that my fiancée will be in Glorenstein next week. I received a letter. I was going to ask if you’d help me pick a gift.”

“Ah! I finally get to meet her?” I smiled and slapped Richard’s back. “Congratulations. You were waiting a long time for this.”

His fiancée had been in her hometown for quite a while and Richard was deeply looking forward to seeing her again. This was great.

“I’ll help you anytime, when and where do you want to go?”

“How about today? We can look around.”

“I am free.”

The plan was made. As the club hours ended and the kids started returning to their rooms, Richard and I set out of the academy.

We decided to hit several places, but then a problem came to my mind.

“Do you have anything new to present yourself in?”

Richard was a self-made man. In his hard work, he completely ignored himself.

“Is this stuff not good?” He asked. He dared to ask that in a drabby brown coat, glasses with a crack, messy hair, and slightly torn shoes.

“You need a glow-up.”

There was no way I was going to let him meet his childhood sweetheart without putting any effort into his own looks.

I dragged Richard through the streets of Glorenstein and went to the shop with the best clothes around.

To Ms. Frock’s. The same lady who had dressed Richard up during the party.

And as we entered, she greeted us with a bright smile and tears in her eyes.

I asked her what was happening, only to regret it moments later.

“My son wrote after three years! He is returning from the capital at last!”

I looked at Richard.

He looked back at me.

This timing… When there were signs of movements of all kinds of organizations all over the country.

The return of someone silent for so long was far too suspicious.

Far too suspicious.