Cradle of illusion
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My parents always shower me with love and help. Always helping me accomplish my dream of becoming the Hero that the world need. They told me beautiful story of the past Hero and how they use to be... How they save the world! I want to be like them! i always belive i was able too and so did my parents. I started training at the age of 8. Simple musculation and eating healthy to be able to grow into a strong Hero. The only issu being... Brocoli. I know they make me strong and are important for my growth but the taste is HORRIBLE!


: Mom i know brocoli is good source of strength for Hero but do i really need to?


Mother : YES. It's very important that you eat those brocoli! After all they are the favorite food of the Hero. Rigth Darling?


Father: Humm what Her O yes brocoli are great to make you strong! How do you think i became like this Ha ha ha!


Even tho i never like them i never talk about it after this to them. The Hero FAVORITE food! It had to have a special effect to it im sure of it. And so i continu to force myself to eat them. Im sure i won't regret this later.



Then i continu to grow, my body was getting stronger by the month i could feel it for sure. At the age of 10 Dad and Mom bring me to start chasing animal! I was nervous even tho it's been a while that i practice with a sword, bow, dagger, lance, and a lot of other weapon i really felt unsecure.



It has now been a year since i start chasing animal. Im now really good at it. I also learn from them a lot. The animal have beautiful way of chassing themself! I learn that in the 2 month of training in the forest i did. Dad said it was a good idea that i get to know how to live by myself even in forest were there are some goblin. I learn so much then! I even manage to get rid of a goblin camp! Sadly Dad and Mom did not belive me... But it's ok , Hero does not always get belive this is why they have to work hard. Now that im 11 i can learn magic too!


: Mom is magic really hard to do?


Mother: Yes in a lot of pepole it is but for you... i don't think it will be this hard! After all you read all the book i gave you and study so much im sure you will do great.


: Ok i will belive you Mom!


Magic is the capacity to regroup energic particul in your body. This energy is everywhere and the most present one is the energy of nature. We call this elemental magic and there a lot of it. Everyone can learn it. Magic is awsome! But Hero is mostly said to create their own magic using all the element so i have to absord and equal amount of every one of them. It was hard but i somehow did it after a very long time. Like my Mom and Dad said. I was almost ready for the world! Only 4 years they said. Even tho i only heard that he is almost ready and 4 year part but im sure this is what they mean! And so i train everyday. I never stop i always force myself to go even beyond my own limit. Mom would always make me great food and Dad would bring alive creature that i could figth in a safe place were he would step up if i was even in the sligthes danger. I really love them! 



After training for so long im now 15 and i can finally go to the nearby city. My body has change a lot. im now taller then Father and my muscle develop a lot. Im leaving tomorrow they said that i will love it there. I also heard something weird about selling and a fortune. I did not really get it thougth it keep bothering me for some reason. My parents gave my 5 silver coin. I learn about a lot related to money and economi from book. Same thing for good maner. The book said it was the parents job to teach there child but they are way to busy for me to bother them with this. In all i fell ready for tomorrow.


Mother: Hey there our small champion.


:Hey Mom


Mother: Here, take this. It's a samll drink that will help you to not stress or be anxious for Tomorrow.


:Thanks you Mom


Mother: No worry now sleep well. Tomorrow is a very important day for ALL of us.


: Ok Mom good nigth.


Weirdly i fall asleep really quick after drinking the drink from my Mother, and a really heavy one it feel like.



End Of Chapter 1: The cradle.