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The night was shrouded in an eerie stillness, broken only by the occasional rustling of leaves and the distant howling of a solitary wolf. Moonlight filtered through the dense canopy of  trees, casting shadows upon the overgrown path leading to the forgotten temple.

Kai had no recollection of how he had arrived here. His last memories were of his university dorm room, the weight of textbooks, and the boring  long lectures. Now, he found himself sprawled on the cold, hard ground, the sensation of rough stones pressing into his body.

He tried to move, but his limbs refused to obey. Panic clawed at the edges of his consciousness as he realized that something was terribly wrong. Every attempt to rise resulted in agonizing pain, as if his body were nail unto the ground

Slowly, with trembling hands, he surveyed his surroundings. The temple loomed before him, its architecture ornate yet faded with age. It was a place of worship and meditation, now abandoned and left to the ravages of time. Crumbling stone pillars and creeping vines bore witness to its long-forgotten history.

Kai's gaze fell upon his own body, and his heart sank. He was not himself. His limbs, once strong and agile, were now withered and frail, the skin stretched taut over brittle bones. He was dressed in rags, his clothing filthy and torn, and his hands were gnarled like the roots of the ancient trees that surrounded him.

Fear and confusion washed over him, but there was no one to offer solace or explanation. The temple grounds were deserted, and the world beyond seemed equally desolate. Kai was utterly alone, a stranger in a place that defied all reason.

As he lay there, vulnerable and disoriented, Kai knew that he faced an uncertain and perilous journey. He was no longer the university student he once was, but a crippled beggar inside of an abandoned temple devoid of anyone presence.