Chapter 5 Immortal X-Men #8
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[Memory: The Curious Case of Dr. Essex and Mr. Sinister. Do you wish to proceed?]

Laying down on my bed, in the mansion, I think, ‘Yes.’

Feeling sluggish and drowsy, I quickly fell asleep. When I awoke next, the surroundings had changed.

Gone was the modern room with technology, in its place was a Victorian era apartment.

Two men had just finished up their conversation when I was placed here. One left, and I followed to get a survey of the land. The immediate draw was the address of the building.

{221B Baker Street}

I ran back inside, following a woman.

“The game’s afoot, Irene. Our game. Surely you can guess why--haven’t you read the papers.” Mystique said, dressed in Sherlock Holmes garb, pointing at a newspaper.

As the two women argued, I read the paper.

“East London Murders: Death toll climbs to six in mysterious attacks. A Lucky Survivor: Nathaniel Essex, found beaten, confused and stripped of clothes!”

Next, the surroundings blurred, and I found myself outside a Victorian mansion at night, in the rain, beside Mystique (in Sherlock form) and Irene Adler (Destiny). 

“Yes?” a man, looking like all the blood was drained from his face, answered the door.

He invited the two in. Him and Irene had a back and forth about nature and science, while Mystique looked around. 

We both couldn’t help but notice the chained up door.

Mystique then cut to the chase, “Perhaps we can talk more on science anon. Today, we are here on work.” 

Asking about the attack proceeded to be a worthless effort. He gave no useful information and said he couldn’t be of help.

The detective and his(her?) assistant left.

Far enough away, Irene asked, “Do you want a clue?”

“Absolutely not.” Mystique replied. 

The surroundings blurred again.

Now I am in the heart of London. It’s 1895 and there’s smog everywhere that blocks the stars of the night sky. A woman with short, dark hair and a fancy white dress is walking alone with nary a soul near.

A frightening scream echoes from close by.

The woman morphs into a black combat outfit. Her hair changes to red, her skin to blue, and she is holding a gun half her size.

Mystique ran to where the scream came from. I followed and saw a brutal scene.

Essex, now Sinister, was grabbing onto the crushed head of a man, blood splattering everywhere, even from the mouth of Sinister. 

Sinister himself was buffer, with pale gray skin, and a red diamond on his forehead. 


Mystique fired her gun immediately, nailing a shot into his head, but Sinister took it in stride. 

He then fled, climbing up the alley’s wall with pure strength.

Mystique and I followed. 

He led us right back to Essex’s home. Where Irene was waiting.

The two ladies then confronted Essex. He gave his sob-story, blaming Apocalypse and his vision of future machines that will kill them all, but there were words he spoke that didn’t line up.

“I will see the 20th century’s wonders. And the next and the next-”

He spoke of cooperation, then Irene knocked him out. 

“I’ll never be on the same side as men like you,” she said.

The scene changed again. 

Essex was behind bars, locked up in a straight-jacket.

Irene and Mystique(as Sherlock) gave him the old song and dance of ‘it’s over, you’ll never hurt anyone again.’ 

But then the scene stayed and fast-forwarded. 

The two came back to see Essex dead.

The guard just said he died.

Mystique killed the guard when he chose to accept a bribe.

Then it was over.

[Memory Complete!]

Coming back to my bed in the mansion, I took a moment to gather myself.

I had questions: Why this memory? It only showed a little of Mystique and her skills. How did Essex ‘die’ and what was behind his chained door? Did Irene know what would happen or could she answer these questions? I know she is Destiny, the precog, but that’s about it. Is she even in this timeline that I am in?

Thank OAA for the system though.

[I will not explain everything, but if you have questions then I can answer them. Firstly, the memory served as a glimpse into what could have been. You are right to assume that Irene Adler, aka Destiny, does not exist in this timeline. In fact, there is no one with precognition in this universe at all. The time stone is the only example and it can only be wielded by a few. Next, I will not comment on how Essex died, but to say the secret of the chained door is the answer is not an understatement. Lastly, I will say that this memory did show something that you, nor the Mystique of this universe, has ever tried: that being creating and firing a single shot gun.]

‘That’s possible?’

[Only once in a while, yes. It involves the separating of your cells into a tightly packed ball and forming a gun with some cells converted to black powder.]

‘That works?’

[It requires building up reserves of cells and expending them quickly, but yes it works.] 

“Wow,” I couldn’t help but say aloud. 

Before I could think further on the implications of this discovery, a ding resounded in my head.


Mystique = 100%. Please choose an ability/skill to store.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your first template! The shop is now open!]

‘Well first I’ll store the Metamorph ability.’

[Metamorph stored! Please check your status.]


[Roland Cooper

Active Template: Roll!

Completed Template: Mystique

Active Skills: N/A

Stored Abilities: Metamorph- Adaptation, Enhanced Physical Attributes, Accelerated Healing, Toxin & Disease Resistance, Decelerated Aging, Psychic Defense, Enhanced Memory.

Shop: $1000

Inventory: None]

‘Hey, Cee, why do I have all those extra abilities?’

[The Metamorph ability is a very versatile skill. Those ‘extra abilities’ are there because you have completed the requirement to have them. Just know that Psychic Defense is different for Metamorphs than it is for Psychics.]

‘Hmm, okay. What about the money in the shop?’

[For each template you complete you will receive one thousand dollars to buy things from the store. And yes you can add in money from outside that, but it must be digital currency.]

‘And the inventory?’

[Can only store shop bought items.]

‘Okay, thanks.’

I then spent the next few minutes browsing the store. There was literally everything. Apparel, Entertainment, Weapons. Real, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. All available for a price. 

And I was poor.

‘Sigh. It’s always the cool things you want that are far above your income.’

The last thing to do was roll for my new template, but I was tired, so I went to bed.