Chapter 7 Sentinels
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It was the summer of ‘09 and the big Fourth of July party was upon us. 

It was a chance for everyone to unwind, celebrate shared values, and enjoy some much-needed downtime.

The entire mansion was adorned with patriotic decorations - red, white, and blue banners, twinkling fairy lights, and tables filled with festive delights.

Jean and Scott were in charge of the fireworks display, but mostly spent the time together talking to each other.

Logan had taken charge of the barbecue. The delicious aroma of sizzling burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob wafted through the air, making everyone's mouths water. 

Kurt took on the role of DJ, playing an eclectic mix of music that got everyone grooving and dancing. 

Ororo used her weather-controlling abilities to ensure the weather remained pleasant throughout the day, with clear skies and a gentle breeze adding to the festive atmosphere.

Kitty and Jubilee organized a friendly competition of mutant-themed games, ensuring that everyone had a chance to participate and showcase their unique abilities. It was a lighthearted and entertaining way to celebrate their extraordinary powers.

Iceman kept the pool cool while children played inside. Frolocking and splashing about. 

Rogue seemed the only one to be sunbathing. Taking in the UV-rays and darkening that porcelain skin of hers. 

Naturally, I had offered my services as an advanced lotioneer. But, sadly, she just looked at me for a few seconds then turned away. 

‘I could’ve used gloves, y’know?’

But the party continued. 

Until, that is, I noticed something odd. 

A disturbance in the Force. 

A rippling coming from the nearby woods.

My first thought was to notify someone, but I wanted to be nondescript. I remember the X-Men movies and Stryker’s men attacking in the second movie. Maybe this was similar, and if so it meant they were surveilling us. 

‘Nondescript. I can do that.’

Casually making my way over to Logan, I saddled up next to him and put an arm around his shoulder. 

He growled a bit, but asked anyway, “What kinda burger you want?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that for now. Hey, I wanted to ask you a question.”


“Do you know what kind of trees are around here?”


“Y’know, like, pine, spruce, oak?”

“...No.” He was now looking at me confused, like ‘was I on drugs’ confused.

“Okay, okay, but do you know if there’s anything ‘dangerous?’”


“Like poison ivy, bears, enemies?” I whispered that last word and looked at him seriously. 

His expression turned grim. “Man the grill,” he said, then walked towards the woods. The Wolverine came out.

‘Maybe I should’ve gone to someone else?’ I thought, looking at his back. 

I mean, I know he’d be fine, but the enemy didn’t make their move when I acted. Or even now as he’s walking up to them. 

‘They’re either not very bright, or overconfident.’ 

I thought about the list of enemies it could be.

‘If it’s Magneto then we’re screwed. Although, last I heard he was in a glass prison for the attempt on Senator Kelly’s life.’

Before I could think further, there was a yell and Wolverine was sailing through the air. 

I, along with half of the staff and some older students, ran up to the treeline where Logan lay. 

I looked back to see Professor X corralling the rest of the staff to get everyone inside. 

But when I turned back to the trees, I saw ten foot tall robots walking towards us. 

Purple and blue with glowing eyes, they marched forward. 

From what I could sense, they had something behind them. Not physically like a backpack, but spiritually like a guide or mentor. 

These robots, numbering a hundred, moved with mechanical precision and intent to overpower the mutants.

I quickly changed into my Luke template (looks and clothing), bought his (/Anakin’s/Rey’s) blue lightsaber from the shop, and ignited it. Its familiar hum filled the air as the first wave of robots advanced. 

I deftly swung the blade, deflecting laser beams back at the robots, disabling a few in a flash of sparks and explosions.

The robots continued their assault, surrounding us from all directions. With grace only a Jedi possessed, my lightsaber danced through the air, cutting through the mechanical foes. With each swing and strike, I destroyed droids with precision and purpose.

Despite their numbers, the robots struggled to keep up with my agile movements and mastery of the Force. Using the Force to enhance my speed and strength, it allowed me to strike down multiple droids with a single swipe of the lightsaber.

Luke's senses were attuned to the battlefield; as were mine. I could feel the approaching robots, their metal forms giving away their presence. Spinning and twirling, my lightsaber, a blur of blue, dismantled the onslaught of enemies.

As the battle raged on, I realized the robots were adapting their tactics. They began coordinating attacks, attempting to overwhelm me with sheer numbers and firepower. A relentless hail of lasers intensified, and I found myself on the defensive, deflecting beams of red while also evading advancing robots.

Drawing upon Luke’s training and experience, I channeled the Force to enhance my senses, finding gaps in their attacks. Dodging, blocking, and redirecting lasers with continued efficiency.

With a sudden burst of energy, I unleashed a powerful Force push, sending a shockwave through their ranks, scattering them like dominos. As they were knocked back and disoriented, I took advantage of the opportunity to charge forward, my lightsaber cutting through their weakened lines.

One by one, the robots fell. Sparks flew, limbs and parts scattered, and the once-intimidating force of a hundred mechanical men was reduced to a pile of wreckage.

In the end, I stood amidst the fallen robots, breathing steady, lightsaber still ignited. I had triumphed against overwhelming odds, showcasing the strength, skill, and resilience of a true Jedi.

Of course, the other mutants helped as well, but I became the MVP. So much so that everyone eyed me warily.

Quickly, I put my laser sword back into my inventory and then morphed back into my base appearance and clothes.

Wolverine, still angry, stormed up to me.

“What was that?!”

Calmly I replied, “If you mean the robots: I don’t know. If you mean the flashy moves and techniques: I’d rather not say.”

He growled and grabbed tightly onto my shoulders. 

“What?! Was?! That?!”

“I’ve already said, and I won’t repeat myself.”

“Logan-” Ororo tried to say.

“No! He explains! Now!”

I stared him down while unable to move in his vice-like grip. 

“Logan, stop this.” Ororo tried again.

He growled in reply.

“Logan.” This time it was Jean. 

And like a good little doggy he obeyed. 

‘Seriously, guy needs to realize his crush is one-sided and move on.’

“And you,” she pointed at me, “You may not want to tell us, but Charles will need to know if you want to continue to stay here.”

I frowned at that. The only source of safety and security I currently had was them, and she knew it too! 

“I’ll think about it,” I said. 

‘Decisions, decisions.’ 




=This chapter was helped in part by ChatGPT (The fight scene). Tell me your thoughts.=