Chapter 69: She who is mentally damaged!
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Saying so, Lord Turnbull decisively turned around and walked away, showing his prideful back to all the onlookers.

Even though he was the one who was making a strategic retreat, his actions seemed to speak a different tale.

Lord Turnbull was retreating with pride!

Despite his grave injuries, he was still a genuine Law Holding expert. One of the strongest in the Lyonesse kingdom!

In fact, if it wasn't for the mysterious nature of Zhen Shi's ability and the initial fear of almost losing his life, there was no way he would've retreated so easily, especially after being disrespected by one of his own subordinates...

Staring at Lord Turnbull who was pridefully walking away, with only a slight limp to reveal his serious injuries, Zhen Shi was conflicted.

From the memories of both this world and the previous, he knew that it was best to kill Lord Turnbull and nip any future problems in the bud. But without {Absolute Magician}, defeating Lord Turnbull was nothing more than a mere pipe dream.

Even though he had put up a strong facade by using <Vermillion Dragonification> to defend against Lord Turnbull's probing attack, his own injuries were pretty serious as well.

Most importantly, even if he could somehow kill Lord Turnbull, handling the retaliation of the entire Lyon and Turnbull market hall in such a situation would be next to impossible.

Considering the fact that he still had a few things to handle in the Lyonesse Kingdom, he had to hold himself back for the moment and wait for a better chance.

However, that was to say that Lord Adam Turnbull had already fallen into his list of enemies...

As Zhen Shi rationalized his reasons to be patient, the spectating crowd was slowly coming to terms with what had just happened.

A soul formation kid had just defeated the fearsome Curator Turnbull!

The Rampaging Bull, the Curator that was never to be enraged, had actually been forced to retreat! Worse still, Curator Turnbull had even made use of the Island formation... but even that was useless!

Impossible! Astounding! Terrifying!

Even Prince Tristram, the strongest expert of the younger generation of the Lyonesse kingdom would be helpless in the face of the Island formation!

Perhaps, only Sovereign King Mark might stand a chance!

This single achievement was more than sufficient to send Zhen Shi's reputation through the roof!

It was only a matter of time before the whole kingdom would be in an uproar over this matter!

But in reality, <Absolute Magician> wasn't that powerful. At best, Zhen Shi could defeat a weaker Law Holding expert while using that special skill.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had immediately disrupted the aether of the control talisman, even with [The Magician] Arcanum card, Zhen Shi couldn't have survived a battle with an actual Sovereign.

But, the spectators didn't know this fact. All they knew was that a young man had achieved something utterly impossible... emerging victorious against a Sovereign level power!

Immediately, the fans of the 'divine musician' began to roar out in cheers of excitement. This was soon reciprocated by most of the crowd as well. L

oud, excited cheers resounded and echoed through the area!

At this moment, the fact that they were cheering their employer's opponent didn't matter. This was a simple cheer from the depths of their heart for the amazing battle they had just witnessed.

As if activated by the cheers, a series of notifications rang out in Zhen Shi's mind.


The user has gained 60 OP!


The user has gained 30 OP!


The user has gained 20 OP!

Zhen Shi was overwhelmed by the resounding cheers and genuinely pleased by the surprising gain of OP. Even so, he ignored all of that and proceeded to reach out for the Undying Flame in his (pseudo)soul.

His injuries were a bit too serious to focus on these miscellaneous matters.

He discreetly passed the undying flame qi through the interior of his body, allowing his injuries to slowly recuperate.

Turning to Vivienne he asked with a forced smile, "Sis Vivienne, can you pass over some of the healing pills we bought back in the market? Even if this battle was a walk in the park, I feel a bit sore since I didn't get a chance to warm up beforehand..."

Ignoring Zhen Shi's bragging, Vivienne hurriedly brought out a bag of pills with a wave of her hand. Passing it over, she explained with a smile, "In addition to the mortal tier pills we bought back then, I got a few soul tier healing pills from the Market Hall as well. They should be much more effective on you."

Zhen Shi nodded and quickly popped a few mortal tier pills and a single soul tier pill into his mouth. He began to munch on the pills at once and allowed the healing energy to swivel through his body and lessen his internal injuries.

It was only then that Zhen Shi could heave a sigh of relief.

Seeing that Zhen had recuperated by quite a bit, Myne turned to Zhen Shi with an impressed grin and clapped him on the back, "Oi! What the hell was that? Where were you hiding that ability all this time? Don't tell me you learned it just now!"

Zhen Shi scratched his head innocently, "Uhh... Will you believe me if I said yes?"

Myne gawked in disbelief, "Wait, you're serious? Don't tell me... Is this is another ability of your special physique?"

Zhen Shi scratched his head once more, "Uhh... Yes?"

Myne face-palmed in exasperation, "You and your overpowered physique! At this rate, you're going to cause all your fellow peers to give up on cultivating out of sheer despair..." but hurriedly stopped when he noticed that Will O'Dale, a fellow peer, was listening nearby.

However, contrary to Myne's thoughts, Will O'Dale wasn't feeling even a speck of despair. He was actually excited to have learned more about his sworn brother.

The fact that Zhen Shi had a 'special overpowered physique' was actually a cause for relief. After all, the main reason he had given up on the Turnbull family and decided to rely on these fellows, was due to his trust and belief in Zhen Shi.

As such, William who noticed Myne's abrupt pause, shook his head and explained with a smile, "No need to worry, brother Myne. Knowing that the leader of our group is such a formidable person, only fills with me relief and confidence! Why would I feel even a shred of despair due to such a reason?"

Myne gawked in disbelief, "Ehhh? When the hell did this kid become the leader? Especially when a senior legendary mage like myself, who is much more suited for the leadership position, is in our group?"

Zhen Shi clapped Will's back supportively as he replied to Myne with a smirk, "I've always been the leader, my dear bro. You just didn't know it! Besides, as a 'senior' shouldn't you make way for younger leaders without shamelessly hogging all the power for yourself? It's quite unseemly."

Myne scowled in displeasure at his words. Unwilling to admit defeat, he turned to Vivienne for support, "Even so, the vote is a draw! With my wife on my side, it's two against two!"

But Vivienne decisively shook her head with feigned anger, "Just because you're my husband, did you think I'd vote for a shameless mage like yourself?"

With a playful smile, she continued, "Brother Zhen Shi has a point, we should give a chance for the younger generation. Besides, you have to admit, without him neither of us would be here right now... So my vote is also for him!"

Myne was speechless as he was unable to come to terms with the betrayal of his own wife. But he too had to admit, that she had a point.

In the end, he gave in with a sigh, "Hais~ Why is it that I'm always the most experienced senior in the group, but never the leader? Even back then, it was the same..."

Myne raised his head and spoke decisively, "Bro, I'll let you be the leader for now, but remember it's only temporary! When new members join, they'll vote for me for sure!"

Zhen Shi shook his head with a grin and patted Myne's back reassuringly, "Sure, sure, whatever you say."

Just like that, Zhen Shi became the leader of this unnamed group of four members! *cough* 'Temporarily' of course!

At the same time, Laura who had been desperately pushing through the cheering crowd of excited and sweaty spectators to reach Zhen Shi, finally made it through. She was only at the Core Formation stage and couldn't fly over. 

Having escaped the throng of people, she proceeded to re-arrange her crumpled dress and quickly walked towards Zhen Shi.

With a polite smile, she spoke curtly to the group, "Young master Zhen Shi, that was a very impressive fight. Congratulations on your victory!" but hidden within her voice, there was a hint of fearful and respectful deference...

She bowed deeply and continued in a polite tone, "Even though, young master Zhen Shi emerged as the victor and there were no casualties, please accept our apologies regarding this entire matter. We did not think that Lord Turnbull would direct an attack against you out in the open.

Even so, it is our fault as well. So you can be assured that we will make it up for this matter. If you wish to rescind your participation in the appraisal competition, I'll understand..." 

Zhen Shi turned around, rather surprised by the strange formal tone in her voice, 'Huh? Is this the same cheeky girl that had been trying to make me take responsibility but continued to fail epically?'

He slapped her on the back with a friendly hand and asked with a smirk, "Ehh? Since when did 'big brother' turn into 'young master'?! Do you think I have a powerful grandfather from a legendary clan hidden about, waiting to pounce on every unsuspecting idiot that insults me? Well, maybe I do... but not right now!"

Laura was caught off guard by this strange teasing reply. Having witnessed Zhen Shi's might, based on Hao Lei's advice she had shifted towards a more respectful tone of speaking.

She slowly stuttered out, "B-But your power is on par with a Sovereign!  H-How could I talk to you so casually anymore? We're people from two different worlds..."

Zhen Shi stared at her sharply and began to speak in a strange tone, "Power? From different worlds? Those are just limits expounded upon by ourselves, nothing but useless excuses! If I were to push my friends away due to such silly reasons, that'd be a rather sorrowful tragedy, don't you think?"

Laura was speechless in the face of his words. She did not know what to say, especially when Zhen Shi called her a 'friend'. Unable to form a proper answer, she remained silent, maintaining her respectful posture.

Zhen Shi continued mischievously, "However... what do you think would happen if I complained to your superiors about this? That you began to treat us differently once you saw our true power? Isn't that a prejudiced distinction in the treatment of people, simply based on their power? Won't you be labeled as a 'power'-ist person? Could you even show your face in public after that?"

Laura was caught completely off guard by this sudden 'threat'. But for the first time, her polite face began to change. She slowly raised her head, her face becoming red with anger, and her brow contorting into a deep frown.

Her hands forming small fists by the sides of her body as she finally spat out, "Y-You shameless wolf! How dare you make such baseless threats? Do you know how stressful the threat of losing your job is? Now, you HAVE to pay me for mental damages!" 

Zhen Shi's grin widened at her reply. His job now completed, he patted her on the back once more, "That's more like it! Now, that's the Laura I know!" 

Hearing this, Laura's anger began to slowly calm down. Even though Zhen Shi had teased her viciously, his genuine words and pride-less actions had served to elevate his position in her mind. She was genuinely impressed by his character. 

But, at that point, Zhen Shi opened his mouth, destroying her thoughts with just a few words, "Tsk-tsk, always being subjected to mental damages... Laura, sometimes I truly respect you for being able to think straight after being as mentally damaged as you are! Hmm... should I call you 'she who is mentally damaged' from now on?" 

Laura almost coughed a mouthful of blood out of sheer indignation. The worst part was, Zhen Shi's words had a strange logic in them. After all, it was true that she had complained about mental damages on multiple occasions...


At the same time, Elder Hao Lei flew over the excited and still cheering crowd in a burst of wind and landed close by. He turned towards the infamous group and opened his mouth as if preparing to speak out some important message...

When suddenly, the utterly enraged Laura spat out another angry reply, "She who is mentally damaged?! Go to hell! You're the one who is mentally damaged! Your entire family is mentally damaged!"

Poor Elder Hao Lei had been expecting Laura to be treating those disciples in a polite and friendly manner, but the sight that he witnessed was this.

Seeing his kind and demure niece, Laura, as enraged as a Turn'bull' that had seen red, and screaming at a potential Sovereign level powerhouse, he almost fainted on the spot. 

'What the heck is that? My niece is a kind-hearted, down-to-earth child, well-known for her friendly character! But then why does she look like a dragoness who just had her reverse scale touched?'

Trying to make sense out of this bizarre situation, Hao Lei quickly came up with logical a conjecture, 'When young people act irrationally, it's always out of love! Then, could it be... that she has fallen for young master Zhen Shi?' 

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