Chapter 193: The War Begins!
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El was also moved by the scenes before his eyes, and his eyes turned red!

He is loyal to Kaishu, so even if Kaishu lifts the restriction on them, he doesn't show off all his abilities until there is a life-and-death situation, just to avoid causing trouble to his captain.

But this time, he was captured because of his mistake, which led to the World Government knowing their secret.

He wanted to die to apologize to Kaishu, but the World Government would not let him die easily.

When he was imprisoned, he kept hoping that Kaishu would not come and leave him alone.

When El was brought to Mary Geoise, he was ready to sacrifice himself.

But he didn't expect that Kaishu would declare war without hesitation!!

He brings the entire Beast Pirates with him again, the Marines!!

This is an attitude of going to war with the World Government at all costs just to save him!

His captain is determined to risk everything just to save him!

At this moment, El's gloomy and bleak heart was once again shrouded in hope.

"Captain, please leave quickly! Don't..."

El suddenly felt that even if he died, he couldn't drag everyone down!

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Kaishu.

"You are a member of my ship. I have the final say over your life and death! Since the Marines dare to provoke us, Beasts Pirates, then you better be prepared, Marines!!"


The pirates in the bay respond to Kaishu's word!


The Hundred Beasts Erebus and the three pirate ships led by Kaido all sail into the Marineford Bay.

All of a sudden, the Beasts Pirates gathered together!!


"Sink them!!"


The fort on the Marineford Bay immediately fired dense shells at the Beasts Pirate's fleet.

"Turn the rudder! Counterattack!!"




Except for the Hundred Beasts Erebus, the other ships quickly turned their rudders to avoid the cannonballs while quickly launching a counterattack.

And there are many strong people on each ship. At least the pirates who are hanging out in the New World, who are a little bit powerful, have mastered at least one kind of Haki.

This resulted in Marines' shells either exploding on the sea or detonating in advance.

No harm was done at all.

On the contrary, Marineford Bay cannot move, and there is no strong person to guard it.

Several forts were blown up, and dozens of Marines were affected.


Sengoku gritted his teeth and looked at the pirate ships that moved flexibly in the bay.

They all live at the edge of death in the New World. 

So, how to avoid cannonballs in naval battles has been engraved in pirates' bones.

"Whahahaha, Marine, received my cannonballs!"

Byrnndi World excitedly raised the main gun on a ship and pointed it directly under the execution platform while shouting with bloodshot eyes:

"More-More Fiftyfold Cannon!"

A cannonball shot out and continued to expand on the way, reaching about fifty times the size just now.


The Marines under the shadow of the cannonball all had their mouths wide open and their eyes full of fear.

If such a large cannonball exploded in Marineford Bay, it would not only directly destroy the execution platform but also cause many casualties to the Marines.

"Ah la la, I can't let you make such a fuss in Marine headquarters!"

Aokiji turned into an afterimage and appeared in mid-air with his hands open while facing the incoming cannonball.

"Ice Time!"

Half of his body turned into ice, a cold air burst out from his palms, and the cannonballs were quickly frozen.


Then, it fell directly into the sea from mid-air, causing a huge splash.

"Stop blocking my way, little brat! More-More Tenfold Speed!" 

Byrnndi World drew his pistol and quickly pulled the trigger.

The bullet, with a tenfold increase in speed, shot directly through Aokiji's chest, causing him to fall from the air!

"Vice-Admiral Aokiji!"

Aokiji fell on the sea surface, but it instantly froze when he touched it.

The next moment, Aokiji's body regrouped, and he recovered unscathed!

"Ice Age!"

The sea surface in front of the Marineford was completely frozen, and the temperature dropped sharply!

The ice is even thicker than the island!

All the pirate ships on the sea were frozen!

It was impossible to dodge any incoming attack!

Since there is no advantage in naval combat because the pirates can evade flexibly.

Simply make it impossible for them to dodge, and the frozen pirate ship becomes a living target.

"Damn it, he doesn't want us to dodge any attack!"

"Just in time! The battlefield has been set up for us; let me kill everyone!"

Chinjao took the lead and jumped off the boat to rush towards the Marines!

"Everyone, come with me to rescue El!"

"Oh! Mr. El, we are here!"

"Kill! Let these Marines know the consequences of offending our Beasts Pirates!!"

"Counterattack! Destroy the Beasts Pirates!"

"For justice!"

The Marines also jumped into the bay one after another, and the two sides rushed towards each other like a tide.

The war has completely started at this moment!


"Quick! Fire!"


"Go to hell, Marine!"

"Damn pirate!"

"Hahahaha, kill these hypocritical Marines."


The snow-white ice surface was stained red with blood in less than a second of the clash.

The Marineford became a bloody meat-grinding ground, with blood, wreckage, and endless screams heard.

The pungent smell of blood and the smell of explosive gunpowder were intertwined.

Although the number of Beasts Pirates is small, there are less than 50,000 people in total.

But they all came from the New World! Not to mention Kaishu's policy of only recruiting the strong!

Each of them can equal one to ten, and they are not afraid of the huge number of Marines.

"Hahaha, who will be my opponent!"

Bullet was the fastest; he ran towards the execution platform like a bolt of lightning.

"Hmph! Despicable pirate."

Wearing a mask, Zero stood up and disappeared from the execution platform in an instant.


When he reappeared, his dark right foot was already close to Bullet.


Thunder roared, and terrifying shock waves raged around!

Bullet raised his eyes, and the two sides looked at each other with cold eyes blazing with fire.


"You're just a lackey of Celestial Dragons, yet you want to stop me? I'm a Thunder Calamity!!"

Bullet's whole body was filled with lightning; his hair turned silver-white, ferocious fangs protruded out of his mouth, and his body expanded rapidly!!

"Another Mythical Zoan Fruit user!!"

Zero's eyes narrowed, and his whole body was on guard.


Bullet's Human-Beast form is also over ten meters tall.



Because of the blessing of lightning, it does not affect his speed.

"Go to hell, lackey of the Celestial Dragons!"

"It's you who deserve to die, Pirate!!"