Chapter 33: Paranormal
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I knelt there a moment feeling drained of all my energy. I closed my eyes again to an overwhelming nausea. The world before me spinning, the smell from the dropped garbage bag and it's contents spilled out over the walkway, the sense of my own life gone. I grabbed at my stomach, feeling sick.

Something in me had hopes that a passerby would discover me out here and call for an ambulance. However, after thirty minutes had past, I found the slightest energy left to slowly crawl my way to the door and back up the stairs to the apartment.

I lifted my arm to swing open the door. Inside, I swiftly locked the door to prevent that bastard or anyone who wished to do me harm again from entering.

As soon as I was back into the kitchen, I found the counter and leaned up against it. I felt the stabbing pain in my neck and lifted my hand to that very spot to feel my shirt had been soaked in blood. I moved my hand to look down at the crimson stain covering my fingers. What exactly did he do to me?

There was that sudden fear returning in me. My legs started to tremble and they slipped out from underneath me, causing me to crash to the floor. I laid there, resting my tired body.

Days past by it seemed and I remained in a coma like sleep, laying there my head propped up by the hard wood counter doors. There were times I awoke to the sound of knocking, pounding on the door just in front of me. Yet I was too weak to move, too nervous to answer. Also there were times I heard a constant ringing just above my head. If only I could make it stop!

And after a few days, I lay there in a daze as night set in. I heard keys dangling within the hands of a stranger just on the other side of the wall. A pounding at the door next and a voice echoing out throughout the hallway.


Soon, that unknown person had entered the apartment and was down on their knees staring straight into my eyes.

“Michael, get up,” he ordered me. I could only lay there. “You drunk? High? Come on.” He grabbed hold of my upper arm, and I struggled in his grasp.

“Leave me alone!”

“Come on, man.” He spoke trying to lift me up to my feet once more. “I need the rent this month.”

I didn't understand his need nor the name he was calling me. Yet I couldn't be forced up by this man I did not recognize. In a strange act, maybe of desperation or maybe of pure hatred, I seized hold of his lower jaw and brought him in closer to me. It was then that I found myself biting into his neck, his blood running smoothly down my throat. Each and every drop helped me feel more at peace, more alive. My legs stopped shaking and I felt stronger as he began to droop down into my arms.

I knelt there feeding upon his life as if he carried a thousand more; I couldn't find the will to stop. Not until I heard his heart take the last couple of fleeting beats in his chest and I snapped out of my frenzy to realize what I had done.

I dropped the man to the floor and felt at my mouth. I felt at his blood covering my lips and running down the side of my mouth. I explored my tongue and then my forefinger felt the piercing of sharp,  teeth protruding from my jaw.

This couldn't be happening.

Looking back down at the man laying dead on the floor, I felt a cold sensation overwhelm me. What had I done... what had I become?

It was then that I fled. Away from that strange apartment I'd crawled back to, away from that dead corpse, and hopefully away from anyone who could have found out the perpetrator was me.

I was much too lucky that it was the beginning of nightfall when I fled my shelter. I ran out the door and into the road facing oncoming traffic.

The headlights were bright as they approached at a constant speed and just before the car could stop, I went crashing into its front fender and tumbled over to the opposite side.

The car's breaks squealed as the vehicle stopped. I turned my head to see the red tail-lights lighting up the road just in front of me.

“What the fuck is your problem?” the driver asked as he got out of his car.

I only looked at him in confusion. I escaped near death? And I ran again, disappearing from sight.

“Oi! Get back here!”

Still in shock from just how much that man's blood had revived me, I slowed to a walk as I thought of the past few days. I tried to remember what happened to me to cause this. Why was I a walking nightmare? A walking homicide?

I couldn't comprehend what happened at all, I just couldn't remember. All I knew now was that my body thrived on that man's blood that was pumping through my veins, my teeth had become sharp like a cats and I was quick to avoid danger such as when I was hit by that car.

Strange... very strange indeed.

I stopped and leaned up on a building. My hand came up to cross over my chest, feeling for my heart beat. Was I even alive in here?

To my shock, there was no sign of life. My heart had stopped thumping, and I almost fell to my hands and knees in a stupor until I heard a voice from just in front of me.

“Well, well handsome. What are you doing all the way out here?”