Chapter 482
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DOP Chapter 482 : International Negotiation (14)
Translated by : Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



That 20,000 troops and horses were completely out of sight. They had entered the plains and disappeared. Nobody knew where Liu Yue ordered them to go.

"Righteous King, isn't this a little bit risky?" Ku Za Mu looked around the few guards surrounding them and nervously shrinked his body.

Along their journey to the west borders, the Kingdom of Hun would definitely try to snatch their King back. This was their last chance.

He even thought that 20,000 troops and horses were too little. Now, Liu Yue had actually only picked these few guards to protect them. Ku Za Mu's heart was about to stop beating from fright.

"Don't worry." Liu Yue waved her hand as she closed her eyes and took a nap.

"This is what you call nothing is everything and everything is nothing, you understand?" The little magpie showcased her knowledge.

However, Liu Yue didn't plan to care at all. Ku Za Mu, obviously, wouldn't care about the silly little girl too. He continued to be nervous as he fixed his gaze on the moving carriage.

Liu Yue had actually ordered that scholar who looked very weak to keep an eye on the King of Huns. If it weren't for the fact that Ku Za Mu had personally see Liu Yue's martial art skills, talents and resourcefulness, he really wanted to open up her brain to see what was inside. How could she order a lamb to keep an eye on a tiger? Sigh.

Nervous, he was really nervous.

Just like that, they continued the journey; Ku Za Mu was unbelievably nervous while Liu Yue was unbelievably relaxed.

However, along the way, they didn't encounter any ambush. There were a few spots that obviously looked like they were filled with traps, but they actually managed to safely travel across.

Ku Za Mu's palms was sweaty from nervousness, yet they did not encounter any kind of attacks.

Just like that, three days later, the two carriages finally arrived at the west borders of the Kingdom of Hun and Bei Mu, Lu Ke City.

In Lu Ke city, the houses and pathways were made of stone. It looked extremely hard and thick. The houses which were made of stone looked cold, it did not give off any kind of warm feeling at all. The houses were just like the people here, big-built, bulky, bold and unrestrained.

In front of the Lu Ke City, there was the Bai Ma River.

However, the narrow river had already frozen into ice.

At this point of time, on a limestone bridge that crossed over the river, there was a piece of red coloured cloth hung across the bridge.