Chapter 160: Wan Qing.
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"Wan. I have something to give you for completing your task.” Jing walked over to the relaxing young girl. 

“Oh, I nearly forgot about that. There’s no need. I feel satisfied enough that I managed to kill him with my own strength and skills.” Wan tried to reject Jing’s goodwill. 

“I believe that this is something you won’t want to skip out on.” Jing smiled. 

“What do you mean?” That smile unnerved her. 

“Your entire life will change in 80 seconds after taking hold of what I'm about to give you.”  

  Wan cautiously took a step backward. Remembering her experience when she asked to train with Jing, she wasn’t quite sure she wanted this gift. She shook her head once more. 

“That’s fine... I think some things in life are to be missed out on. It’s okay.” She spoke. 

  Jing only continued to smile at her before taking a step forward. Wan suddenly got the feeling that this was a gift she couldn’t refuse. Her heart started to race as Jing got closer. Everyone was watching the two of them before she suddenly jumped away from Jing’s deceptively gentle hand. Her eyebrows rose when she saw her jump away but she really didn’t want to find out what the gift was. 

“You want to play tag with me?” Jing teasingly asked. 

“Can I know what the gift is before I take it?” Wan asked a question of her own. 

“That’s not an issue. Here it is right here.” A red blob was contained within a small water orb above Jing’s head. 

“I asked what it was, not what it looked like.” She carefully pointed out, also noticing that Jing refused to physically touch the item herself. 

“Hmm...” Jing smirked. “Something that will change your life.” She repeated her answer from earlier. 

“Quit being a little bitch! Go on and get your reward!” Hu Tao loudly shouted with laughter. 

“Be quiet, dog!” Sweat dripped down her body. 

“Do you distrust me, Wan?” Jing questioned. 

It's not that I distrust you, it's that I---” Suddenly Wan felt someone grab her from behind. 

  They restrained her arms and their strength was powerful! She couldn’t break free of their grip! 

“Haha! Come get her ass Bleep!” Hu Tao yelled. 

“Haven’t I taught you better? Always keep an eye out on your surroundings.” Jing asked as she slowly walked towards the captured Wan. 

“Damn it! Let go of me!” Wan fiercely struggled but she was a pure qi cultivator, unlike Hu Tao who was both a qi and body cultivator. She’d only drain her qi trying to break free from him. 

“Hahahaha! What are you so afraid of? It’s not like Bleep would gift you anything bad!” He cackled. 

“It will only hurt for about 80 seconds. I promise.” Jing brushed her hand across Wan’s forehead. 

“I don’t want it to hurt at all!” 

“Well, all good things come at a cost.” Jing dropped SCP-113 on Wan’s forehead. Hu Tao released her and stepped away to watch the show. 

  Immediately the effects of the SCP took effect. Wan’s forehead turned bright red as it felt like it was being burned before quickly shifting to a painful stinging sensation all over her body. As if she was just stung by thousands of bees at once. There was no portion of her body that didn’t feel pain but this amount of pain wasn’t something she couldn’t handle, Jing’s training put her through far worse. At least that was until 20 seconds passed, then she reentered something similar to the hell that she experienced from Jing’s training. 

“Ah, what the shit?!” Hu Tao was disturbed by sight but kept watching. 

“Eugh...” Jie covered Runt’s eyes as she puked to the side. 

“What’s going on? Stop trying to cover my eyes!” Runt tried to break free from Jie’s hands but his strength was nowhere near enough. He had to listen to the disgust and confusion of everyone else around him. 

“Gulp!” Bing quickly covered his mouth and swallowed his vomit back down as he turned away. 

“What's even happening to her...?” Ying turned away as well, unable to stand the sight of it either. 

“I guess this is a moment that I can be thankful for my blindness.” Lei smiled. He stopped using Blind Man Can See at the beginning of Qing’s transformation process. 

“I too wasn’t expecting a change like this...” Jing just knew the details of the SCP’s. Not everything about them in their entirety.  

‘Can I open my eyes, yet?’ Li Li asked. 

“Not yet.” Jing answered. The disturbing transformation was nearly complete. 

  And finally, once 80 seconds or so was up, and Wan’s screaming has stopped. Everyone took a look at the new Wan Qing. Some were a bit slower than others as no one but Jing truly understood what was going on. It wasn’t until Hu Tao’s second shout that people looked again. 

“What did you do to me!?” Her voice was very light and high-pitched. “Why do I sound like this!?” She didn’t understand. 

“He turned into a fucking chick!” Hu Tao yelled. 

“Oh wow...” Bing responded. 

“He’s a girl now!” Runt exclaimed. 

“Just what kind of spirit tool was that?” Jie questioned. 

“Congratulations, Qing!” Lei clapped. 

“You look great...” Ying was stunned as she clapped along. She looked like the beautiful older sister of the old Wan Qing! 

  Wan Qing looked nothing like the illusionary form she made for herself before. Small but respectable perky little breasts resting atop of her chest. A lean and slender figure with a plump round behind. Sharp and feminine eyes with seductive pink lips that could draw in any man in staring for too long. And to finish it off, skin so beautiful that it seemed to glow with the sun’s rays. Her black hair stayed the same as it reached down past her back. 

“Someone give me a mirror!” Wan screamed. 

  Jing formed water so reflective that it perfectly showed of Wan Qing’s new body to her in all of its entirety. Everyone watched as tears fell from Wan’s eyes as she stared at herself. She groped herself in several places. Some of which needed to have younger members momentarily blinded. Especially when she dug into her underwear and felt her new privates. It looked like she really couldn’t believe it. 

“Why...?” She asked, staring at Jing with her tear-filled eyes. 

“Because you are one of my Angels.” Jing gave her a gentle smile. 

“How did you do something like this...?” She wiped away her tears. 

“It wasn’t too difficult. There are multiple ways of changing the sex of someone in this world.” Jing answered. 

“It’s true. I have seen a cake called Reversal of Yang into Yin Cake. It turns a man into a woman. And there’s one that changes a woman into a man.” Ying added. “I don’t know what that thing is though...” She pointed to the inert SCP-113, afraid to touch it. 

“I will follow you for the rest of my life... I do not know any other way to repay you for what you’ve done for me.” Wan kowtowed to Jing. It was the first time she’s ever done so to anyone in this world. 

“That’s good enough for me. Continue to work hard and this won’t be the only life-changing reward you receive. That goes for the rest of you as well. I’m willing to give as much as you all are willing to give to me.” Jing said. 

[Ying Yue’s loyalty has reached 100%] 

[She is now able to receive a SCP from the Host as a gift for her loyalty.] 

[Lei Zhi’s loyalty has reached 100%] 

[He is now able to receive a SCP from the Host as a gift for his loyalty.] 

  Jing was surprised to see so many of their loyalty percentages rise from her gifting Wan this. The only one without 100% from Heaven’s Angels was Bing, sitting on an annoyingly close 94%. This stupid slave was going to be the reason that she will be denied access to SCP-914 for 9 months. She wanted to release her frustration on him for being so slow but maybe she just wasn’t pushing him enough. He was her slave after all. It was her job to use him as she saw fit but the gap in stages was too big. Plus, there was the Grand Tournament soon...  

  It looks like she’ll have to create a plan for him to somehow beat Huan Leng. Oh, there was also the tickets she had gained when returning to the sect. Hopefully she’ll get something valuable from the Gacha System to gift to Ying, Lei, and Wan. There will be quite a few tasks she’ll be able to give to them all now that she’s conquered the Outer Court. Just like with the Fearsome Garden, she’ll give all the other factions in the Inner Court a chance to come under her. If they refuse, then they have decided their fate. If they agree, which she doubts, they will survive. 

So, if the Boss was touched by that thing would he turn into a girl too?” Runt asked. 

“That’s right.” Jing grinned as she picked up SCP-113 with another water orb. 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Babe. I know you’re into some freaky shit but no way am I turning into a chick for you. That’s where I draw the line. I’m fine with getting in weird ass coffins for you, being whipped, and killing people for you but losing my dick and balls? No way.” Hu Tao got ready to disappear into his pocket dimension at a moment’s notice. 

“Don’t you think it’d be fun for a bit?” Bing asked. He thought of himself with tits and a vagina. There was only one thing he would probably do before wanting to return back to his male body. 

“We all have different interests.” Lei commented. 

“I’d rather kill myself.” Hu Tao claimed. 

“What?! You act like being a woman is literally the worst thing in the world!” Ying shouted. 

“I don’t know a worst hell.” He answered. 

“What’s wrong with being a girl?” Runt asked. 

“Your balls haven’t grown large enough to know.” 

“What can a man do that a woman can’t do, Hu?” Jie questioned. 

“Everything. I have yet to find a single...” His eyes glanced over to Jing. “I have yet to find a single normal girl that was better than me or my equal.” Jing gave him a kick across the face for his comment. 

“I’m normal.” Jing defended. 

  This retort by Jing caused all of her followers to begin laughing. Bing, Lei Zhi, Wan Qing, Ying, Hu Tao, Jie, Runt, SCP-999, Drill, Li Li, Quon, Ni Xong, Hao Gang, and seemingly even the void world itself laughed at her comment. Perhaps for the first time in her life since coming here, she was embarrassed. Embarrassed and upset about being the target of everyone’s laughter. It was also probably the first time that everyone finally saw another side of Jing. The human side of her, the brown young girl that wasn’t acting like someone far older than she looked.  

“It wasn’t a joke!” Jing already realized her mistake but it was too late. She could only be made fun of for her naïve thoughts. Of course, she wasn’t normal... She was different from all of them as she wasn’t born here but brought here by an all-powerful being. 

Hahahahahahaha! Normal!” Hu Tao was by far the loudest in his laughter.  

  She really wanted to shut them all up through force but something like this would be good for the future of her group. It feels like some distance was shortened between her and them. Maybe she could act a bit more freely around them. Like how she does around Li Li. 

“Whatever.” Jing turned her head and crossed her arms. “I’m not that different from you all...” 

And here it is! For everyone that has been suggesting this, commenting this, and reminding me not to forget about this. Wan Qing has finally gotten her wish granted and is now that woman she's always felt like she was inside. But where can she go from here? Is her story and life goals over now? Tell me what you think in the comments.

Ticket chapter Monday.