Roses Bloom
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    Over the next month, we do nothing but training and running missions. Rose expertly cycled people in and out of training and missions a lot of the time going on missions herself to make sure they went smoothly. The unleashed that didn’t get taken on missions oversaw the grueling training regiment that they were putting us through. Rose never let us go on missions together, either she went while I stayed and trained, or I went while she oversaw training. Her logic was that a leader was needed and if something were to happen on one of those missions at least one of us would be left to lead our people.

     Today, I find myself in my office taking care of paperwork and writing letters to the Alphas of other packs, I hope that they will be willing to join our cause and either train, or at the very least show up when it’s time. “You know I’d almost suspect you were avoiding me, but then again we haven’t stopped working in a month.” I look up and find Orchid leaning against the doorframe to my office. “Well, it’s not exactly like you’ve tried initiating a conversation yourself.” I reply, earning me a nod of approval.

     “Well played, sir.” She pushes off the doorframe and walks to the front of my desk. She picks up one of the chairs that sits in front of my desk, she turns it around so the back is facing me. She then sits and folds her arms over the back of the chair. “I would like to say that I stayed away so I wouldn’t feel like pummeling you. But that would get me in trouble, so I wouldn’t do that anyways. However… If you hurt Rose’s feelings like that again, I can’t promise you wont get a slight pummeling. I get it, you were overwhelmed at the time. But that’s your only freebie, my guy.”

     “Don’t sweat it too much. I didn’t come here just to threaten you. I am really the only person's backstory you don’t know, Anti and Rose’s stories are pretty much intertwined so you aren’t missing much. Dahlia’s story is basically the first one you heard, it’s not like there’s much more to go into there. Then you have tech whiz, Poppy, who had a bad habit and was saved by Rose.” She pauses and swipes my tablet from the desk.

    She fiddles with it a moment, before setting it back down. “There, you have access to all my files now. I don’t really care to tell you my story, since there isn’t much to tell, but I’ll tell you anyway. I grew up with my mother helping her in her shop. She was a seamstress and loved to make clothes for the less fortunate, even if it meant she wasn’t getting paid well. I went from being a magnificent embroiderer to collared overnight, I went to bed one night and all I remember is waking up to the burning sensation on the back of my head. I don’t know what happened to my mother. After I completed my training, Rose picked me up.”

     “After training, they make everyone stand in line and wait to get picked by the older collared. Rose had proven herself time and time again so she was able to run her own team, with very little intervention. As soon as she spotted me, she claimed me as one of her team. No one argued about it, as it seemed she was the only one who wanted me. I think it had to do with my age. I was one of the oldest kids to ever get kidnapped and collared, but Rose saw a potential in me that no one else saw and I will forever be in her debt, as well as, eternally grateful for all of them and the family I see them as now.”

     “I’m not going to lie and say I won’t be happy to find my mom, but these guys will always be my family. Anyways I got stuff I need to be focusing on. If you’ll excuse me.” She says and stands. She picks up the chair and turns it back around to face me and strolls out of the room. “Your fated terrifies me.” I mind link James. “Yeah she does, it really gets me going.” He replies. “I didn’t need to know why she gets you hard, my man.” I reply.

     “You act like you don’t get excited when I terrify you.” Replies a very tired sounding Rose. I get up from my desk and start heading down to the field as quickly as I can. As I get there, I see Anti land followed by Rose. They wait until their passengers hop off before switching to their human forms. This mission was a smaller one so they only needed the four of them, the riders were a couple of unleashed if I remembered their names correctly. Cyrus, who was a bird shifter, was Anti’s passenger and a woman named Cas, who was a large cat shifter, was Rose’s passenger. I walk over to Rose and hug her tightly to me. They had been gone almost a week because of traveling. Rose hands off her duffle bag, then returns my hug “I missed you. Do you really need to go on these longer missions? Can’t someone else take them?” I ask her.

     I look her over for any new wounds or scars and she laughs “Come on, Bibi, I need a shower and some rest.” She says and grabs my hand. I intertwine our fingers and lead her through the courtyard, into the palace and after a few minutes we enter our bedroom. As we enter the room I pick up Rose and begin kissing her, she kisses me back just as fiercely. Within seconds, we shed our clothes and are in bed, with me on top of Rose I wind my fingers into her hair. Her hair had grown a considerable amount over the last few weeks, the sides of her head were longer and shaggier while the top was now long enough to run your fingers through. I grip her hair and tilt her head back kissing and biting her neck.

     I bite her neck hard as I lose my control, plunging my erect cock into her warm wet pussy. She gasps and digs her nails into my back as she wraps her legs around my waist pulling me deeper. I growl into her neck as I pound into her harder and faster. Moaning, I let go of her neck leaving my mark on her. In return she bites my chest just under my collarbone, I tilt my head back as a mixture of a growl and moan escape my lips. She lets go leaving her own mark, she looks at me with a smirk causing me to growl. I begin going as fast as I can, I lean my head down and catch one of her nipples in my mouth.

     She can’t control herself as she writhes underneath my body from the pleasure, I flick my tongue around her nipple. I give the erect nipple gentle nibbles as I work my magic, making Rose moan louder letting me know she needed me as much as I needed her. She locks her legs in place as her back arches, I can feel her tighten around my cock as she reaches her climax. I reluctantly let go of her nipple, before crashing my mouth into hers. We kiss passionately as I feel myself getting closer, I moan into her mouth as we twist our tongues together.

     I finally let myself go as I bury my cock deep into her pussy, my cock twitching with each shot of cum. We break the kiss as we both pant and I look into her eyes “I missed you so much.” I say kissing her again. She kisses me back and then pulls away “How about we take a break this weekend then? We can go to the meadows I’ve heard so much about and start our search for your mother.” She says and reaches up to cup my cheek with her hand. I lean into her touch and look down at her with a smile “Did you just invite me on a date? Are you getting soft on me?” I ask teasingly.

     Rose responds by swatting at my chest playfully “No sir, you get the privilege of asking me out on the first date. This is more like a mission with benefits.” She replies and lets out a light chuckle. I smile and roll us so I am still in her “I think I remember you saying something about a shower.” I say smiling as I walk us to the bathroom, I laugh when she bites my neck hard. We take a very eventful shower, afterwards Rose falls asleep laying on top of me, with her head on my chest. I hold her as she sleeps, before eventually falling asleep myself.