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/ Series / Echo’s Evolution (Grimdark, Isekai, LitRPG) STUBS ON MAY 21ST!
Echo’s Evolution (Grimdark, Isekai, LitRPG) STUBS ON MAY 21ST!
Echo’s Evolution (Grimdark, Isekai, LitRPG) STUBS ON MAY 21ST!
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Echo thought he had the perfect fresh start. Offered reincarnation into a world of swords and magic. Able to grow stronger by going on adventures. One quest gone wrong changed all of that. Lured into a trap by a sadistic, mad mage. Collapsing on the brink of death, he is captured. Subjected to the power of an artifact, reborn as a monster in human flesh. Killing other monsters, consuming their hearts, evolving - growing stronger from every foe devoured. Strong enough to survive. To get revenge. To devour even more.

STUBS ON MAY 21ST! (This means only first 11 chapters will be available, as it moves to Kindle Unlimited).

What to Expect:
- JN Light Novel Inspired: This story is my native English speaker 'take' on the JN Light Novel.
- Gradual Start: Chapters 1-9 develop the world / characters / rules of the System.
- Rapid Evolution: Chapter 10 and onward the story gets much darker as Echo evolves.
- Custom System: LitRPG with occasional stat screens + Power-Stealing for rapid growth.
- Romance Elements: There's an MC and Side Character straight romance. LGBTQ+ representation is present. All sexual content is strictly 'fade to black'. Nothing explicit.
- Point-of-View Swaps: The story is primarily told from Echo's POV, but there are well-marked breaks to pivot to his party, side-characters, and villains.

This is only posted here on ScribbleHub, Royal Road, my Patreon, and Amazon (all under the same username). If you see it anywhere else, it is stolen. Please notify me, and thank you!


Ability Steal Adventurers Aggressive Characters Betrayal Character Growth Couple Growth Cruel Characters Dark Determined Protagonist Elemental Magic Evil Gods Evolution Goddesses Gods Harsh Training Humanoid Protagonist Magic Monsters Reincarnated into Another World Secrets Skill Assimilation Sword And Magic Transgender Tsundere Twisted Personality
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