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/ Series / Rotten Magic (Runic Expansion Book 1)
Rotten Magic (Runic Expansion Book 1)
Rotten Magic (Runic Expansion Book 1)
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Nearly three hundred years ago, the wonderful city of Sogara-dai fell. Their immediate wealth crumbled as they suffered for their ignorance and cruelty, becoming cursed to be Flesh Hoarders--ones who must live by eating the flesh and magic of another individual. Once they were rejected by their brother and sister cities of their country of Vaikoln, they were excluded from the rest, hidden in the void--never to interact with the world again. Suddenly, they show in the progressing city of Yulin-dai to remind the world that they will never be forgotten.

Elanya Shunra wants nothing more than to enjoy her summer studying her rare Moon Magic and leaving all the other students in the dust. When she and her best friends get trapped in a burning airport in the progressing city of Yulin-dai, after hoping to spend a productive week in the capital, Zalatine, she realizes that the exciting and relaxing summer is not turning into the thing that she envisioned, nor one that she wanted to experience herself.

Rigesh Altren left his stint in the military to find solace in Yulin-dai instead of returning home to his family in the countryside. As a Rune Specialist, he has all that he could ask for, but that doesn't deter him from perfecting his illegal elemental pistols to improve his magic. Working at the Airport and dealing with his previous lover was the least of his worries after finding the badly, half-eaten corpses of his coworkers in the breakroom. It seems this was more than what he bargained for.

Beasts College/University Elemental Magic Fantasy World Fated Lovers Female Protagonist Goddesses Gore Magic Male Protagonist Mutated Creatures Politics Sealed Power Sword And Magic Wars Zombies
  1. Chapter TwelveOct 13, 2020
  2. Chapter ElevenSep 4, 2020
  3. Chapter TenAug 27, 2020
  4. Chapter NineAug 25, 2020
  5. Chapter EightAug 24, 2020
  6. Chapter SevenAug 21, 2020
  7. Chapter SixAug 21, 2020
  8. Chapter FiveAug 18, 2020
  9. Chapter FourAug 18, 2020
  10. Chapter ThreeAug 17, 2020
  11. Chapter TwoAug 17, 2020
  12. Chapter OneAug 17, 2020
  13. PrologueAug 17, 2020
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