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/ Series / In Search of a Lost Humanity
In Search of a Lost Humanity
In Search of a Lost Humanity
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Born a commoner I was fated to be no one come my death. The day felt like it had come sooner than I expected when the country went to war and I was forced to fight on the front line leaving my family behind in the kingdom.
The Nobles didn't want their own blood to end on the battlefield so they sent commoners as expendables. It was a disaster, I was a coward and ran, I wanted to continue living! Upon return the Capital, my Family was dead and wife raped. I was broken, I was angry, I wanted revenge.
I heard the voice for the first time, "I can give you the power to overthrow the Nobles. Meet us by the South Gate." I was frozen in spot, the sudden hateful words reverberating in my skull.
And that is how I lost my humanity.

Apathetic Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age
  1. What do you Desire?Mar 26, 2019
  2. The SinsMar 21, 2019
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