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/ Series / Do Your Best, Wind Mage!
Do Your Best, Wind Mage!
Do Your Best, Wind Mage!
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[ Japanese Title: O-kazemadoshisama, ganbatte! (お風魔道士さま,頑張って!) ]

Kimura Hijiri has always specialized in heavy, melee-type characters in all the MMORPGs he'd ever played. He finally managed to max out his swordsman, Stellio, just before his current game, Fallen Gate, closed its servers permanently.

He thought it would be a while before he played another game.

That is, until the new game, Savior's Land opened its Alpha phase to a select few! Hijiri is more than ready to grab the chance.


"I want to try being a mage for once!"

"But why did you choose that type of mage?!"

Adventurers Elemental Magic Genius Protagonist Level System Magic MMORPG RPG Spirits
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