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/ Series / Shirogane Hime to Kuro no Shisho – The Silver Princess and The Black Bibliothecary
Shirogane Hime to Kuro no Shisho – The Silver Princess and The Black Bibliothecary
Shirogane Hime to Kuro no Shisho – The Silver Princess and The Black Bibliothecary
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Aliyah couldn't understand Yesid.
He could summon a BOX that can bring out many things that above her understanding. Stringless crossbow, fireless lantern, horseless carriage, a box that enable people to talk from far away...
Thanks to the content of that BOX, Yesid ended up solving many problems, however, it also brought a new kind of problem.
If only Yesid can be honest and stop being secretive to her.

One thing that Aliyah know, Yesid and the items he pulled out from the BOX is not of this world.

*I better make a better description...*

Books Cheats Kingdom Building R-15 Secret Identity Secret Organizations Secretive Protagonist
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