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/ Series / Visiting an Old One
Visiting an Old One
Visiting an Old One
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Shy and introverted, Dash grew up reserved and with few friends. Once meeting Bria and Talyn on his home planets academy, they became his best friends. With more courage and knowledge than he could hope for, the pair consistently managed to pull Dash into adventures he would have otherwise avoided.

Now they have embarked on their bravest quest yet. The trio have borrowed a ship and set their sites on Earth, the home of the Great Old Ones. Imprisoned for all eternity and currently at rest, the fearsome creatures and the small planet are quarantined from the rest of the galaxy.

Humans are to stay put, ignorant and yet safe. Everything else stays away, hoping the beasts stay slumbering.

Dash now stumbles along, trying to feel included as they move to the bottom of the deep blue ocean.

The three find themselves unprepared for what happens next, unaware that their information on Earth isn’t entirely accurate.

Adventurers Aliens Army Cautious Protagonist Earth Invasion Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Humanoid Protagonist Immortals Military Modern Time Monsters Non-human Protagonist
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