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Tales of Unlikely Wizard
Tales of Unlikely Wizard
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Now he has three choices. One was going north, following the muddy path. Two were going south. Also following the muddy path.

...he tempted to do the third; staying put. Waiting for someone to come by. To save him. Then again that his sore feet talking, and it seemed the thing don't really care if he's hours away from dying.


Follow the misadventure of Euca, a young man who wants nothing but an afternoon of cheese plate and tea. Also going home if that annoying blue screen will let him. 

Magic? Who cares about that.


What could you expect from this story:

-Realistic Protagonist

-Expansive Worldbuilding that I promise at least 85% of them aren't wall of text dumped to your face :)

-Science! Lots of science (adapted for magical world)

-Multiple side characters that had life of their own, you sometimes forget the protagonist even exists at all.

Update Goal: 2 times a week (Monday and/or Friday) 

Cover Art made using under the provided Usage Guideline

AdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSlice of Life
Adventurers Alchemy Cautious Protagonist Cheats Comedic Undertone Crafting Game Elements Genius Protagonist Magic Male Protagonist Master-Servant Relationship Multiple POV Scientists Transported into Another World Wizards
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