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Crimson Contract
Crimson Contract
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Charlotte is a twenty-something grocery store clerk living in the constant grey fog of subsistence. Working to survive and surviving to work. She's not so bothered by it really.. just doesn't see much of a choice in it, she had been content enough to continue in this way until a chance encounter with fate saw fit to turn her little grey world on its head.

Suddenly thrust into a very different place wearing the same clothes of her normal daily life she's left grappling with the emotions and stress that comes from getting a look into things one really shouldn't~

This is my first written work, and will in all likelihood be quite rough, Comments and criticism always appreciated I am looking to improve after all! I'm mostly writing it for myself hoping to eventually get to a place where I can write the kind of stories that I want to see more of and hopefully contribute to the wonderful collections that already exist on this site. If you've found your way here thank you! and I do hope you enjoy what I put out.

There won't exactly be a set schedule as I get started, but I hope to eventually get writing to become enough of a habit that I can start working towards one. I've left the tags somewhat vague for now until I get a bit more settled into what plans I have will be scrapped or altered, sometimes the things we outline just don't work out once you sit down and start hammering them out aha~

AdultGirls LoveMatureRomanceSmutSupernatural
Absent Parents Apathetic Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Vampires
  1. AfterlifeJul 22, 2021
  2. MaevaJul 22, 2021
  3. Little mouseJul 22, 2021
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